Links for 2006-03-09

  • YouTube – The Real World Simpsons I’m pretty certain that most people have seen this already – apparently it’s been a Sky TV ad in the UK. Still it pretty much rocks…

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Has it? Must have missed it. It’s really cool, but isn’t Malcolm in the Middle broadly the Simpsons done with real people?
It’s the fact that they left out Lisa that screwed the show up…

abc: sometimes we huddle together in the cold and rain to watch a tiny, flickering black and white image on a communal “tellybox” as we call them, it’s true.
bobbie: buffoon that I am, I’d never really noticed that, but yes, you are right…

minifig: kay. guess you just have to settle for less with such a dread climate. me i like a real fire better.

There’s a feature on this in today’s Guardian which I can’t for the life of me find online. Apparently it was initially commissioned as a Sky One trailer for the Simpsons, but spiralled into something much bigger once they realised the complexity of it all.
It gets its first broadcast airing this coming Sunday.

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