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On wanting to stop wanting 'World of Warcraft'…

There’s a command in World of Warcraft that tells you exactly how long you’ve played with your active character and how long you’ve been playing at your current level. All you have to do is type /played into your chat prompt to find this information out. If you’re a regular player of the game, I think you should go and do that now. Don’t worry. We’ll wait. It’s sort of important.

I’ve had World of Warcraft for almost exactly six months now, which – coincidentally – is pretty much exactly how long I’ve been working at Yahoo. I bought the game in my week between jobs, while I was supposed to be recovering from the BBC and thinking around my personal projects. Buying WoW pretty much killed off that idea straight away. I think on one day I played from around nine am until three the following morning. The week evaporated in moments.

So I typed in /played over the weekend and I got back the figure of fifteen days and four hours for my main character – another nine hours for my second. Fifteen days solidly. That’s three hundred and seventy three hours of immersion in Nordrassil when I could have been doing something else, something more useful.

Let me give you some context there. Imagine playing WoW was my second job, which is how it has felt at times. Thinking in terms of eight hour days and five day work weeks, I’ve played the game for roughly two and a half months. And that’s on top of the day job. It’s no wonder that the weblog has slipped. More alarming still is that even though I’ve played it for that length of time, I’m still only level 51.

The question then, is how to stop. And not how to stop in the simple, “I’ve got a problem” kind of way. Let’s be clear – my day job has not suffered, my relationships are just as screwed up as they normally are, but no worse. But I’m starting to resent playing as much as I’m keen to get up to level sixty. I regularly get this sense of time passing just a little too fast, and even though I know that the time I spend playing WoW is not time that would immediately translatable into rebuilding Barbelith or learning how to develop in Rails, I’m increasingly aware that I want to stop wanting to play, even if I am prepared to let that process of detachment be a gradual one associated with some sense of completion.

Let’s pretend for a moment that the option to ‘just stop’ isn’t interesting or practical. I have this idea for a way to bring in some kind of honest scrutiny from outside about the time I spend playing WoW. It’s pretty simple, and also pretty cool. World of Warcraft has a set of APIs and can have mods developed for it using a language called Lua. There are a great many of these mods – mostly concerned with giving people better access to spells or dealing with the Auction Houses, but the ones I’m most interested in are the ones that fuel sites like Thottbot that capture information about what you’re doing in game and dump them to a central server – almost like a gaming version of – creating aggregate value out of the smallest of engagements. The aspect I’m most interested in is the fact that they can communicate outside the game to servers in the real world. Which makes me wonder why there doesn’t appear to be much in the way of weblog integration or posting mods.

What I want is a badge of some kind I can put on my site that exposes to the world how long I’ve been playing, and how long recently. I think maybe by putting this in public I can start to adjust my own perceptions of what is an appropriate amount of time to waste in this manner. Just a little badge – a strip or a button that I can deposit on the page that means I get occasional raised eyebrows and comments on IM or when I’m down the pub. Anything really that exposes me to the judgement of the masses. Does anyone know of such a plug-in? If I (grudgingly and a long time after the fad died) invoked the Lazyweb – could anyone write one?

(The thing that this whole experience has driven home to me is the difference between illusory value – fighting for artificial scarcity – and actual utility. I wouldn’t be feeling in the slightest bit ashamed of the way I played in game if I knew that one of the reasons I was doing it was the repopulation of the Amazon rainforests, or to help improve – or even perform – cancer screenings. It’s the sense of enjoyable work and creativity with no intellectual or physical byproduct either than a slight headache. There’s something fascinatingly wrong with that.)

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As someone who works in Advertising and is a creative, I feel your pain here I started playing WoW between jobs to and man what a waste of brain power, I am always thinking imagine what else i could get done LOL. But I am hooked, I think this MOD is a really good idea to help people and I would also put it on my Blog to expose to my friends my timewasting.
P.S. It gets worse once you start raiding and getting epics 🙁

It could be worse. You could be hooked on Animal Crossing Wild World. “Must… acquire… more… hats…”

Coincidentally, I just cancelled my WoW subscription only minutes before I read this post. I’m tired of thinking about all the things I could have been spending that time on and getting depressed. That, and I got bored of grinding somewhere around level 40. EVE Online, on the other hand, looks like something I could really get hooked on.

Tom, I can’t tell you how happy I am I decided to sell my character a while a go. I got all the way to 60 and then…started grinding.
WoW is a lot of fun…but its a lot more fun to stop sometimes 😉

Tom, I feel for you man. I did the SAME thing. 4 months of INTENSE WoW play, every night, sacrificing mostly sleep and quality blogging for my dwarf paladin. I didn’t quite get to level 51, but I just HAD to stop. So I did it cold-turkey. Actually, I did a full system re-install on my Mac, and decided to simply not re-install WoW. That was over 8 months ago.
But here’s the kicker. My level of addiction and my connection with my characters ran very deep, and still does. I refuse to stop paying for my account because I don’t want to lose them. So, for the last 8 or 9 months, I have be faithfully paying my $16/month, and I don’t even have the game installed! (Honestly, I don’t even know my username and password anymore.) And I don’t know when I’ll ever be able to let them go. Every time I buy a new game or play something new (especially most recently Elder Scroll Oblivion for XBox 360) I think to myself, “I’d really much rather be playing World of Warcraft.”
Dear god. Somebody kill me.

So when you recently said “people who do a lot of punditry on their sites cannot possibly be actually getting anything useful done the rest of the time” maybe you should have added “or playing World of Warcraft”…

My 11 and 13 year old sons would donate a lung rather than give up playing WoW over the weekend for 12 hours straight. And, as my huband states, my daughter is equally addicted to MySpace.
I would like to email you. Do you have a public email?

on your question of a public badge:
Xfire has a miniprofile you can copy and paste anywhere. heres a link to an example they give.

Tom, ‘fraid I’ve got no new advice for ya.
I deleted my level 59 hunter a couple of weeks ago, cancelled my account and un-installed the game. I’m surprised by how much I *don’t* miss it.
Just like you, my 9-5 work had never suffered, but I was more bemused by the fact that 15+ days of my spare time had been wasted levelling a computer character, when it could of been spent learning Ruby on rails, or knitting, or something equally as useful.
I’ve been ranting to fellow geeks for a long time that there should be a MMORPG that has some kind of real life use, perhaps you would need to learn various rules of physics to be a decent Gnome Engineer, rather than just grind for hours….
(Eve is a lovely looking game, but within 2 hours I got pissed off with the grinding. Deleted, cancelled, uninstalled.)

Hey, I’m no psychoanalyst, but I’m guessing that by realising and accepting that you have a problem, you are well on your way to curing it…good luck.

Well, one answer to your gaming woes is to have a baby, I definitely don’t have that much disposable time any more 🙂
More seriously, I have played very few of these MMORPGs precisely because of the way they guzzle time and reward behaviour bordering on OCD. And that’s despite being a keen gamer and having plenty of friends who play them.
I still want to create some games that represent the counter-culture to always-on-line. Basically, play-by-turn affairs where the main character is driven by game AI, and you set apsects of their desires and personality. The vision for 2050 would be something along the lines of a personalised “Dungeons and Dragons” cartoon or video, with the main character’s thoughts and goals driven by the player in response to each episode.
Still just a concept, and looking unlikely to ever complete after 10 years in daydream-style planning!!

Chris – I’ve been told that Blizzard doesn’t delete your characters even if you don’t pay – and I believe that the time limit for that is indefinite from what I’ve been told by other players. You don’t have to keep paying, but if you ever feel like going back, you just have to reactivate the account.

Wow, that’s pretty hardcore – and the princple reason I’ve avoided MMORPGs. I like the fact that a lot of PS2 games now include timers on the save files – I’ve apparently played Resident Evil 4 for about 16 hours, but if I didn’t have that information I’d probably guess half that.
I don’t want to know how much time I’ve spent trying to pay off my Animal Crossing morgage…

Well, I started on Second Life a few months ago and it pretty much killed…
– my involvement with Barbelith, and boards generally, apart from Second Life boards;
– blogging, apart from Second Life blogging;
– my plan to learn Ruby, and in fact programming generally, apart from programming within Second Life.
The thing is, I can do all of the things I like on the web in one place in Second Life – chat with people, rant about politics, show off, examine the formation of virtual communities, write silly software toys, play “let’s pretend I’m not me” – in 3D, more prettily. I think that’s going to be hard to quit, harder than WoW would be.
It’s pretty simple to do your counter thing manually in SL by the way, since you can write in-game scripts that make XML-RPC calls. They could just tell an external PHP script your current total time and hours per day and it could display it in an image or as text. Hmm, might do that.

” Imagine playing WoW was my second job, which is how it has felt at times.”
Tom, you probably learn things about community, social software, and interaction designfrom WoW. You then bring this to your other work at Yahoo, not to mention the things you post here. Seen this way, how is playing WoW not part of your regular job? You could probably make a case that it’s tax deductible!

FWIW.. I played WoW for about 6 months before I had to slow down. My play dissipated and I barely got in more than a day or so a month after that until early 2006, when I pretty much quit altogether. I just lacked the motivation to play – it was almost like going to a second job!
With that in mind, I’m a professional software developer. Just a quick note regarding your comparison to and with respect to how Thottbot works: is different in that it actually publishes your profile and “listening to” streams via RSS, ATOM and any other number of other external APIs and feeds. They also use the AudioScrobbler plugin to publish that information from iTunes, WinAmp, WMP, or whatnot to your profile.
Thottbot is also different in that it requires you to launch a separate application, as well as a bunch of UI mods in-game to pull that information back into their central database.
So.. to get the information you’re looking for, you’d need to run at least one desktop app (manually, every time you played, or afterwards) and install a WoW UI plugin to harvest the data and submit it to your site.
WoW doesn’t make any of the data we’d all like to see about our characters externally accessible via published APIs (unlike many other MMORPGs; for instance, Dark Age of Camelot publishes a lot of character and guild data via XML.)
Sorry for the long reply, just figured I’d clarify that it’s not a matter of just a simple UI mod.

I’m easily addicted to games, so I had to set some rules to avoid the 11-hour straight gameplay hangovers that come with no self control.
1. If the game is short, I devote a weekend to purge it from my system.
2. If it is an extended game (30+ hours), I schedule the game time in my calendar. Then I pull out a kitchen timer and put it in another room. When it goes off, I save and stop no matter how much I want to finish that level, because I will feel the same way about the next level if I don’t. This works well for RPGs.
3. I never play more than two games during per month. This protects my body and wallet.
4. I only play games that end. No soul consuming WOW for me.
Basically, I choose to manage my addiction. I don’t dabble in Second Life, but I don’t think of it as game. It’s an advanced community, and it should be considered as more like a next generation forum or blog.

Re: SL vs WOW. I’m as likely to spend 12 hours straight playing SL as I am to spend 12 hours screwing around on the internet; I’m much more likely to play WOW for 12 hours straight than either of those.
The only that really worked for me in WOW was getting together with a solid group of friends I play with and making a group decision to only play at certain times. The idea was to make it more like a poker night than a daily thing. If someone did play more than the others in the group, the others notice the new gear and higher levels, so it creates a bit of social pressure to only play within the limits. This worked, and I still get my fix of WOW.

Hello. I’m Bruce and I play World Of Warcraft.
I’ve played since it came out and I have 4 characters the highest being 37. (I’m easily distracted.) I really enjoy wandering around and exploring the immersive world they’ve created.
My main trouble with WOW is that while looking at what they’ve created and how imaginative it is, it inspires me to be creative but I’m too busy playing to do anything about it. I’m trying to take that inspiration and make something of it. Even if it’s a doodle or just paying as much attention to my own environment as I do WOW’s.
Games are relaxing to me and I play when there isn’t anything better to do (ie: hang with my wife, eat, etc.) I try to treat it like watching a movie so I’ll play for a couple hours. Abraxas’ idea of an egg timer is brilliant.

