Arrival in Austin for SXSW 2006…

Right, I’m in Austin now for SXSW and struggling a bit to catch up with all the various things I need to sort out across work and personal projects and life. I’ve spent most of the afternoon in Halcyon with Biddulph and the Rev Dan Catt dealing with a whole range of things. Worst news of the day – I got a threatening letter from some lawyers about some stuff I’m having to deal with over on Barbelith. So I’ve been talking to people in the UK about that and trying to work out how to proceed. It’s probably going to mean taking some stuff down, which is a shame, but I’m 5000 miles away and two and a half weeks away from my own bed, so I can’t see any way I can really interrogate it properly at the moment.

Our arrival at the Halcyon was the start of a string of coincidences. We were looking for the location for the Break Bread with Brad event, walked from the hotel, found the place and decided to sit in a local caf√© and get some stuff done. As we walked in, we bumped into Andy Budd, Drew and a whole variety of other assorted front end design enthusiasts – several thousand miles from Brighton. And while talking to them, from behind us, we got pounced on by Flickr‘s ownRev Dan Catt, who Mr Biddulph and I have now been sitting with for… er… around six hours.

Next up – we’re going to go and register, and meet up with Thomas Vander Wal before ploughing through another truck load of stuff.

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now. halcyon is a cocky bastard to me. so that second sentence was kind of a shocker. till i got what you meant. no offense of course. silly.
just. you really should be more careful what you are saying. or there is gonna be people like me who miss understand you. scott. minifig.
now. just. saying.

Tom, I think that link to Rev Dan Catt is, in a word borrowed from the ‘lith, borked.
Otherwise, have fun at SXSW. I certainly wish I was there.

Guess I’ll eventually find out what the legal chazarei at the ‘Lith is. Ominously disturbing, tho.
Have a time @ SXSW. If by chance you find yourself at the Brian Jonestown Massacre show next Sat do be sure to catch my boys in HeadQuarters there, too.

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