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Mint is definitely a good-looking application, and almost worth the 30 bucks to just experience it. But when I compare it to three other similarly priced apps – like Transmit, NetNewswire and even SKedit, I feel a bit silly that I so hastily spent 30 bucks.
But then I didn’t sit there for weeks, and nights on end and code it to work like it does – and it does work excellently – so I am not bitter. If you love your web stats, then perhaps this is a nice way to treat them.

I can relate to Damien’s experience – it’s very very nice and all, but I’d be hard pressed to explain the value for money to my CFO at home.
But it has lead to some almost obsessional monitoring of my website stats, which has lead me here to this page within an hour or so of Noizyboy linking to me above. 🙂 (Is that a good thing or not? Hmmmmm.)

It’d be nice if somewhere talked about how it actually functions. From reading about Mint I’m guessing you insert a bit of JS on each page? But nowhere can I see that it says that. We have PHP and MySQL on the server, but the site itself won’t work with PHP, so I’m not going to spend $30 on something and find out I need to add PHP code in somewhere.

Yep, you need to place a piece of javascript code on every page you want to track. Which does cause a few dialogue boxes in IE on the high security setting.
The other thing is that it’s US$30 per domain, which would soon add up for many people.
But the really good thing (apart from the handsome interface) is the plugin API which people are building to already…

Vestigo was launched in the day after, might not be as ‘nice’ but worth a look maybe?
$30 isn’t so bad I guess but I’m surprised there isn’t a cut down ‘free/lite’ version as well, it’s the usual way to grab customers. Seems a bit of a Web 1.0 approach to charge for something!! 😉

Just bought Mint. I am in the process of trying to get this design off the ground and I’m going crazy for handy apps such as Mr. Dominey’s SlideShowPro and now Mint.
Installed it about an hour or so ago and I have a funny feeling the Pepper API community is going to build into something fantastic. Nice design, quick and shows the stats I care about. And the Junior Mint Tiger widget made my day.

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