Hello. I’m Bruce and I play World Of Warcraft.
I’ve played since it came out and I have 4 characters the highest being 37. (I’m easily distracted.) I really enjoy wandering around and exploring the immersive world they’ve created.
My main trouble with WOW is that while looking at what they’ve created and how imaginative it is, it inspires me to be creative but I’m too busy playing to do anything about it. I’m trying to take that inspiration and make something of it. Even if it’s a doodle or just paying as much attention to my own environment as I do WOW’s.
Games are relaxing to me and I play when there isn’t anything better to do (ie: hang with my wife, eat, etc.) I try to treat it like watching a movie so I’ll play for a couple hours. Abraxas’ idea of an egg timer is brilliant.

WoW-related social problems are actually really commonplace on the addiction peer support forum (in Finnish) my wife moderates as part of her work. Some people have been practicly widowed – or orphaned – by their family members’ WoW-addiction. Maybe Wow is not so much the new golf as it’s the new crack.
I think the biggest challenge for the game developers in the years to come is to create games that are while being immersive (WoW definetely seems to have made an important milestone on this) but also socially adaptive. Neils’ concept sounds interesting. I’m thinking, what if the caharacters in MMORPGs would age and die of old age in half a year or so? This would not just create both a natural break for players but also add existencial depth and meaning to the game it self.

As a fellow addict, I am grateful that work took me away from my desktop for more than a week and some kind of sanity has returned. I was seriously addicted to WoW before this cold turkey, but at the moment I feel slightly nauseous as the thought of going back in there!

I have two level 60s in WOW on seperate servers, each of them have been members of high end raiding guilds, I also have several other characters ranging from level 30 to level 55. World of Warcraft has been very fun for me, but recently I had a week of vacation where I spent 80-90% of my waking hours playing World of Warcraft. It was great at the time, but it seemed I over did it, ever since this massive WOW overdose I have been steadly growing less and less interested in this game. But maybe this overdose wasn’t the actuall cause of the end of my addiction, maybe it was building all along.
Raiding was fun, but I Realize that raiding becomes less and less interesting as more raiding instances are released. I can recall our guilds first ragnaros kill like it was yesterday, Unfortunatly. That first ragnaros kill was the peak of my WOW experiance. Each new instance that comes out has less and less appeal, the gear upgrades seemed less appealing and the required attedance made the game feel like a second job. It never seriously effected my acidemic life but it completely demolished my social life (When your spending 1/4 of your total time playing a video game something needs to give.)
In the end I don’t regret playing World of Warcraft, but I do regret not stopping 3 months ago when I first stopped enjoying the game.

I have 2 60s on WoW along with many other characters.
I play WoW constantly. You could say I’m an addict.
I don’t, however, see anything wrong with this. I enjoy it. It’s fun for me. I still interact with people and get the things that need to be done finished. But when that’s all said and done and I want to relax, I use WoW.
I really don’t see why so many people see it as a bad thing that they’re doing something they enjoy “too often”. That is, unless it interferes with your obligations in life.
And, as far as I know…
Making any kind of add-on that actively sends game data to the internet while running the game is against the ToS.

I don’t think it’s really a problem that it’s enjoyable and that you do it a lot – I think the problem is that it squeezes out some of the other things that we do that are maybe less enjoyable but more ‘rewarding’ – ie. helping you in your career, or beng creative or whatever.

I have played WOW with my friends since open beta. I have more than one 60 chars, one all geared with epic sets. I think i had more fun leveling characters with my friends, than grinding for 6 hours in some dungeons with 40 other guild members. At the end, it was just too much of a grind, and not enough fun. It was all about getting better gears, or moving up in the PVP ranking. I have stopped playing wow for almost 6 months now. When i was playing WOW, I disregarded a big portion of my social life, so i had a lot of catching up to do. Still, many nights i think of going back into WOW, cause it is better than just being a couch potato. I can’t possibly be partying or clubbing every night; its just too tiring and too expensive. I am semi-old, so i am kind of done with education. I am not married so i have no child or wife to entertain. And there ain’t no better games out there, I’ve looked(Guildwars, EveOnline, Lineage, CS, etc….). During weekedays, i come home from work, and turn on the TV, and just sit there for hours. Now after 6 months, i am thinking of going back into the WOW. So i am at the activation page, with subscription info all filled out, and i just need to click “Finished” button. Yet, i am scared, very scared. I feel like an alcholic who is about to fall off the wagon… To play or not to play… well i can’t tell you whether i am gonna play or not… cause even i dont know… To play or not to play, that is the question.
5/24/06 11:52 pm…

Y’know, Guild Wars comes second in my life, the first being my public speaking skills and work (okay well, THIRD. Sue me.). The most I’ve played on a binge is 27 hours, with breaks about every 4 or 5 hours. Yup, PvP is a devil when you’ve got a good guild group going and you’re all settled in on TS on the weekend.
27 hours is one day and three hours. Think of all the possiblities you can do in just 12 hours, let alone 27. =S

Well, when i first heard of WoW, was when kids from my grade 12 uni classes wouldent shutup about it, they even started talking like they would in wow by callin teatchers noobs to sayin lol instead of laughing. i got so anoyed that i went out bought the game and gave it a try so taht i can actually say something about the game and tell them it was a dumb game withought tryin to look stupid by saying things i did not know about it. but it ended up in a bad case of me being the most addicted to it out of all of them. i have forced my self to quit wow but always end up running back to it after 2-3 months. i have actually bought other accounts couse i forget the pass and usernames to the accounts that i stop playing with during the 2-3 months. i now on my thrid acct and with a 60 on each on of the accounts. My parents have acctauly moved the computer from my room to the living room and monitor me and kick me off after 2 hours. Its so frustrating becuase wow honestly takes more time then 2 hours once you get into it, like molten core can easily dry up that time. The only cure iv been able to find, is joining an online clan like WFC (warforceclan) and jus chattin and playin games taht take up less time with them like counter-strike(30minutes for a scrim) and Guild wars which isent as good as wow, but force your self to play it for 2 days and you will like it and continue to play it withought having to be online all the time like world of warcraft, it is not quite as addictive eaither. well theres my life story…enjoy =D

Its fun but no offense if your complaining about the game then how come you play it? There is other games you know

Where to begin
I play WOW. I got into it to spite my husband who plays ALL THE TIME. He skips work to play WOW. He has a WOW girlfriend he runs with all the time, and chats with all night on Ventrilo with. We have no marriage because of WOW. He comes home at night, assuming he has been to work that day, hangs with the family for maybe an hour we have a 5 year old, a 10 month old, and a 13 year old from a former girlfriend of his, the 13 year old comes to our house and plays from noon to 2 am if I let her stay up that long, God forbid he act like her parent and get her to bed at a decent hour, I usually have been in bed for 4 hours at that point), then it’s into the game. He goes to bed somewhere in the neighborhood of 2am. If you can call it going to bed, cause he sleeps on the couch, mostly so I won’t know what time he DID go to bed at. He can’t get up on time to get our son to school on time, he is always nearly 45 min late. When he is not at work, he will rise at 9am, log in and play until 3 or 4 am. I have had to hire people to mow the lawn. I have to do EVERYTHING around the house. Asking him is an AFFRONT, an interruption, and of course I am just being a HAG for asking.
WOW has pretty much ruined him. He also can not see it. He will not admit there is a problem, and will not listen to me.
He’s going to end up in an empty house, cosied up to his keyboard, ALONE. That future is fast approaching. How sad is that? He has missed so much of life and doesn’t even get it. Hell I play this game too, and I maybe, maybe play 6 hours a week. I can’t play it much, I have a family to take care of. Children that NEED their parents. I can not so easily ignore my responsiblities. It is so sad that he doesn’t get that he has a family to take care of too. Maybe he will get it sometime after he loses it. I am not going to hold my breath.

Hi man what I do when i play wow i set goles to do. Like level up once in a week or a mouth depending on how much time i have and dont over do it with leving up 20 times in a week spending 2 days doing it(in time playing game).Even if i dont get my goal its ok i can get it next week or next mouth.Also find another hobby that u really like that keeps your mide off the game.I may not have your problem so this may not help but i hope it does.

I’m a new WoW addict.. just about three months now, I believe. I completely understand the feeling of “what could I have done instead” but I don’t really feel that way about WoW specifically. I actually started feeling that way a few months before I got WoW, just about wasting time watching TV and surfing the net, in general. It does keep me from getting some things done, but if it wasn’t WoW, it’d be Facebook or VH1 or some other basically useless thing.
In my case however, WoW actually helps my social life. A small group of my friends at school all have the game and we get together at a friend’s house once a week or so to do instances or whatever. And now that we’ve all gone our separate ways for the summer, WoW’s a way for us to keep in touch.. we even made a campfire in Elwynn one night and all sat around chatting, dueling, telling jokes, and dancing with our pets.
Another option, which I’m considering, is to just suspend it for a month or two, get some things done, and then dive back in. It’s still new to me, so I prolly won’t do that anytime soon

This is interesting. You claim that you feel you should be doing something better with your time, yet you continue to play.
I think i have a solution through prevention. When i started playing WoW i started playing with a very good friend of mine. It was the most fun i’ve had out of a videogame in a long time, and from time to time it still is, but the fun doesn’t purely stem from WoW, but from the general interaction with my friend. If i am alone or ‘grouping’ with people i didnt know, I don’t feel like playing the game as much.
Obviously this greatly restricts how much time i play the game for, and it has turned what would be a cronic gaming session into a casual hobby with my friend.
We might as well be watching football.
The only drawback to this is that I havn’t gotten the most out of the money i spend on the game, but it isn’t too much money anyway. I can live with it.
Making a link between WoW and real life really helps, and will keep you grounded. So if you want to want to quit, introduce a friend. Start again only playing along with your friend.
Just some friendly advice there.

On wanting a badge to see how long you’ve played games, XFire works for many games.
On wanting a MMORPG that’s more real-world, you could try SFZero ( although it’s not actually online. All the tasks are done in the real world, and are worth points. They’re stuff like telling your parents you joined the CIA, or tipping in a non-tipping industry.
Basically it lets you play you, but as a sort of alternate reality you. And you actually go out and explore the world instead of sitting in front of your computer all day.

Wow, I was going to buy this game because I am a stone cold game lover but holy hell, after reading these posts, I’m staying away. Good luck.

My son is 13 and has been playing WOW for 3 months. I was sceptical about purchasing the game for him as a birthday present (he has to pay the monthly fee himself) because I knew that the game had no end. I see how addictive the game can be. My son had exams last week and leading up to the exams we ‘banned’ WOW – he had a tough time not playing. He is on a school trip for a week now and won’t be able to play for another 5 days. I am going to show him this blog and the comments when he gets back – we three (my son, husband and myself) have to have a discussion about WOW – if I let him, my son would play all day Saturday and all day Sunday and all evening during week nights. He does have friends and a social life – he isn’t isolated, but he doesn’t read books anymore and it seems like WOW, WOW, WOW all the time. And as mentioned above, you can’t just play for an hour – it takes 2 to 3 hours, apparently, to get an instance done. I do so regret buying that accursed game.

