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Just after i bought my first laptop (and first mac), i bought a ibook for my computer-illiterate mom. She just loves it. And I’m sure it wouldn’t be the same when I installed her GNU/Linux.

I convinced my Windows using mum to get an iBook (she’s very design concious so she just had to look at it to be convinced) and she seems to have found the transition a very easy one to make, mainly because it does the things that she wants to do , digital photos, music etc very easily out of the box, compared to her old Windows machine.

I also got my Mum to use an iBook as her first computer. It’s perfect for web browsing, emailing and dealing with digital photos. She’s really pleased that she has now mastered all that and is already looking to do more advanced things. To say she has never used a computer before in her life, this is amazing!

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