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Links for 2006-05-11

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Ah Ishkur’s guide to electronic music- one of the best sites on the internet 🙂
I memepooled it back on December 15, 2000.
The traffic from overwhelmed his servers back then and then he moved to’s hosting platform for the v2 of the site.
My favorite genre? Deep house.
I recommend for excellent free mixes of deep house.

Ishkur’s guide is hilarious – the guy’s comments are very witty, and the samples of each genre are really nifty. Compare and contrast ‘Ambient Dub’ with ‘Noisecore’.

I’m not sure why this Big Bang theory has suddenly been making waves, because I read about it ages ago in Brian Greene’s book – Fabric of the Cosmos.
It’s possible that the time angle is slightly different from what Greene described, but from what I recall his description basically involved n-dimensional branes (the next step up from strings) colliding every trillion years or so. I’d recommend the book if you’ve not read it Tom, and want to learn more about string theory in general.

That write up about the new Big Bang theory is a bit vague. Particularly in relation to Einstein’s use of the cosmological constant. It seems to suggest he thought his mistake was to make it too small, whereas that isn’t it at all.
Interesting theory, though would be good to get more detail.

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