While I do find myself playing this game a lot, I also don’t feel like it’s completely killing my life. I will typically play for 3-4 days of the week for around 3 hours each of those days. I find it easy to pull myself away from the game for the remaining 3-4 days and hang out with friends or work on personal projects. I definitely saw a small period when the time spent playing that game was problematic, but sudden sense of complete personal failure quickly remedied that.

I have been playing since 4/4/06. I have never played a game that is so absorbing. I am curious to get home tonight and type /played to see how much time I have spent. I initially started out with a friend already in the mid 20’s, and me at level 1. The goal was to catch him, and led to some long nights (9pm to 3am). This is not as long as some of you, but I could relate to the story of the guy who sleeps on the couch so his wife doesn’t know what time he went to bed. That has been me on numerous occasions. I have now caught up with my friend, but the compulsion to play has not lessened. I am a level 41, so basically a noob still. I want a horse now, and am looking to load up on plate armor. I love the game, but it is starting to take a toll on my work. I am sleepy, and always reading Thottbot for info on my next quest. My wife has come in at 2:30 am and told me things have to change. I don’t know whether to try to cut back, or drop it all together. For the past 2.5 months, it is all I think about and look forward to all day. I have been going to great lengths to prove to my wife that it isn’t affecting our relationship, tasks around the house, time with the kids, and for the most part I have done a good job. The part she can’t see though is the time wasted at work. Maybe I should get out before I get in any deeper. Anybody want some gold 🙂

10 Days, 16 hours, hmmm… that is 256 hours or 3.6 hours a day since 4/4/06. That is a lot of time! Just think of all the other things I could have done (paint the porch, read a good book, spend time with my kids, get more sleep). Actually the time with the kids has not suffered because I play after they are in bed. However, I may lack a little energy due to not getting enough sleep when play time with the kids rolls around the next evening. BTW, I am 36. Is that old, young, or average for the typical WOW player? I like Matt’s approach of limiting to certain days for a fixed amount of time. My problem is that I don’t want to stop when my alloted time is up. And since I am alone late at night, there is nonone to encourage me to stick to my resolution.

I also play WoW. I have a lvl 60, and have done many, many, many raids. It burns a guy out, it’s just not fun anymore. It ruins your plans for the future.
The problems:
You can ALWAYS upgrade your character… hence the addiction.
Also,the game was designed to hook you very slowly. It starts you out with tasks that only require a hour or two on your own schedual. The game then moves to schedualed raids requiring 5-7 hours nightly, which could be spent spending time with friends, family, or preparing for your classes.
If you’re having trouble, I have some tips to get WoW off your mind, just send me an e-mail.( Goodluck

I found myself spending way too much time on WOW, maybe around 4 hrs a night and 8 on sat/sun. I did the sanest thing I could. I decided a complete meltdown was in order to get my life back. I deleted a level 60 priest, a level 42 hunter, a level 31 rogue and a level 25 priest. Best thing I did. For the first two days I did have the dt’s but it wore off quick. Now I find I have so much time back its great.

I don’t know why I’m commenting here, I was just googling around and I came across this page. I will however tell my story. The fact is, I’m a WoW addict…not as bad as I used to be but still bad enough. I saw that you said you have 15 days time played? That’s nothing. On my first level 60 alone, I have over 85 days total time played. I don’t even play that character any more and havent in 6 months.
When you add my numerous other characters on top of that, you’ll probably get a figure around 150 days or more. I recall a time when I was extremely addicted and I was raiding with my guild. We only raided on weekends so week days were pretty bleak. I remember sitting in the main city, jumping in circles and reading chat. For hours. I mean literally doing NOTHING just staring at a video game screen for 5 or more hours at a time. I had nothing to do in WoW, and since that was my life, I just sat there and did nothing.
However, on my part being a WoW addict isn’t quite as bad as other people. I’m semi-sensible, and when I need food/water, I go get it. I’m pretty health concious so I watch what I eat, and I work out every night before bed. I’m quite the healthy WoW addict and I’m in pretty good shape. Therefore, my parents don’t really seem to worry much about me, this is just what I like to do. When I feel like stopping, I will like I have in the past.

My 15 year old son is addicted to WOW. He has had the game for 10 mos. and has missed days of school, assignments, exams, Dr. and dentist appointments and family events. He has stayed up until 3 or 4 am and I have been unable to wake him until well into the afternoon. I have missed days of work trying to get him to go to school, hoping that I could help him catch up with missed homework, or meeting with counselors and teachers. I tried setting limits on game time and have turned off the computer during the game, after limits have long passed. He has gone around limits programmed into the computer. I took the computer away. The result was that he refused to go to school at all. I returned the computer on his promise to return to school and to control his own time spent on the game. He did not go back to school and will now have to re-do several courses. He rarely leaves the house. Contact with his friends is through MSN and the “game”. I hesitate to take the computer away again as that will further isolate him, although a counselor has told me to take the computer away. Period. Forever. He will not meet with a counselor. I am so sad when I see kids going by my house on the way to school, playing sports or just hanging out. I am furious with Blizzard Entertainment. They are just as guilty as any dealer selling crack on the street. I am looking for those who might be interested in launching a class action lawsuit. I am desperate to help my son. Has anyone any ideas? Stay away from these games and don’t get sucked in. Please.

i have a 16 year old son who seems to be addicted to all games using a screen but particularly WoW. He spends hours in front of the computer. He is non-responsive to my telling him it is time to go to bed, or that he has been on way too long (“I just got on.”). This game, and others, seem to bring out the worst in him. If he is interrupted by someone talking to him he snaps their head off. He is rude and cranky when not on the game. He does not think he has a problem but that I do. Any suggestions how to intervene and release him from this unbelievable hold?

My fiance is addicted to WOW. He cannot go one night without it after returning home from work and plays
it over the weekend for hours at a time. I spend every night on my own and i am so lonely. We are
expecting our first child in September. He will not
admit he has a problem nor does he think there is
anything wrong with playing the game every night.
I have threatened to leave him and he is willing to
give up having a family for WOW. Seriously fucked!

Oh man let me tell you!
I, like the original poster, bought WoW to bridge a 6-week period where I had moved to another city to start a new job and my family was still back in our old hometown. I was only going to play when I was in the new location, and not at “home”. Well that didn’t work out so well, I ended up playing whenever I felt like it. Thanfully the time came to move, and with all that activity I put the WoW down.
In January however I decided to play again, and bought a 2nd account for my sons. I think since that time I’ve logged nearly 40 days (yes FORTY DAYS) in the game. Roughly 1/6th of my waking hours are spent playing WoW. It’s sickening.
I have found ways to play at work, know that if I was caught there’d be hell to pay. In one instance my manager’s manager came into my cube and wanted to look something up on my screen. I feigned system problems, but that was a damn close call. But, did that stop me from playing at work – nope. And if I wasn’t playing, I was researching on Thottbot or WowWiki or wherever to make sure I understood what I’d be doing when I got home to play.
In my home life, my wife is at her wit’s end. I used the excuse that I was helping my son’s w/ their games to play more and that the time I spent playing with them shouldn’t be counted aganist my time. She has gone to bed many times by herself, and that has affected other “personal” areas of our relationship adversely. To put it bluntly I was choosing WoW over sex with my wife.
And, let’s not talk bout neglected hobbies. I have been trying for years to become a proficient guitarist. If I had invested 4 hours a day for the past 6 months – I’d freakin’ WAIL (well probably not, I think inherently I lack a fundamental level of dexterity and my fingers are too small, but I’d be WAY better than I am now). I also have a few thousand dollars in camera equipment that sits and mocks me on a daily basis. I used to love to cook, and now I want to figure out what I can bust out in 25 minutes so I can get back to the game. I don’t want to go out because I could spend that time playing WoW. And, when I do go out in social situations I have nothing to draw conversational topics from because all I know is WoW. I don’t read anymore, I see very few movies where I’m not playing while they are running, and I don’t stay that up to date on current events.
It’s frustrating because you think you are going to get to Level 60 and then you can chill out. But, it actually is the opposite. Raids take at least 2 hours, most take far more. If you want in a good guild you have to commit time to them. If you want to be competitive in PvP you need to spend time gaining faction etc. At level 60 the only thing you can do for less than 2 hours is BG play and helping out lowbies.
Now, to set some context. I’m an addict. I’m in recovery, and have been clean and sober for nearly 18 years (yes, I’m too old to be playing WoW, but that’s another issue). I know what addiction feels like, this is addiction.
I know I need to delete my character, but I rationalize that if I just limit my gameplay to helping my sons level or doing some BG then I’ll be fine. But that doesn’t work. One hour is too many, and many hours are not enough.
I think I’ll put my char up on Ebay, along with his collection of epics, make a few hundred bucks and go buy a new guitar.
Yeah, I’ll do that as soon as my Tier 0.5 upgrades are done, and I have Rank 9 under my belt . . . .

I am addicted to wow. I think its great. I used to do drugs. I am sober a year now. I think its a better addiction but still a different seat on the titanic. The reason i play is to run away from fear. But I also believe its better than television. Television is complete advertisements. I am addicted and yes i am thats it

I understand your pain. I was completely addicted … weekends would pass away with just Wow in our lives! How sad!

I have a friend that is seriously addicted to WoW, his gameplay time is OVER 80 hours thats on ONE character, although he does have a “glider” which will actually play the game for him while he is sleeping, but he got that after about 40 hours of gameplay anyways. I feel like I should post his screename, or exploit that he has the cheat, which will get you banned from WoW, he would probably kill himself, (seriously). its pretty bad because his personality has changed, he is now boring, and lacks any sense of humor, and will NOT go outside. This is no joke, if I were to delete his account, I would probably end up dead, because he cares so much about that game

It seems like you have hit on a hot topic here. I do not play WoW, but fear that I may become a WoW widow, so to speak. I live with my boyfriend. We have a baby on the way. He plays WoW A LOT. Before I came along, WoW was the only thing he had in his life. For years, he went to work, came home, played Wow, went to bed… that’s about it. He played for 16 hours a day at times.
Now that he has me in his life, he has scaled back, so I give him credit for that. It’s more like 4 hours a day… and often 7 or 8 hours on days that he doesn’t work.
He calls it a hobby… his way to relax after work. He says there is nothing wrong with it and points out that it keeps him at home rather than going out drinking or something like that. (I don’t think he means it as a threat, just as comparison)
He also says it’s not anti-social like people think. He wears his headset and talks to his friends in his “guild”.
He tells me that he doesn’t “love” the game more than me or the baby.
He wants me to learn how to play the game with him so that it can be something we do together. I can’t imagine wasting all that time on a game when I could be doing a million other things to make our life better, our home cleaner, or getting some fresh air and exercise.
All in all, he’s a good man, so I hate to nitpick on this too much. I’ve been through realationships that were much worse… abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse, cheating… And I trust him more than anyone.
My fears are that the game playing will end up coming between us at some point. He will spend hours on the game when there are bills that need paid, dishes that could be done, trash that can be taken out, etc. He gets home before me most of the time and when I get home, he is playing his game and asks me “What’s for dinner?” 30 seconds after I get in the house from work. But before I can cook dinner, sometimes I have to get the dishes washed. I don’t mind doing housework, but we need to share the burden since we both work… and especially now because I am having a tough pregnancy (I’m in pain a lot of the time and it often hurts to move toward the end of the day).
So I wonder what will happen when he is alone with the baby. And i worry that our son will look up to his daddy and want to play games all day like his daddy. I am hoping that I can influence him by taking him out of the house to do things and discover new things. (Meanwhile, daddy will probably stay home and play his game).
What’s a girl to do?
If I sent this link to him, I am sure he would be on the defensive, so I won’t even bother with that. I’m not looking for a fight.

