On a couple of media encounters…

Bloody hell, everything’s kicking off now a bit. Er. Where was I? So there are a few random quotes from me in an Evening Standard article tonight. The journalist has decided to focus on the few scant bits that I write about my personal life and the stuff I’ve written about my father – rather than the bulk of the stuff I write, and he completely ignored most of the stuff I said about weblogs as conversation. But although it’s a bit too focused on weblogs as exhibitionists, and a little slight on weblogs as conversationalists, it’s not a bad little piece. Journalists always look for hooks that their audience will understand right-off, and I guess people talking about their personal lives is easier to communicate – particularly to a nation obsessed with a show in which young women perform ‘sex acts’ in desperate attempts to make themselves famous.

A nice man from the Standard took some photos of me looking weird and a bit zombie-like as well, but I have a funny feeling those may not end up in the paper itself. They’re that creepy.

While I’m in the middle of own-trumpet blowing, I should probably mention a rather more rounded article that was put up on a few days ago called Blog On. It’s got much more of the context and background to the emergence of weblogging. Be warned though, this comes at a cost. There’s much more of my laboured droning through the whole thing.

Anyway, if you’re on the site because you’ve read either of those articles – it’s nice to meet you, please feel free to explore a bit further and read some of the stuff around the archives on weblogs, design, politics and future music technologies, and leave a comment or two if any of it’s been interesting. And more importantly, if it’s got you thinking and you’re curious, why not start a weblog of your own over at Blogger or Typepad.

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