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Being ‘multilingual’ (very subjective, I fear) and an avid gamer only keeps my brain mushy!! If anything, I’d at least had the placebo effect if I wasn’t such a skeptic.
Sitting here typing at 4 AM (CET) may have something to do with all of it.

The Rejected animations are from Don Hertzfeldt, one of the best animators in the history of the planet. You might have seen his greatest piece, Billy’s Balloon, which can also be found on Google Video, here:
His other brilliant animation is Ah l’Amour, also on Google here:
Hertzfeldt has a knack for hilarious, bizarre, bitter humor, and the fine art of stick figure animation. I LOVE his work.

Being an American, I absolutely *cringe* when a republican tries to argue for, well, any of their points. You can count the minutes on one hand before they slip in to the “well, you must hate our freedom” line… again.

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