Hello all,
We have opened a gaming addiction treatment center in Amsterdam. We are seeing many WOW players coming to us that are in real trouble.
We are doing research now into the gaming addiction issue.
We would be very grateful for your stories. We want to post them on our new website about Gaming addiction and ( if you are open to it) maybe ask you some questions for the research.
Contact if you want to. Thanks,
Keith Bakker
Smith& Jones

i am 16 and just wondering if i should start playing wow maybe in a few months time…
i ve been following wow since it came out but have not played it until i think the beginning of last year (it was on a private server and it was quite fun at the beginning but it kinda sucked cos alot of things in private wow dont work properly) so i gave up (private wow) for a while and got back to it another time.
i havent been playing games for months now and i want to play wow…real this time

instead of wanting to stop WOW i want to start playing WOW.
i am 16, and i am wondering if i should start playing wow or not but theres alot of consequences coming after it. i have been following WOW since it came out but havent played it until the beginning of last year where i started playing priv WOW, but it wasn’t that good because lots of spells, quests, functions etc dont work.
so i played it for a period of time then i stopped…and then started again and eventually gave up. but now i want to play the official WOW
i am stil in high school year 10, i have planned if i get WOW, i ll play it for 3 hours, study for 3 hours everyday after school. (i dont study normally anyway, and i just listen to music and daydream.)
do u guys think that will work…or i ll just get so into it that everything will change after i start playing?
the main problem by the way is my parents, they are going to bug me so much and get pissed as soon as i get the game.
i can definately afford the game now i have to dicede WOW/NO WOW

hi, for all the person who don’t want to play wow any more plzz share it with us the people who do anythink to play it but we don’t have eghouth money so plz add me to you contact list and we will talk about it

I have an 18 year old son who is in a situation with his War of Warcraft as well. It is so bad that he is now staying up all night and going to bed at like 7 or 8 in the morning, getting up between 3 and 5 in the afternoon. He has since realized that he has a problem with his sleeping pattern and wants to change it to normal sleeping, ( sleeping when the rest of the world dose ) but I don’t think that quiting the game is an option. I do not know what to do but maybe taking his computor away. Is there someone out there that can me with some advice to help my son?
Wits End!

haha – im a total addict, i do nothing with my life anymore but play wow, i play nearly 15 hous a day. i look at my /played and im past 100days played. Now thats an addiction.

Hi everyone, recently ive managed to convince myself to give up on my tauren warrior because i had realised that all this time being spent on warcraft was the same thing as/ or worse than just sitting in a corner doing nothing for long periods of time. But my best friend Jo-Anne who used to play tenis is now more addicted to WoW than ever. The sad part is that she cant even admit that she plays too much. I’m sure that she would quit if she realised how much time she has wasted that she could have put in other things such as school $ sports. So how can someone realise that this game isnt any good for them?

I was addicted to WOW. It took me a while to put things in perspective. I won’t lie to you. I’ve tried to quit before. After my first character, a 55 Druid, I decided I didn’t want to spend more than 1 hour in the game each day. But come on…this is WOW. You can’t get away with just 1 hour of WOW each day. Thats crazy talk because in reality….1 hour is 2 hours, “oh wait i’ll just play till 9 pm and i’ll get ready for sleep.” It is now 5 AM and I haven’t taken out my contacts for 5 days and haven’t groomed myself properly for 3. Well 1 month later i got back into the game. This time, I don’t know the exact amount of hours I”ve played WOW. I am an undergraduate at a UC school. I’ve failed a quarter of school because I played WOW the whole quarter. The thing with me was…I would rationalize to play. “Well I just got home from school, I’m tired and I’ll just play for an hour.” Doesn’t work that way. Honestly, I’m an active outdoor type of person and this game just KILLLED ME. It was guilty pleasure. I was thinking “oh my god I’ve wasted so much time, i could have solidified myself in Professional School by now….” But no. I am in my 4th year of college. Failed 1 quarter. Acquired C average marks for 1 year. Honestly this was a growing experience for me. I know i had to learn it hte hard way…maybe its because I didn’t learn how to take things into perspective at a young age or learn self-discipline. Who knows, who cares. The thing is…Blizzard Entertainment is genius. They’ve taken a creative idea, Warcraft, and created a game that may as well have ended my ambitions of a Doctorate degree because of the harm done on my undergraduate transcript. What a bottom to hit. Oh well, time to get back up.

I am a WoW Widow. I am always glad to find people that have been able to take a step back and realise the importance of REAL life. Congrats!
(for a scary, yet funny, look into the world of a World of Warcraft addict see “widows’ revenge”, at

I have sadly watched my husband’s addition to gaming/WOW for five years. Our eight year marriage (what marriage?) and four year old son have suffered greatly. My husband is, of course, in denial.
I have clocked his WOW play time at a consistent 55-60 hours per week. Thank you for the /played tip. I will have great screen shots for the divorce lawyer I am retaining.

To all parents who are hoping to limit the time there kids play there is a simple solution. What you need to do is go to the world of warcarft website and logon to childs account.From there there should be a section called parental controls. Here you can set the hours and days which you feel approriate for your kid to play. Now dont get me wrong some kids need to takin off the game all out others let them play for a few hours a day. You need to have more hobbies then wow and sleep dont take no for an answer your the parent so put your fist down.

hi guys
I have played WoW for a week(on a cracked server).
After leveling up to lvl 12, I have to say:This game sucks so much,I wouldnt pay even 50 cents for it.
Seriously people, there is no point in playing this game. Its never going to end. Its a waste of money. Its a waste of time. Its a waste of your life.
Yeah, it can be addictive. You should NOT start playing it.

I’m a game addict as well as many ppl who have posted here. My doom was neverwinter nights, a game that I think has more depth than wow, but that’s not the point.
I have been playing for 3 years. My parents tried to stop me from playing, but I was too stubborn to listen, and they gave up too easily. Now I see it would have been smart to listen to them and stop early. Now listen carefully, I say to all parents: if your child doesn’t listen to you, put your fist down, and make him/her listen, and stop. You are the boss, and for a reason. We kids are idiots. We will do anything that is fun, no matter how much it harms us. We are not smart enough to understand. Put an end to multiplayer games NOW.
Get your kids into music. Much more productive than games, for sure.
ohh, and please someone sue game companies, especially blizzard. I have seen too many good ppl lose lives because of Wow.
ps. I decided to stop playing games a moment before making this post 😀

I have played WoW for over a year now, i am 15 and have a lvl 52 and several other mid level chars, my closest freinds play it alot too. I am constantly changing characters, and am never happy. I am NOW SICK AND TIRED of the game. I no longer have the motivation to get further. My 52 is warrior on hgh pop sever (normal) and i cant be bothered cos i don’t like warriors anymore and ofc its high pop and normal.
I REALLY HATE IT NOW, but i have 7 weeks summer to spare and i don’t know what to do in it… But i REALLY DO NOT WANT to play Wow, i feel like smashing the game case and discs and un-installing. THANKS BLIZZARD.
I have played test serevrs and private, and have no awe in getting to 60, but i want to to say “oh im 60” But nah warrior, and i cant be bothered to get to 60 again…
It’s a curse you can avoid. Just don’t buy it. The difference is other games i play i relax and enjoy, but Wow i feel liek a chore and it takes too long. I AM HOPEFULLY QUITTING THIS ADDICTION

A couple of days ago, I realized I was really, truly Addicted to WoW. Not in the funny haha its a joke way, but in the drugs/alcohol way. I am 28, have 2 young children and a very concerned wife. I have played 8 months, and during this time my time in the game grew from an hour or 2 a day, to an all consuming desire to play every waking moment. I would wake up at 9 a.m. and play till 2 or 3 a.m. I would dream about it, and think about it when I wasn’t playing. During this time, I would do the bare minimum to take care of my family….I spent a lot of time neglecting them. My wife notice this going on,of course, and she asked me to moderate my time played, to help with the kids, to help with the household responsiblities, to pay her attention and spend time with the family. Whenever she brought up the subject of my game playing, I became very defensive and irritable, we would argue over very petty things and I would lash out at her. My marriage was not going well at all, and I couldn’t see that it was *me*, that my behavior was the problem. I thought my wife was just being a nagging bitch, whose only desire was to inconvenience me….a far cry from the loving husband I know I once was.
As I said, I noticed a few days ago that I am an addict. I am *NOT* able to moderate myself, I feel like I have lost control. I looked back at the last few months of my life…looked at how little meaningful interaction I had had with my children and my wife…and I was so ashamed and disgusted with myself. I have always prided myself on my self reliance, my ability to see the truth of things…I always felt that people who were addicted to things alcohol/drugs/smoking were people of weak character. I didn’t even think it was possible to become addicted to a videogame.
I was so wrong.
Luckily, for me and my family, I was able to do some self examination and recognize theses symptoms of addiction that I was exhibiting. This gave me the strength needed to admit I had a problem; a problem that could only be fixed by completely leaving the game. My account is cancelled, and after this post I will be deleting the game from my hard drive. Its really weird, but I have actually experienced some symptoms of withdrawal; the first day of not logging in and telling myself it was over….I had lots of anxiety/felt anxious, my stomach is kind of turning, and I feel nervous. I will still play games, because games in general are not the problem for me….its the MMORPG’s that are the problem because of the open ended/never ending nature of them and the ability to create an online persona who is always accomplishing more and more great things. I had unconsciously given up my ‘real life’ in favor of an online one. Its tough to explain, but I will Never, ever, go near another MMORPG.
As a side note, I paid for my WoW time in 6 month increments. When I decided I could no longer play the game, I had used 1 month of my current 6 month subscription. When I called Blizzard to cancel my account, they refused to refund my 5 months of unused play time. After informing the customer service rep that I had a serious addiction problem and would like to have back my $60 of unused play time, he informed me that there was no way that Blizzard would put back my money on my credit card….though he was helpful enough to tell me that my characters on my account would not be deleted by Blizzard and that I could log in at anytime over the next 5 months and ‘pick-up’ where i’d left off. This kind of leads me to believe they know they have an addictive product and are looking to keep their addicts… Kind of like how a person has a gambling problem and the casino’s that he visited continue to send him ‘perks’ to entice him to come to the casino.
BTW, after calling 2 times and making a stink with the Blizzard rep, I was able to use my unplayed game time to purchase items from their online store. Sorry for the long post, but I thought I’d get the word out from the viewpoint of the addicted husband…and I feel much better for confessing my shame to the world. I do feel better for having quit the game.

I’m certainly a WoW addict. I’m sitting here reading these comments and comparing my own gameplay and I’m amazed at how addicted I guess I must be…
I’ve played the game since Feb 2005. I currently have SIX level 60 characters, and several others lower than that. I play many hours daily, often well into the early hours of the morning. According to the combined /played of all my characters, I’ve been on this game a staggering 159 days, 14 hours. That’s nearly half a YEAR of continuous game play and of my life wasted.
Everything in my life is suffering as a result. My family, my work, my spiritual life.
I don’t know what to do. I just can’t stop. Problem is I haven’t even really tried because I’m so damn GOOD at it.
I hate this game. I don’t know what to do. I’m such a loser.

WoW has become my LIFE all the time 24/7 from the moment I get up to the minute I go to bed I PLAY! I love it so much, but I feel as though its to much and I gotta let go. I dont think I could settle with 4 hours a week when I play 3-12 hours a day. I think I need to let go of it ALL togethe but when you have family who plays you always hear about it no matter what. Some How I wanna give it up but I really am Not sure how. I raid on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Tuesdays. Every Week I would rather raid than go to the movies with my friends or anything like that and I really need to just give it up for GOOD. I just dont know how.

