The Daily Show hits More 4…

And I can’t tell you how happy I am. Jon Stewart and the Daily Show every night on British terrestrial television. It’s almost more than I can bear. I’ve been waiting for this for ages. Although tonight’s episode kind of sucked a bit. I kind of hoped Jon Stewart would mention something about his new British audience. But no. Sigh. Instead he made this face:

Check out the logo in the bottom right, American fools! We have your Daily Show. It will cost you mucho dinero to get him back…

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That’s a pleasantly minimalistic on-screen logo.
I’ve been contending for a while that TDS is the best satire on TV anywhere in the world. It certainly beats Ian Hislop’s 30 seconds of grumpiness drowned in 29 minutes of Paul Merton surrealism, or Rory Bremner’s “Doesn’t Tony Blair smile a lot?” which passes for “satire” on UK TV (or at least, UK Nova) these days.

That one was actually filmed on Thursday, so he may well talk about the new audience in Britain tonight…

Have you noticed the hazy halo around the More4 logo in that screenshot? That’s from the Comedy Central logo, blurred out. I mean, jeez, the least they could do is send over proper tapes without the channel branding.

Oh man – what a relief! This is satire beyond anything we have here, but then then you couldn’t ask for better material than current events in the United States. I can’t believe we are going to get this every day – where am I going to find the time to watch it?
This, the food channel, the preachers and Fox are all compulsive viewing when I’m in the States, but this is the only one I would want to see on a regular basis.

It’s oddly less coherent when you remove the numerous breaks. Today’s one did indeed suck a bit, I may have failed in trying to bring someone to it, trying to justify my excitement about it.

About time the UK had a decent satire show; if we could have a TV version of Private Eye, then we may have something to match TDS, but until then…

I’m kind of over The Daily Show. It’s one of those things I feel I should be watching, but I just can’t be bothered sitting through it all. The funny clips all end up on blogs, so I mostly just watch them.
Jon Stewart makes me laugh because he’s silly but the sketches they make with Stephen Colbert and that other guy are L.A.M.E.
Anyway, it’s certainly a good option to have TVwise, so enjoy,

At least HIGNFY has some wit. I’ve not managed to sit through a full half hour of the daily show yet.

I think Jeremy Paxman should take some tips from Jon Stewart – imagine if Newsight were like the Daily Show. Actually it kind of is.

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