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Who knows where the time goes?

Another quick song recommendation before I’m pulled off to bed. There’s this song by Nina Simone that I’ve been listening to a lot lately which you can get on the Anthology album. It’s called Who Knows Where The Time Goes, and to be honest it’s probably a bit mournful and wistful for most of the stroppy old sods who read my ramblings. But it’s great late night music, and more importantly I think it’s just designed to help you feel what you need to feel and then pull you out of whatever nostalgia trip or nosedive you’re on and set you back on your feet again. It’s wonderful stuff.

It also starts with a little speech that I think might be interesting to people who write weblogs. Certainly – after six years of writing this old heap of crap – it struck some chords with me. So I’ll quote Nina quoting Faye Dunaway and hopefully people won’t think I’m getting all self-important or making any form of direct comparisons. I particularly like the last line.

“We are recording tonight and if this were a recording we’d be trying to do some things but actually I’m too tired to do. But as Faye Dunaway, I think it was, she said, when Bonnie and Clyde come out, she said she tried to give people what they wanted. That’s a mistake, really, I know. You can’t do everything, you use up everything you’ve got trying to give everybody what they want. But I will learn my lesson soon, and then you will buy more records…”

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I’ve never heard the Nina Simone cover, but I certainly get very similar feelings when I listen to the original version of the song which is by Fairport Convention. In my opinion, Sandy Denny is one of Britain’s most underated singers.

I’ve only heard the song once, performed live (by a local folkie). It left me in bits – partly because I had been (and am) having a rough couple of years, & I was sat there thinking me, I’m afraid of time… Maudlin musings apart, it is a wonderful song – intensely peaceful, which sounds like a contradiction but isn’t.

Tom, I like Nina’s philosophising at the end there: it reminds me of a German quote (I think it’s Schiller) which says something along the lines of “If in your art and work you can’t please everybody, then don’t try as hard – pleasing everybody is bad.” (loose translation). Wise words in my opinion – didn’t Homer Simpson say something similar along the lines of “If at first you don’t succeed, give up”…

I feel proud of myself as I recognize Nina Simone in the finish of “Dancer upstairs”! (you might be more comprehensive when you learn in which part of the world I’m livin) Great lyrics, great interpretation!

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