I’ve lost my boyfriend to World of Warcraft. He started playing the game for a year and a half now. Sure, I thought it was just a game, as we all needed free time to ourselves.
About 4 months after playing the game, I realized that he started playing the game more excessively, to the point were he only sleeps about 2 hours a day if even that, he doesn’t shower, or brush his teeth for days. If he has to use the bathroom, he’ll go in a bottle. It’s gotten to the point were we don’t talk anymore or spend time with each other. When I do ask him to stop playing the game, he’ll get upset with me. When we planned on going out to dinner, I would have to wait until he’s done with the game and it usually takes up to couple of hours. Then I end up cooking and eating alone.
We don‚Äôt eat dinner together, the few times that he does eat; it‚Äôs in front of his computer. He became very abusive, physically and emotional towards me, there we even times when I tried hurting myself to get his attention. He doesn’t care, he even said he hope I would just die.
He‚Äôs so into the game that he doesn‚Äôt care whether I‚Äôm hurting or not. He lied to me that he terminated the game several times. Sometimes I woke up at 2 or 3 in the morning just to find out that he‚Äôs playing the game. It hurts me deeply to know that he lied to me so many times about not playing the game, and the worse part is that he has no shame or guilt about lying to me. He’ll do whatever it takes to play….WHATEVER IT TAKES!
He blames me for everything; he’ll pick a fight just so he can play the game. I got so upset onetime that I smashed his computer to stop him from playing. I got beat up pretty badly for it, he went out the next day to buy another computer.
I am starting to realize that there is nothing I can do about it and have decided to move on with my life without him, after 13 years with him. I‚Äôll never forget the last few hurtful words he said to me before leaving. But I don‚Äôt wish him any ill will, just hope that he can somehow get himself out of the mess he has created for himself. He was very ambitious, always wanting to go far in life. And now he throws his whole life away for a game. It’s hard for me to let go. Some days are better then others, most of the times I cried myself to sleep. With all the anger and hurt I felt inside, I prayed to GOD that I will somehow get through this. I know this time, I’ve lost him for good.

I used to play runscape somthing similar to war craft but not as bad so i know the addiction and the shaking and constantly wanting to play and playing it 12 hours strait no food or water it messed up my life my grades every thing i was constantly thinging about it the same time i was playing i was getting ready for a move to taiwan it did make me a little les depresed about the move but more depresed when i was not playing i got into fights with my principal becouse of it and im not a bad kid i just had a problem with me moving and runescape combined but still it was imposible to quit with a lvl 126 called the old nite doing so well is still hard even as it messed me up more and more i hant stop thanks to a strip of pure luck a month ago my guy was hacked and at first i was realy depressed spending a lot of time in my room thinking about him but know im over that and ill problebly do better when my taiwan school starts in 10 days
but know im thinking of starting wow but the question is will it mess up my life again? or will it be just a side game i play maybe i can get my dad to to a parental control of an hour a day or maybe ill get so adicted that i steal the password and turn parrent control off please somone give me a word of advice on the matter.
P.S please excuse the bad grammer and punctuation like the fact that theres only one period in the whole thing

Hello, again!
A few days ago my friend gave me the trial version of WoW.
My plan was to try and play it casually.This is how it went down…
Day 1 – Installed the game at about 6pm, started playing at approx. 7:30,played for two hours.
Day 2 – Started playing at about 7pm and played for one and a half hours.My Rogue is now lvl 7.
Day 3 – I started playing at 5pm,played for one hour, got pissed,called myself an Idiot and uninstalled the game.
There is no way you are going to balance your real life and WoW. If you want to be a recognized member, you need to play 24/7.

Easy this one:
Sell items
Give away gold
Delete software
Shut down pc
Walk away

thank you guys so much i almost bought that game and i listened to ppl’s stories and i got scared so scared my friend quit when i showed him this page and now we are going to do more constructive things.

ok this may seem little stupid idea but if u really wanna play wow and have a life set the parental lock on yourself…. u may laf at the idea but i could work for you imagine u set it for 1-2 hours a day maybe 3 on weekends then you’d do fine when you got dissconnected you turn off your computer and do something constructive ( that may require you to turn your computer back on lol 😉 )

I am addicted, but I do not think it is unhealthy.
I recently recieved a letter from a friend saying how she worried, citing the recent case where I neglected to go out to dinner with friends, and then did not join them for a movie afterwards.
What she did not mention, however, was the fact that the day afterwards I _did_ go out with friends, and the day before I was on WoW for only a few hours, and had spent the majority of the day with a friend who had come in to town.
Everyone feels sick when they spend time on wow, saying how many great things they could be doing. Really? Honestly? What would you truly be doing? Watching TV, most likely, or playing a different game. Even incredibly social people tend to spend their free time with passive entertainment.
The problem comes in perception of priorities. For me, WoW is as important as my friends. Not more — if it were more, that would be true addiction — and not less. I actively put forth an effort to do other things, and by spending quality time with others I don’t feel guilty by playing WoW. I am by nature an introvert — I do not like social situations. But I go with them time and again because I love my friends and I love spending time with them. But when I spend a week at work and with friends, I should not be chastised for spending a day on WoW.
It is all about self-awareness. If you realize how much you play WoW, you can cut back, or you can play more. If you recognize the quality of your time with friends and others, then you can enjoy the quality of WoW as well. Quitting is pointless — another mindless diversion invariably would get in the way.
To be honest, WoW helped me learn PHP. My desire to make a good page for my guild spurred me to read tutorials and start work, and my work is still progressing.
I know a lot of people truly are addicted. I know I play more than often. But the difference between addiction and mere focus is one of intention: an addict puts his addiction above all things. WoW is equal to all things. The perception of society is that games have to come last, that people are more important. But what if the game has people? What then? I say to give them as fair a chance as anyone else. It may piss off some social groups, but seriously: imagine someone asked you out on a date, and you agreed, and in the middle of it that person left halfway through because they got a phone call to see a movie?

Tom, I am so happy to have found this site. My husband has himself convinced that he is not addicted to Wow. He goes to work and comes home makes sure he does all the little chores around the house. Pats the kids on the head and starts his 6-9 hour raid…on friday, I wake up to him playing sat mornings, he says he has to check his mail and spends another 3-5 hours having team meetings? It is so bad that he made charators for my 6 yr old son and my 8yr old daughter to play with him. It is sad to say that at times I walk by him (plugged in) as I see it and I want to take a bat to my computer…I once tried to uninstall the game and didn’t succeed….he put a password lock so I can’t get onto the computer with out him… If he does not stop, I might have to leave him with his wow and start a real life without him….

My soon to be ex-husband and I are recovering WoW addicts. We both quit cold turkey when our marriage fell appart. We both raided and had several lvl 60 characters and were playing 50+ hours weekly. My advice to anyone considering to play this game is to stay far away from it. It is highly addictive. And those of you who are playing and have families you need to quit now before it contributes to the loss of what is really important to you.

Kids addicted? Take the computer. End of story. It’s that simple. Be a parent.
I am a parent & quit after reaching level 60. Raiding is the only thing to do after that point and it just takes way too much time. The point that got me to quit was when a friend told me to make sacrifices in RL if I wanted to raid. I said no, I’m not going to sacrifice my family for a game.

There are a lot of really great comments on here which really make me think. I have a 60 druid that goes to MC, Ony, AQ, ZG, etc. I have worked my way up in the ranks that now I am an officer in the guild and attendance is becoming more and more demanding to these raids. My guild raids on weekdays, leaving the weekend open (but it usually ends up with small “just for fun” raids) I am at work 10 hours a day, and i spend about 5 hours each night or more, probably 10 hours or more on weekends. I know I’m not getting enough sleep, but my reasoning is that I worked all day, why can’t i just relax and have some fun? It’s summer holidays, not school, I shouldn’t have to worry right? After reading these posts I’m starting to wonder if these habits will pursue through university. I went and made my boyfriend start playing too (because I was always secluded at my computer and I wanted to spend some time with him somehow). He is just starting university this fall… I hope I am not going to distract him from his school either, since he is so excited about it.
I am pretty sure I am addicted to Wow, right now it’s pretty harmless (I go out, work, eat, etc.) and I’m having tons of fun; yet I feel guilty.

okay so my boyfriend
kyle plays wow
all the time
and hes like obcessed with it and stuff
but he says hes not
but he really is
so anyways
he needs to stop

I am currently a wow player but i feel that i have it under controll. only about like an hour a day maybe unless i get in an instance. I am posting this coment for my friend. He despratly neeeds help. I was recently reading an article in readers digest about some1 who could not stop playing wow. THe explanation for this was that in some people playing
video games releases dopamine a chemical that makes you feel good and is produced in the body naturaly. As with any substance you can be addicted to it which brings me to my friend. I feel that he is despratly dependent on playing wow for the dopeamine. He no longer sees any of his friends. His grades have droped dramaticly (straight A’s to c’s d’s and f’s). And worst of all wen we force him out to hang with us he can no
lonnger function regularly in a social enviornment. One example is we brought him to a friends house for an all night party and as soon as he got there he complained that he NEEDED WOW.
If you have any sugestions on how i can confront my friend about his addiciton you can e-mail them to me at

I’ve been addicted for almost 2 years but I dont know what else I would do with all my spare time if I quit..

can i have the account???? i really want it because i have been playing for 2years and i am only lv 59 that is why i really really want it.

Here are some tips on how to keep ur wow addiction under controll.
-If you have a sn for aim or some other kind of instant messageing system leave that up with a away msg that ses to call u or just without one. So if some1 wants to hang out your always available.
-wen starting to play the game have an understanding of how much time it would take to
get “epiced out” and know that you dont have
to have leet gear to have fun
-play the game to have fun not just cuz u think you need to lvl. grinding is hands down one of the most boaring thing to do in that game so i just dont do it. + instances can be fun if your with ppl u like or friends from rl.
-Stick with one-two characters. Its easy to create another alt and spend days getting to it to lvl 20 or so and than never play it again. I find that if u stick with one character you will lvl them faster and have a more fun time.
-If you feel that your addiction is getting way out of controll i would hand your account information to a trusted friend, husband, wife, ect. Have them put a limit on the amount of wow time you can play. Haveing the controll not to go in and change it yourself is up to you.
-If you are really serious about quitting the best way is to lean off it gradualy. Selling/delieting and acout will not work untill you are ready to give up the game. Try a “trial separation” Quit for a week and try to have something fun to do every day like going out with friends. I think you will find that at the end of the week you will want to play less.
I hope those tips help alot of you out there who are in search of self help. If you know a friend that is addicted to wow but wont admit it here are some ways that you can give them a nudge in the right direction.
-I found that wen i showed my friend from my previous coment this wep sight he started to think differently about his time spent on wow. Web sights can be an important reality check or help resource for those in need.
-Confront them about the addiction with a group of friends or people. THis can help them see how manny people are affected by their addition.
-I know that you may be mad about their addiction but i can not stress this enough. YELLING AT AN ADDICT DOES NOT WORK. You need to be calm and true when you are talking to them.
-Finaly if the best way to lean them off the game is to show them what else they could be doing. I have found that most people that play the game wouldnt know what to do with the spare time they would have if they quit. Show them that being in the real world is alot more fun than being emersed in a fantasy world.
I hope this will help alot of people as they have all helped me in helping one of my good friends.

i had a decked out high end lvl 60 warrior…93 days invested …nuff said lol…sold my account tho and happy about it…
you can hang out with bitches
play an instrument
workout at gym
job…save money
and if ur really just bored at home…you can fucking clean ur house u lazy piece of shit…instead of socializing via a fucking video game chat window….kkthx

