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But we can convey emotion by email! Email is written text, and written text can and has been used to communicate emotion for thousands of years.
It is not a fault of email or written communication that people who can’t write particularly well are sending emails. The existence of bad poetry doesn’t mean good poetry doesn’t exist.
If we said “poetry lacks cues like facial expression and tone of voice. That makes it difficult for recipients to decode meaning well… In effect, poetry cannot adequately convey emotion”, it would be torn apart. Why is it not the same with email? The only reliable explanation is that the people who send the emails which become the genesis of articles like this are unable to string words together coherently. That’s not a story, unfortunately.

I think poetry can not adequately communicate the author’s emotions, or the intended. (At least not if you don’t know the author very well in person.) It’s up for personal interpretation and nuances are bound to be lost.
Of course you can covey emotions in email, but not well, and only the big picture. Plus, the person who reads the message may not believe you’re portraying your emotions honestly.

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