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It does seem like that G5 vs. Intel iMac video has been trashed as no way does a 1.8Ghz G5 take over a minute to boot up. Mine is the exact same model in that video with 1GB of RAM running 10.4.4 and i can be logged into (and i have to stop any type a password) my user account in less than 50 seconds plus another 15 or so seconds for all my launch applications such as Audioscrobler, Mail, iCal, iChat and Skype to get going.

Off topic here Tom, but is there any way you could make the article titles for your links of the day any more descriptive?
I realise you may have done this for a) space limits or b) made it suitably vague to inspire curiosity, but like any web user, I simply gloss over it when I’m scanning the page on my RSS reader. In web content guidelines, it’s a no-no.
How about using a punchy title referring to one of the links? I’d be more likely to click it. Hope this helps.

The MacBook Pro is not even out yet, and I am already achingly hot for it. The worst part is that I know, know for a fact, that I am primarily attracted to it not for reasons of performance but because it has a magnetised plug socket. I suck.

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