What is the real problem here? Games and addiction are some things that have always existed. Remember what people like this did before the internet??? They played cards and board games, watched TV or played other computer games every night. At least WoW is an activity that involves others which is far better than passively watching TV or god forbid sitting alone and drinking or drug use. Most people here seem to be able to hold down a job or go to school and even find time for other activities. So what is the HUGE problem here with peeps enjoying video games in their down time. Everyone needs down time and whats SO BAD about playing a game? There are many other ways to spend this time which are far less productive, and I don‚Äôt know anyone out saving the world during a time they choose to relax, saving the world is for working hours and that‚Äôs why we work. So what does the rest of the world do with their time off that makes them SO MUCH BETTER than those of us WoW players??? Other hobbies‚Ķlet me see‚Ķ making models ‚Äì what the hell for? Extra junk for your room, playing other games? What is everyone else doing with their time that is SO much better than WoW that has them accomplishing SO much more??? Learning a language or instrument ‚Äì now that‚Äôs practical but are you ever going to use it ‚Äì probably never? Even then that‚Äôs an activity to stimulate not to relax and games are for fun and relaxing, we all need to relax. Hanging out with friends‚Ķ so what do you actually do together? Watch TV go to movies, go out for dinner? Why not work as a team and create a strategy to drop Onyxia? Wow your having fun with friends and learning new skills rather than passively watching someone else‚Äôs activities ‚Äì like watching sport on TV??? Accomplishing nothing and passively watching once again! An addict to WoW in IMO is far better off than a couch potato, model maker, TV- Movie viewer, sports fan, drug/alcohol addict, which out of their boredom seem to be able to accomplish no more in life but have SO much time to whine about those of us playing a fun game. If you really don‚Äôt want to play WoW anymore then play something else? You obviously like having fun while you relax so find something else you enjoy equally but RELAX. There are deeper issues for those that can’t play and have fun but thats not WoW’s fault, thats your own issues which could present themselves in any activity and these people need to seek help for themseves. They don’t NEED people telling them WoW is bad its other issues that are the real problem. There really is no problem here with playing WoW!

wtf man youre 14 and your goal is to play less when you go to COLLEGE? you really want to still be playing wow in 5 years?

Im 15 and I played WoW for about 2 months, but after a while it got boring doing the same quests over an over again. Also there are much better things to do in your life besides play a computer game 24/7.

I’m a 19 year old guy in college. Played the game for about 28days, got a lvl 60 Warlock with almost full Tier2 epic gear. Was playing WoW about 40 hours a week, which is pretty much required by ubber guildes. Recently I just quit the game, cold turkey. It ruins social life and not to metion your physical health. Went from a workout junkie to sitting infront of the computer all day, some life. For those of you that play WoW none stop I highly doubt you are in good shape and are buckled down with all of the other aspects of Real Life. Im done with WoW and will not play any more none-ending games. Honestly when will it end?? They will always give new gear and new instances, you will be on the verge of quiting then they will release new content which you have to beat.
Im back to skating, working out, and practicing Muay Thai. Feeling good and releaved I don’t have to get online at specific times to raid. Get out there in Real Life and do things that others cannot and you will be great.
Quite while your ahead now preferably, become someone great in Real Life and not in some video game.

My friends are and have been stuck in this game for what seems like 2 years.. they don’t go out.. they come over and then user my laptop to Raid and then sit there until 4am on Vetrillo..
Basically… right at this moment I have two friends over.. and they are Raiding.. for once they don’t have Vent open so I can talk to them.. (rare when they are in WoW).
As I said.. they have been like this for what I feel like is 2 years… when will it end?
1) Its shafted their social life.. one of the friends has put off meeting girls because he wouldn’t have time to as he was raiding… the other friend just doesn’t seem interested in girls any more (worrying?)
2) Its shafted my social life.. I need to find new friends because these ones are pointless.
3) It changes the way they eat.. some evenings when they come over.. I cook and they don’t even eat.. because they cant leave the game to go and eat! One regularly talks to me on ICQ saying he hasn’t eaten the previous day..
4) Its upsetting their families.. The mother of one of my friends is getting annoyed with the time he spends in the game.. and the father is almost angry with rage at the time his son is spending in the game..
5) It IS affecting their job and education.. The above persons parents think the son (my friend) dropped out of University because of Wow.. and having seen the amount he plays.. I think its possible too (although he would never admit to it). He also 2 months after leaving uni.. has not put any effort into getting a job.
However.. out of all of this I can see good sides.
1) At least they are not out getting drunk.. or doing drugs (which one friend did before WoW!).
2) They are saving money.. (as going out etc.. costs more than GBP 8 a month for WoW) and the one who did drugs does seriously need to save money… so I suppose its stopping him do dugs and adding to the money he needs to pay off debts.
I’m still not sure what’s best.. Normal friends who do stupid things.. or friends who are “sucked into the Matrix/WoW”?
One of the saddest things is I do not feel I can talk to them about this.. when you bring it up they just play it off as if they don’t mind and there is nothing wrong.. and when their parents shout at them they also just avoid the subject 🙁
–About me:
I’ve played wow – I have an account which I pay for every 3 months or so when I want to use up a weekend.. I don’t find it interesting but sometimes its entertaining (PvP etc..).
I spend most of my time on a computer still but I fart about with my email, listen to online radio, look up technical stuff like how aircraft work and programming html etc.. generally I think im a learning freak :D.. I play games and have the nagging feeling I Should be doing something more constructive to my life.
I also really enjoy the company of others.. and as my GF is abroad for 7 months.. I wish my 2 friends who play WoW friends were slightly more normal.

I too got sucked into this game. I’m in my 30’s, an executive, have 4 kids, and a marriage of 15 years. I played this game for about 6 months and had a lvl 60 and lvl 45 character. While I won’t say that my career was really in jeopardy, it was definitely impacted. My time with my kids was definitely reduced and they felt it. My time with my wife was impacted as well.
Bottom line is this: this game requires big time commitments, more than you should reasonably be willing to give it. Especially at higher levels, you will find that sitting down to play will always chew up 4+ hours at least. It was _designed_ to be addictive and hard to stop. Period.
Don’t play it. Play something else (something with an ending) or begin a hobby that will enrich you as a person, or give back to others or both. I absolutely guarantee you will be a happier person for it.
If you are currently stuck playing it and feel like you can’t stop… ask a spouse, friend or parent to help you to break away. Odds are that they will be _delighted_ to do so. Spend time doing new or forgotten favorite things instead, limit time on the game, and then stop. I did it and you can too. Eventually you won’t miss it and will wonder how you ever could have spent that much time on something so pointless.
Good luck and much happiness.

Do what I’ve just done:
1) Wake up and realise you are pissing your life down a drain.
2) Cancel account, strip all your gear and sell it then give the money away, then…
3) DELETE all your characters.
Now there is absolutely no incentive to ever return to the hell that is WoW even if Blizz (very cunningly for them) never actually remove my account from their servers.
WoW is evil, pure and simple.

I’ve found it to be a repetitive cycle of addiction. People migrate from one MMORPG to the next. Using an example i played Dark Age of Camelot for nearly 4 years before giving WOW a 2 Year before realizing i spent way to much time online. Get up and WOW it up with your morning coffee. Playing 4-6 hours per day weekdays and sometimes 7am-3am on weekends sometimes forgetting to eat is definately an addiction.
I mean come on how many million NPC monsters can a person kill *laughs* evidently for me 300 gazillion. I no longer play and to be honest its a life change.. I gave up my nicotine and gaming addiction at the same time. I’m Doomed lol 🙂
Gaming addiction is definately for real and it it does destroy relationships.

i hate this game. i wish that it would be outlawed. my 22 year old boyfriend spends his every waking minute to play this game. he blows off his classes, he doesn’t eat dinner with me, if i talk to him while hes playing he screams at me “he’s in the middle of something” he doesn’t do anything but play his game, sleep, and occasionally go to class. its absolutely pathetic

I’m a 14 year old girl, that goes to Stromlo High school. I’ve been with a really great guy twice and the reason for both of them ending was WoW…He told me i would act higher than him because he plays and hang out with people who play WoW. For all the high skl boys out there that play WoW and have an awesome girlfriend who really cares about them, GET THE FUCK OFF WOW AND START SPENDING TIME WITH THEM. It’s not fair. They love you so much. Don’t get offended if they tell you your playing to much because its probably right. and how many of you can’t say you’ve taken off days of school or work to play the game or have forgotten important days because WoW has taken over your life. One of the worst moments of my life was when i found out my guy had gotten a horse…how sad is that. He cared more about the game than me. Please, i beg you, appreciate your girlfriend because if she is smarter than i was, she’ll realise your a waste of her time!

What’s wrong with our lives that we need to do this? i’m 53 yrs old. Does that make me the oldest WOW addict here? I deleted my account and uninstalled the game to show my partner that the it wasn’t more important than her. I didn’t delete my character and a month later I reactivated and reinstalled. I don’t spend all my time playing, my elf hunter is only level 41, but I spend way too much of it that way. Coming in immediately after work I fired up the game and only found this site because the servers were down and I googled up some WOW links.
There is something, some potential in RPGs that draws me back. That potential has to do with living in an adventure like Narnia or LOTR, with being heroic (without the real world costs), with exploring and co-creating a world that is strange and exotic. I don’t think we can ever find that in WOW because we remain consumers not really co-creators and what we are offered is often delicious looking but not strange enough – however because we are looking for these things we are drawn back. I need a better game or else to seek/create the heroic, strange and exotic in real life. I talking myself into a character delete. I’ll do it. Just not yet …

I am a WOW addict less than 24-hours into recovery. I have cancelled my account, removed the game from my computer, and broken all of the game CD’s to prevent me from reinstalling it. (Yes, undoubtedly I should have deleted all of my characters before uninstalling the game, but I didn’t think of that before breaking the CD’s, so I have no way of deleting them now.)
After reading all of the entries here, I’m struck by the lack of understanding by some of the people about what an addiction really is. The people who say, “I played it for a couple of months, decided that wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life, so stopped playing it” were never really addicted! Because, in a true addiction, you may want to quit very badly, but you find you simply can’t.
True addiction means that, even when the game gets to the point where it’s really, truly and honestly no fun anymore, you still can’t stop playing it.
I can honestly say that, for well over the past month, the game has been only frustration, and NOT fun, for me. Yet I continued to play.
For a real addict, there is no such thing as cutting down. You either play compulsively or you find a way to make it impossible to play at all (and pray that it works).
An addict does not look at his screen and think to himself, “I don’t want to do this so much anymore” and, as a result, cuts down on his play-time. An addict may look at his screen and think, “What am I doing? WHY in God’s name am I doing this?” But continues to play. (He may attempt to cut down, but those attempts are short-lived at best.) Those thoughts don’t matter until he truly hits rock bottom and finally takes the steps required to stop entirely.
Yes, I’m hoping that knowing the fact that I’d have to go purchase another game will make me stop and think about my addiction long enough that I will chose NOT to do that. But I’m also fully prepared to remove the internet from my home entirely if that doesn’t work. (I mean, WOW addicts only use the internet to check their e-mail once a week, and to play WOW. OK, so I don’t have e-mail for a while. Far better than allowing myself to maintain this addiction.)
Yes, just like alcoholism or drug addiction, I finally am willing to honestly state that I will “go to any lengths” in order to stop this addiction.
Yes, I am an addict. Yes, I am a VERY newly “recovered” addict (less than 24 hours). Yes, I am serious as a heart attack about breaking my addiction. My house has not been cleaned in over six months, my lawn has only been mowed twice this summer, my flower beds are choked with weeds, my treadmill sits gathering dust, and my most recent journal entry is dated April 5, 2006. (Thank God I’m disabled so I am not facing the certain lack of a job I would have undoubtedly exprerienced.) I’m looking forward to getting my life back.
But the point I wanted to make here what that it’s not even remotely helpful to true addicts for people to post here about how they cut back on their play time, or just decided to stop playing, etc., and to advise addicts to do the same. People that are able to do that are not true addicts to begin with.
For those people whose posts show that they truly are addicts: I do feel your pain. I’m determined to break free of this addiction, and I pray that you can, too.
P.S. For those who have children addicted to this game: forget the “parental controls.” Forget trying to limit the amount of play time. (I can’t count the number of times, at 4:00 a.m. I’ve received “tells” from “WOW-friends” that were in their early teens. Their parents didn’t know they were awake and on-line, of course.) It’s gonna take some pretty “tough-love” to break your kid of this. To the woman who said her kid wouldn’t go to school if she took his computer away from her: Ma’am, there are civil authorities who will MAKE your kid go to school. And, at any rate, once the addiction is broken, your kid will break down and go. Far better that he flunk a year — if that’s what it takes — than allowing the addiction to continue. I have no sympathy for parents that don’t want to inconvenience themselves by giving up their home internet connection, but also want to complain about how their kid is addicted to WOW. You NEED to make it totally impossible for that kid to play. And if that means turning off the internet and taking away the computer, there it is.

