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the thing about giving them a bajillion dollars is…it’s really easy to build yourself. any competent developer could build it in a couple of days. some of the other photo management apps already have similar functionality built in.
i’m not denying it’s cool – just that you wouldn’t buy them to aquire the technology (because it’s simple) and you wouldn’t aquire them for the audience (because they don’t have one)

We (Stewart, Jeremy and I) met the pixoh fellow last night. He admitted that pxn8 was more fully featured, but did point out a number of things that he felt they got wrong and he’d gotten right.

A bajillion dollars might be overkill (it’s just a 2 person company – my wife and I). A couple million would come in handy though 😉
PXN8 probably isn’t on anyone’s M&A radar because (as cal points out) we are a product company not a community. We don’t have a user-base as such but we do have a small but growing customer base (PXN8 is being translated into spanish – woohoo !).
BTW cal – I spoke briefly with you at the FutureOfWebApps conference in London last month – the Flickr authentication API rocks !
Bradley I’d love to know what the Pixoh guys think we got wrong – seriously we’ll take feedback where we can get it, even from the competition 😉

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