If you could ask me one question…

Okay – given my post earlier in the day about some of the abusive comments I’ve been getting recently, this couldn’t really be a more obviously bad idea, but hey – I’m refusing to get beaten down by it all. I’m really playing with my site for the first time in getting on for a month, and I have faith goddammit that everything will. be. okay.

Basically there’s this feature on Odeo that I haven’t seen massively promoted as yet and which I wanted to play with. It consists of a web page that I can link to from which any of you people out there with computers with microphones can send me little voice messages. It’s a beautiful bit of work, and pretty damn sexy and only a bit of a diversion from their original (?) podcasting enterprise. My sense is that it’s not really a fully baked thing, and it’s really looking for some people to find some use for it, and maybe that’s something we can do here today. We’re here to have a bit of fun and hopefully something will come of it that isn’t entirely embarrassing.

Now I’ve been thinking around what people might do with this kind of functionality and frankly the possibilities are endless. You could use it to collect content for your own podcasts by getting submissions from members of the public, you could use it to leave little excruciating love messages on your partner’s iPod, or use it to remind yourself of little jobs you have to do. You could treat it as a dictaphone conveniently incorporated into your internet-enabled microphone-enabled top-of-the-line Apple laptop. You could even attach a link to Odeo’s ‘voice commenting service’ to every weblog entry you produced – opening it up both to truly moving personal expressions from real listeners and to weird and intrusive comment spam about mother-daughter incest from unscrupulous bottom-feeders!

Anyway, what I was thinking was that I could ask you guys a question and then get you to answer it and then later I’d create some dumb weblog post in which I post or link to some of the more entertaining (and less embarrassing) replies and then we see if that’s interesting and if it is maybe we do it more often, and if it isn’t, maybe we don’t. And I thought given that it was my website and I was feeling particularly full of myself today, I thought maybe the first thing I should try to get from you guys was If you could ask me one question, what would it be? To answer this question just follow this convenient link or click on the bloody big icon below. And please, try and be nice!

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3 replies on “If you could ask me one question…”

Like.. do you still enjoy that CD I sent you, despite me being a real asshole? ‘Cause you should.. ’cause I’m just weak.. ’cause.. I don’t know. But I am.
And it’s just crazy to give in to unjustified criticism in any degree, anyway.

Sorry I’m late for the party, anyway. I’ve been driving a 1000 miles to bury my father’s father and sorting out his legacy last week. So my comment is probably out of phase with what’s been said here the last week, because I haven’t had any time to read all (yet).

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