I no longer have a relationship with my wife and son because of World of Warcraft. They spend every free moment playing this game and interacting with their online friends, I am alone in my own house.

OK guys heres the thing ya it takes awhile to hit 60 and ya you play all the time and thats all you do!but when u hit 60 and just raid ur not on all the time ur just on when ur guild sets u raids so ur on for 2-3 hours at a i guess what im trying to say is that its goin to take a long ass time to hit 60 but once u do ur game play slows way down because all ur doin is raiding not doin quest after quest or instance after instance…thats just what i have come to realize..but ur right it takes a hell of a long time to hit 60 haha

HOw do I get my fiance to stop playing?? I understnad that he should take personal time to do things he wants to do but enough is enough. He graduated college in May and still is unemployeed. If he spent just one fourth of the time looking for a job as he does WOW he would have had a job months ago. I wouldnt care how much he played if he went to work and wanted to spent the rest of the night playing. Unlike the original post our relationship and his work is being affected. We are engaged and he is jobless spending at least 8 hours of the day playing. HEELPPP

I’ve been a WoW addict for about 2-3 years now, having leveled 3 characters to 60 and progressing one of those characters so far that I have some of the best epics in the game. I quit because I go up north for summer vacation which is away from home, however I’ve been off the game for approximately 2 months now. My life has taken a big hit during those 2 years of WoW addiction… I’ve been overweight, my school grades were borderline, and my relationship with my family was almost nothing.
Recently I have been having urges to going back and starting to level a Tauren Hunter for some reason. I want to go back casually however I am afriad I’m going to get hooked again like I used to be. For a while now I’ve been cold turkey and my life quality is improving. I find that there is more time for things and I workout in the Gym now and have already lost some signifigant weight. The problem is when I have nothing to do and I get bored I feel the need to start playing WoW again. It’s a drug. I’m not sure if I’m going to resub…

I hate this game. My family is coming undone. I have lost touch with all my old friends.
I am in my 30s, 2 kids, wife, good job, nice house, and I feel like such a loser. I have a level 60 rogue and I am in a raiding guild. I do not even enjoy the game any longer but I continue to log in for all the raids.
I have been debating all day on quitting the game. Although I only have 42 days played (on my main) that is a terribly long block of life. I used to enjoy fly fishing, running, hiking, and camping. Now I don’t do any of these things. I arrange any family outing so as to be back home in time to raid. Its pathetic.
I am determined to quit and I thank you guys for posting your stories (so many similarities). I am just so scared to hit that delete key. It took me months to get a regular raiding spot and my gear is just rockin. Oh the agony… I hate this fucking game. You know whats sad? My 11 year old son asking me to come outside and shoot hoops with him, but do I? Oh noooo, Were about to engage Chrommagus or some other such bullshit.
Waste of time, and NO, its not the same as whatever else you would be doing (watching TV, reading, or whatever else). You know why? Because those activities can be enjoyed together with your family and/or friends. WoW is a selfish game. It requires ALL OF YOU. I dont even hear my wife talking to me most of the time. I hope its not too late to restore things with her….
Good luck to all of you

I have been playing for about 3 months im am lvl 32 i am really like it i would not like to let it go tho.I am not addicted it is a good game you should be able to go on.Time so once i start playing and get hooked i stop for about two days.

I have been playing for about 3 months im am lvl 32 i am really like it i would not like to let it go tho.I am not addicted it is a good game you should be able to go on.Time so once i start playing and get hooked i stop for about two days.

Ive been playing WOW for just over 6 months now and i think its safe to say i have a problem. My guild raids between 5-6 nights a week for between 5-6 hours a night. We are a lvl 60 end-game guild with MC, ZG, BWL and AQ20/40 on farm status. We are now enterting into Naxxramas and things are really starting to get bad. People are getting really burnt out and we have had a lot of people leave recently. It seems as though the more time i spend playing, the more i cant stop. I know i have to stop playing. Hopefully i can 🙁

People.. show some self control! WoW is a fun game!! If you have nothing better to do then playing WoW is fine. Manage ur time 🙂
Alliance FTW!

Sometimes people need help in controlling the amount of time they spend playing? Not just WoW, but for all other things/games as well.
WoW is a fun game, but it’s got a lot of addictive qualities…it’s inherently reinforcing and you need to work for your rewards (which don’t come by on a fixed schedule).
One of the ways to stop oneself from playing so much when you’re addicted (good sign of telling how you’re on the way there or already addicted – “*twitch* I wanna play WoW/RO/whatevergame even though I have an exam tomorrow which I’ve not studied for!”) is to delete the desktop icon (prevents easy access, and hopefully out of sight out of mind? [yeah right]) and maybe set up a log keeping track of the number of hours you spend playing a day versus the number of hours spent doing stuff that you actually need to do. That’s what I’m doing for myself now so that I get to see how bad it is.

I am a WOW addict and have gone cold turkey about a month ago. I was also in the situation where I actually didn’t enjoy playng anymore but kept going.
To stop i gave away all my gold and sold all my stuff. I have had 10 lvl 60s and although I have stopped and deleted all gear, inside I still feel the deep urge to play. This morning (actually since i stopped) I got up around 6 and I found myself searching the web for a new game “like WOW” and actually thinking about reinstalling.
I came across this website by accident, but would advise anybody thinking about starting this game not too. This website has some sad stories on it (mine being one)but it has value and I have found strenght within it not to start over in the destructive cycle.
I have been playing for some two years and can honestly say nothing good has come from it. Social life gone and every waking moment is about WOW.
Even now I am suffering from withdrawl and have to find a place for myself in the real world.
While I am typing this I am looking at the box of the game and I will break the discs. I am actually so attached to the game I could not throw away the box.
This is really sad….

Ok I can’t break the discs….but will go at it one day at a time and will not start playing again…..

i just think all of u WOWers jus need a good ole ass whuupin..yes..ass whipping…I have read stories of ppl killing someone with a clawhammer over those stupid fucking MMOs. id like to play em mabey but…i wouldnt wanna toss my granny down the staris over it (true story).. mabey its just how i was raised, i would have got my ass kicked for over reacting over such things and doing nothing buy play WOW..ever heard of the -gamer widows-? ridiculous? im glad im not addicted cause u have just surrenderd yourself to total nothingness. P.S. please, if u have any children at home, please.. please remember to feed them and dont negletct them like the souless lvl 47 dwarven pally that u may become..

yes i sorta understand what this guy is sayin
but the last post was meen and totaly immature
some WoWers notice the time they have played and play HEALTHY (like not alot)
but like 1 of my freinds (i acidentaly got him into games and i TOTALY regret it) he laggs some times and he is incredably bad he like throws a fit (like screems so loud well actully he just gets realy mad)
theres a sight that is like funney 2 watch its
then when u get there type at the search bar
angry german kid
its bad if u think were is his mom?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?
but hes sorta is like that well im just saying playing WoW is O.K.if u play it HEALTHY

hey guys i have been kind of addicted for a year now playing around 7 hours on weekends and 1 to 2 hours on weekdays but over that year 1 have i played i have came to realise that if u have a lot of self control in ur self to be able to limit ur self. I am 13 but i know about accidtion play at nights around 7 to 10 i mean rly its not that hard if u clever. take all things into moderation i mean ok 3 hours is qauiet a lot but its not gonna kill u and if ur sensible u may be able to keep that time limet so that u will still have the life u had be4 hand and still be able to play wow.
Word of warning though u start trying to add more time say 3 hours and u tell ur self oh well 30 mins more wont change a thing at the end ull start to relise that ull wanna play more than 3 hours and a half much more……..
so i bid u all a good life and plz if u clever but dont wanna abandone wow just follow the path i have chosen i find that at night my life is still very fun and still have a fantasic relation ship with my family and my friends
good luck to all u addcits and try to get well as soon as possible.

I lost my best friend to WoW. He started playing about 18 months ago and I have not seen him in about 6. From what I hear he quit his job to take an IT gig that would allow him to work from home. I hear he now plays 20 hours a day. When I knew him he played about 8. Last time I went to his place I had to leave because of the smell. He hadn’t showered and rotting garbage was everywhere. Plus I was bored because he was playing WoW. I just left and never went back. Folks, if this isn’t classic addiction then I don’t know what is. He is 28 years old and his own man at least. I can’t imagine what some of the parents of teens on here must be going through. My advice would be to simply never allow your child to play video games ever. No system and no CPU games. I’m 28 and was well aware of NES and PS growing up but my parents never allowed me to have them. It sucked especially when NES came out but looking back it was one of the best parental moves my folks ever made.

I posted a while back as:
“Tom at September 2, 2006 9:45 PM”
Just an update / comment.
I am supposed to get a house tomorrow – finally taken the plunge into the property market..
My friend agreed to join me tonight at my old house and help me move in tomorrow.. I turned up at 8pm and was told that he couldnt answer the door (via ICQ on my PDA while I was asking him to let me in)… Finally his dad came to the door and let me in!
Got upstairs and he was in the middle of a raid or something.
Its now 11.45pm and we STILL have not left to go to my current house. he is STILL in a raid with a million peoples names on his screen and headset on.
I am so so so so so so bored stupid sitting here on my laptop…. ARGH.
Its not like he has offered to “leave” and then re-join this never ending raid later when we get back to my old house… I cant even speak to him as he has the headphones on and is ventrillo’ing it..
Pointless game.. utterly pointless.. never ending soul destroying and friend losing game.
Although today he did say that he is bored all day every day… why play then?

thank you everyone for telling your stories.
Im an addict. I haven’t played in 6 months. I am doing great in work, school and family life.
Yet I have spent the last two days wanting to play again. (which would require re-buying the game).
This thread has helped me to see my addictive behaviour. esp the posts from the WoW widows. at this point I would not play again just for my wife’s sake.
but it is hard, so fucking hard.
peace and love.

