The end is in sight…


I’m coming to the end of my month in the US and to be honest I’m absolutely bloody exhausted. I only have one major US leg to go and then Dear God I’ll be done and I can sleep in my own bed and spend a weekend alone and play a lot of World of Warcraft and speak to absolutely no one. This has been a pretty astonishing trip in many ways – I feel like I’ve learned a lot and experienced more and have reconnected with my larger community – but it’ll be nice to have a break from working out travel logistics and hotels every twenty-four hours. Speaking of which, I still haven’t actually booked the bloody flight from San Franciso to New York, and I have nowhere to stay there yet. Very bad! Too much to do! Concentrate Tom, concentrate!

On this illustration, knocked up on the train back from work this evening (by way of an attempt to get my brain to unclench), I would be currently just trying to work out flight number six for Friday, and worrying about getting to the airport in time for flight seven (Sunday morning). Fried!