General Notices

A brief note about deleting comments…

I try to be pretty reasonable with the comments on my site – other than spam it’s a rare day when I delete a comment that someone has posted. But recently, I’ve been getting some stuff posted anonymously that want to take issue in the stongest terms with decisions I’ve been making in my life and which are full of the most aggressive insults and frankly I’ve had enough of it. I have astonished myself by deciding not to delete the vast majority of them, and I have decided that I’m actually quite comfortable to have conversations with these people (although maybe not in public) to try and break their impression of me as a cartoon villain, even though I suspect the perpetrators to be less interested in persuading me of their position than to use any ammunition at their disposal to take a swing at me. So from now on, if you’re going to abuse me and you wish to do so anonymously and without allowing me a way to respond to you, then I’m afraid you may find your comments deleted without any warning. Insulting people anonymously is just cowardly and I don’t have to put up with it.