A reminder: Go and see Serenity…

Since it’s out in the States now, can I just remind all my American friends to go and see Serenity as soon as possible, and can I just add that if you don’t enjoy it, it’s your own fault for not watching Firefly first. I have no sympathy whatsoever. You’ve only brought it on yourselves. Brits, you’ve got another week left to wait, I’m afraid. And that’s just enough time to catch up on the DVD, which coincidentally I believe is on sale at HMV at the moment.

Addendum: (added October 1st 2005) I’ve just been looking at the ratings page for Serenity and it’s really surprised me. Remember, this is a science fiction action adventure – the kind of film that everyone associates with teenage boys and computer nerds like me. But in Serenity’s case, the average rating for men is only 8.2 to the massive approval rating of 9.0 for women. And in every age range (except the under 18s), women enjoyed this film more than men. Men between eighteen and twenty-nine gave it 8.2 compared to 9.2 for women. Men between thirty and forty-four gave it 8.6, compared to a mighty 9.3 for women. And even women aged over forty-five are rating the film as an 8.1, as the male approval rating drops to 7.1.

Just to give you a sense of how weird that is, I had a look at the ratings for The Empire Strikes Back, which felt like the closest analogue I could find (romance, adventure, space) and there it is pretty much men enjoying it all along the line. So if you are a woman and aren’t thinking of going to see Serenity because it’s a boy kind of movie or you just don’t like sci-fi – give it a chance. I don’t think you’ll regret it…

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As an Englishman abroad, I have to say I’m glad to be in the US at the moment! Serenity was amazing, and I haven’t even seen Firefly. Go see it.

I’m also very excited about Serenity, even though I’ve already seen it – I’m going straight to the cinema after work on Thursday.

I’m currently watching all of the series with my wife (a self-confessed sci-fi hater) and she loves it, in fact she’s more excited about seeing the movie than me.
That Whedon fella sure does know he stuff…

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