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If you’re interested, the audio versions of the Carson Workshops talks are now available over on I’ve listened to mine and found it an entirely embarrassing experience, but should you guys be interested in getting the full picture you can download it here: Native to a Web of Data (38Mb). At some point in the future I’ll probably write up the talk properly or attempt some kind of second version, but for now at least, that’s my last post on the subject. Now, back to World of Warcraft

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Wow. 128 kbps, 44 kHz, MPEG 1.0 Layer 3. At least they got mono right.. :/
Though surround sound would’ve been specter! – sarcasm – it’s sort of like posting an uncompressed 2048 x 1536 BMP really. Kinda retarded, I think.
Least a little retarded, right? Kind of like the web presentation (or the PDF) you know – lazy dump, that is – not ideal, or anything we’ve been dreaming for. Still should know, I like to play games too, and all I want for y’all is happiness. So, I guess,
Good fortune.. y’all.
(And I’m only saying, ’cause I think it deserved a little more care considering the content was pretty smashing, yeah really.)
You’ve got a soothing voice there, anyway, Tom. Combined with being drop dead gorgeous when looking confident and happy, you’re unbeatable! ;}
Hope you liked that. Here’s some more, ho hum.

thanks… it really is cool stuff to listen too but are they actually podcasts? I ask cause I have found myself in a situation where people are calling mp3 downloads podcasts and are very insistant… well what makes it a podcast? Where is the XML to subscribe to? I suppose all mp3’s that are not music will be called podcasts… even if you can’t use itunes or an RSS reader to manage the download of them.

Thanks for the slide link. These slides are better than ones I’ve seen at graphic design events here in New York.
I’m surprised you focused so much on “good” URLs. Haven’t gottent to that part of your speech yet, but right now I’m working for a graphic design studio in NY where I end up doing most of the website coding and the URL is the last thing anyone (including the clients) ever pay attention to. I guess I thought only I found them important because I’m more of a typer when I try to get to things (using auto-complete of my history instead of bookmarks, and opening programs on OS X with Quicksilver…) instead of a clicker. But I did of course know that Google valued URLs with keywords more.
I don’t really understand why my graphic design co-workers are more likely to include the “index.html” in URLs, though. You’d think people who are visually-oriented would be more aware that a link to “” is much prettier than “”.

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