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On the upcoming Carson Workshops summit…

Quick announcement – I’m going to be talking at the upcoing Carson Workshops summit on The Future of Web Apps on the 8th of February in London. It’s a one-day conference for developers and web application builders that’s going to be focusing in on some of the technologies and ideas that are foundational to the web that is to come. It’s got a pretty stellar group of people speaking – Joshua Schachter of will be talking about tags and how useful and important they are, David Heinemeier Hansson will be talking about Ruby on Rails, Douwe Osinga will be talking about Google Labs, Eric Costello will be talking about Ajax and developing for Flickr, Steve Olechowski will be talking about Feedburner, Shaun Inman will be talking about Mint and APIs and Ryan Carson will be talking about Web 2.0 business models and dropsend.

I’m down to talk about UI, but I’ll be talking about design in its widest possible sense – drawing together a lot of the thoughts that I’ve been having while working at the BBC and at Yahoo! on what the future of the web will be like, what ideas will flourish in that environment, on site structures and navigational ideas that work as part of a wider web of data, about identifiers, addressability, modularisation and data structures as well as various other thoughts about how to build for iterative design processes. If it sounds unformed at the moment it’s because I’m really working around the territory to start drawing a few years of stuff together into a coherent picture, some of which I’ll be writing up before the event itself.

If any of that sounds interesting, then there are still some seats available – but not that many. So if you’re interested in coming and having your brain blown off, then get your act together and sign up today. And if there’s any thoughts you’d like to share with me about this future and what UI means when not all the users are human, then please feel free to stick your oar in below or send me e-mails to tom {at} the name of this website, as ever…

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It’s the first instance of an event organised by non conference people from the community for other people in the community. I imagine they’re more interested in getting people to come in the first order than making a lot of money out of it.

Sounds quite interesting then, although I wish it started a bit later as travelling down from Manchester will mean getting up quite early. I guess I should really book a place, seeing as I’m writing a web application that will use tags at the momebt. 🙂

Tom – Thanks for the heads up. I have booked myself and now I am trying to get into my fave hotel in Bayswater. I have been in Dublin for 3 months and now I have a great excuse to get to London…
smiles, jen ;o)

Hi there. Really enjoyed your presentation. Would very much like to share it when I present the event to my colleague’s. Do you have it online perhaps?

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