By way of a holding post…

Yesterday I was awake for about nine hours of the twenty-four normally available to mortal men. Clearly I was catching up from something – I just wish I knew what it was. And today I’ve been cleaning and fiddling and getting my head together for my last four days at the BBC. With any luck I’ll be at a good zero point of ‘things to do’ by the time I leave, and I can spend the next week actually relaxing. That would be so wonderful.

In the meantime, the project my little team at the BBC is working on at the moment is so cool I could just burst with enthusiasm about it. It’s tiny but it’s awesome and I’m so into it right now. If anyone who was at Foo is out there who remembers the little project I talked about then, then we’ve got it working and it rocks. I hope we get it finished before I leave…

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Come on man! You can’t just leave us hanging like this. For the sake of all us non campers please give us more on this cool project. Unless Auntie’s had you sign an official secrets act or something?

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