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The Guiness advert was obviously done by someone who had just read The Ancestor’s Tale: A Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Life by Richard Dawkins

Re: Serenity box office on the first weekend – it appears from the figures that you linked to, to have taken 2/3 of the sum that Flightplan did. But then it was also open on less than 2/3 as many screens. So proportionately, it did as well as Flightplan… Annoyingly it doesn’t open here in NZ until bleedin’ November!

I see the BBC iMP trial has started, and is based around the Windows Media DRM. They say the supplier (Kontiki) is “working towards supporting Mac and Linux”. What would be great would be for a knowledgeable tech evangelist or two within the organisation to make sure that our public service broadcaster’s most significant new project in years isn’t locked in to Windows 🙂

1. love the guinness ad – probably the best thing on tv right now.
2. thanks for the link a couple of days ago (stupidity, god etc)
3. my sincerest commiserations on having died. still, you had a good innings…

Yeah I’m hoping word of mouth really helps Serenity too. I loved it and mentioned it (and your original post) on my site a couple days ago. In fact I liked it so much I ordered Firefly on DVD a couple hours ago. And now… I shall get back to work. 😉

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