I have a friend addicted to WoW. Not really a good friend but a kid who I feel like I have to be friendly with because he lives next door. He is a total mess but you know what he does what he wants to do. Here is the bottom line about WoW players. They are 99.999% nerds. Since the beggining of time nerds have found things to do that involve no physical activity and are based on fantasy. Today it’s a high tech video game where as before it was board games like DD and before that it was compulsive reading or drawing. Nerds are smart people even if they do withdraw so much it kills their grades. Parents shouldn’t worry too much. Your kid is a nerd. Try to embrace it. He may be flunking out of school but a smart kid is a smart kid. He may not go to Harvard and play football like you wanted but maybe ITT Tech instead. No shame in that.
I can tell you that I don’t even have a Playstation. I’m probably considered a jock and do jock activities on the weekends. For instance last weekend we got so bored that we went around stealing beer and food from people who leave their garage door open at night. The point is no matter what you do kids get bored. WoW might actually be a decent alternative.
As far as wives go I feel bad for you but you married a nerd. You probably knew that going in and liked it which is why you didn’t end up with that one boyfriend with the Harley. My advice to you is to have an affair lol.

If you want to make a record of hours player you should use xfire,that logs all your gaming info to a tag or banner that you can post on forums etc,im currently playing in a high skilled Call of Duty 2 clan and unfortunatly a few of our members have taken up WOW,i look at their xfire profile and see they are playing around 90 hours a week…that is way too much time.Anyway,go install xfire,its like msn for gamers.

I’m not only a WoW addict, I’m a blizzard addict. I’ve been addicted to Blizzards games ever since warcraft 1. I’ve played Diablo 1 and Diablo 2, I still play starcraft at least 10 times a month, but by far, my greatest addiction is to WoW. I tried to quit one month ago, but failed. I reinstalled and renewed my subscription. I really hate myself for the countless hours I have spent playing blizzard games…I could have been a brain surgeon or a nuclear physists if i directed my energies toward something usefull

I just quit. Blizzard retains your characters indefinitely. You don’t have to pay just to keep your characters. If you ever change jobs or win the lotto and have a bunch of time on your hands, you can start back you subscription.
Glad to be rid of this game…. for now.

WoW is pure evil!
One thing makes me stop playing WOW is the fact that IT DOESNT REQUIERES SKILLS AT ALL, its all about of repetitive gridding, specific task in a party and having the better gear. Of course to be a “good” player you need insane amounts of times. I have beeing playing games since the first Nintendo, and it always was fun, really some long night with friends while child playing mario kart and stuff.. but it wasnt like this, u just move on to the streets to keep playing there. Those games dont have the dark aura that WoW has. I keep playing games just weekends with long time friends , we play Warcraft III or Counter Strike a games tha actually requires some skills, some strategic thinking and teamwork, aint saying they are productive or they are gonna make you a better person, cos they WONT!! but anyways they are games that you can play for and 1hr have fun and then Move on!!
the poin is that u can buy warcraft III, counter strike or even battlefield and just play it with people who has years playing it, and you will be in even circunstances, Theres no LVLS there just skills, now thats a game! the fact of WoW you have to “work” to reach some virtual status to play in an even match, thats not a game..

Most of these posts I have read read so true to my own expersinces with WoW. I played for about 3-4 months and would do everything I could to play I racked up about 20 days of playing.
The game itself is amazing and is such a release from the world we all live in – maybe that is much of the appeal. Life can be crap sometimes and the stress of work/play can be demanding and I found myself emersing myself in the gameplay to avoid these issues – a life within a life.
It is not a game that can be played for 1-2 hours once or twice a week, it demands so much more time. My work and realtionships started to suffer and something needed to change.
I went cold turkey, deleted all my characters (it felt like deleting something of myself because of the invested time) deleted my account erased all record of the game. It had to be done.
I still think of playing WoW, wandering around the immense world and the fantasy of playing, but I remind myself it is not real and my time can be so much more rewarding.
Hobbies – triathlon, guitar, successful work and relationships have taken WoW place and my life is now richer and far more rewarding than that extra level/exp.
It was my choice to play and also my own to stop. I am mid thirties and really time is much shorter than you think….

I am also addicted to WoW. My 6 month subscription is going to be over this weekend. I am trying to do everything in my power to not renew my subscription, but unfortunantely WoW is the only thing I can think about. I have logged 65days played in a 6month subscription. So in the last 6 months, I have spent on average 8 hours a day playing. Someone help!

i’ve played since 12/05 and really enjoy it. i have a bunch of friends who live in other states who i don’t get the chance to talk to play and now we play all the time. i have a job (i’m never late), a gf, and an active social life. basically i substitute the time i’d normally use to watch tv to play WoW. it’s a matter of perspective. when it’s 1am and i can either go on a baron run or go to bed, i know i gotta get to bed or i’ll be crap at work the next day. i did quit briefly for a month but realized that i wasn’t in that much trouble with it and went back.

I started searching for an article like this, right after I saw the new episode of South Park, which happens to be based on WoW. In this episode, the four main characters come into contact with a gamer who doesn’t play by the rules. Even the creative people behind World of Warcraft don’t know how to stop the renegade. They are forced to put all of their hope into the hands of the kids of South Park. The boys dedicate their lives to defeating the mad gamer and saving the game for all. Towards the end of the episode, you can see what they have become: Fat, spotty, lazy, unambitious bums who are playing on a network in Cartmans basement having his mum run up and down to bring him food and such.

But I can see that this problem stems further than a cartoon episode, of which I started to suspect and of course through an investigation lasting 6 minutes I found this website. All I can say is that if you don’t want to quit WoW, then it seems you are doomed.

Hello, is this WOWA?
My name is Gna and Im a wow addict. lol
I was having a few drinks in a pub one day and realised what was happening to my life (I was lvl 39 and looking forward to getting my first mount) so I ran home and uninstall uninstall uninstall….and it worked…all be it temporarily. The only problem is that I lent my account to a friend and he started a new character. 4 Months past and he was now upto my lvl, combined with the fact that the burning crusade was only 2 months away…the pangs started and I re-installed. I am lvl 56 now and will make 60 in time for the new patch. What will happen then? another 10 tigers? back again to the same NPC and back again for another slightly bigger 10 tigers?…nope I’m wrong…flying Mounts!! ‘gasp’ there is no hope….there will be the most insane race to lvl 70 and the flying mounts.
I’ve never tried crack, don’t think I need to.
I advise anyone who is trying to quit wow to think of all the pointless quests of killing the same creatures over and over again (they are all the same just with a different lvl tag above their heads) and all the hours wasted in instances and you fail to get the last boss anyway, have a few drinks, run home, dont just uninstall you need to log on and delete your characters and then e-mail blizzard and tell them to completely delete your account(this works, a friend did it…he got pangs again and tried to get his char back and he is gone). I didn’t and now I can’t do it. /sob

WoW is my first MMORPG. For some reason I never took the plunge until recently. I bought the game almost a year ago, having never even opened the box. Then a friend saw the game at a store, and I mentioned I had a copy at home and if he bought it I’d try it with him. We did and I think it’s safe to say we both like it, so far. Sure, I’ve played lots of HL, HL2, Halo and other shooter type games in the past. I’d usually get frustrated or bored with them and never finish the games. But WoW is something unique and is strangely compelling. Maybe its the beautiful graphics, maybe it’s being tempted to always explore one more area or complete one more quest before logging off, maybe its interacting with the other people/characters in the world, who knows. I think that character building is a huge part of it too. They lead you on just enough to make you want to reach the next level, with the reward of more power and greater riches. Why should doing something so similar and repetitive draw us from family and friends. I’m not really certain, and I’d guess the answers differ for everyone. WoW can be fun, totally absorbing, and absolutely requires massive amounts of your time, if you ever intend on leveling up your character. I’ve played for about a month now and have already accumulated nearly four days play time. Four days non-stop staring at a computer screen and clicking the mouse. I read the stories about how people have sacrificed 80 and more days of WoW play. Other stories of people who play 40 hours a week in guilds. I shouldn’t feel so bad, but I still do. Time lost is time lost. Last weekend I played from 8PM to 4 AM traveling from Darnassus to Ironforge on foot and taking in the sights. The hours passed by and I hardly noticed them go. Eight hours of constant play/attention may not seem like a lot, but for me I think it’s the longest I’ve ever played any game non-stop. Saying that time flys when playing WoW is an understatement. I don’t believe I have an addictive type personality, but if I did I’m sure this game would qualify as one to avoid.

Question? I have just got into WoW 4 days ago, i have been into Socom 2 and 3 alot of online play, 4 hrs a day ! Now i feel this gaming i do now is better than what i did with my free time before Game’s. I never even owned a game untill i was 24 years old, i played travel ice hockey all through school on 4 diff teams. After high school i started bartending at clubs / college bars for great easy cash. I was partying too much, so at age 24 i stoped going out to clubs, sleeping around, ect. Well i am 27 now, i work 9-5 for a internet company, i do not play hockey but a pick up game here and there, So instead of going home to watch tv or stare at a wall i play games. It does not effect work, i do not have a wife or girlfriend, i do not drink anymore, i do not go to clubs, i do have friends over alot and go to see mom and dad alot. So to my question, is it an addiction that i would rather play wow than watch a movie or go out on a friday night, i have done all the partying for 2 guys life times. Some friends tell me to get out and stop playing Socom and soon to be WOW, my answer is simple to me, Why be out at the bars with them ? to drink, spend money i dont need to spend ?
I would rather just sit and relax in socom or WoW. I just dont find it a problem, if someone wants to do something Sweet like go to a nhl game, i turn off that game console fast as can be and i am ready to go. I find games a way to calm my ADD as they say i had as a kid, when i play a game i can actually focos on it and sit there. Nothing else in the world can make my hyper ass sit still…. So again i ask is that a problem to put 20 to 25 hrs a week into a game if youi just dont have anything better to do than watch tv…. oh and i do take care of my house Lawn cut, things fixed before i sign on, but the days i do not have anything to do i sit right down and sign on !!

WoW to me, is just the beginning of a worse drug. The fact it has no end is just a mere glimpse into a Star Trek Holodeck-type Hell. You can actually LIVE in this artificial world and forget your all worries.
I’m reminded also of Spider Robinson’s Deathkiller, where this woman was plugged into this device that gave her untold ecstatic pleasures. She was totally out of it, like a heroin addict.
I don’t think addicts today would be able to say “No” to those artificial realities in the future. What we addicts can do today is say “No” to the precursors (Wow), in hopes that it will make a step towards a stronger person with more self-disclipine in order to resist the draw of an artificial reality. It is to ensure that we do not collapse as a society from dying in an artificial paradise.
That is why I play these games: I immerse myself into a fantastical paradise, beautiful colors and scenery, doing everything to become powerful, crushing monsters, being in a foreign land. Thats what got me hooked into WoW, D2, Starcraft, and even Quake2.
But what is an artificial paradise?

Hi, wow is great, i hope more people get addicted to it. I hope giant communes of people, all in love with the reality of wow, sprout out all across the globe, i hope it kills China’s economy, i hope it stops the American war machine in its tracks. I hope it makes racism a trivial non existing issue, i hope it distroyes ignorance, i hope the entire world will jack into a reality where everybody is beautifull, where everybody is loved. Where your physical self does not matter, where life does not end.
Thank you Blizzard. You have shown me God. And i love you for it, you live in us all, you know us all, you only seek peace for us. Please, if you feel that the only dreams you love, are the dreams in which you are dead, buy World of Warcraft, it is the ultimate escape from this evil planet we live on. You dont have to put up with the killing, the dying and the injustice that the human race has become. there is a cure. its right inside Azeroth.
Thank you.
May Gods love be with you.

Dude, even tho people play WoW it doesnt mean that they are addicted to it, i play WoW nearly 2hours a day and i still go out skateboarding and practise Judo and go out with my friends.. it’s just that WoW is FUN and what the hell is wrong with fun? And WoW is NOT an addiction, smoking and drugs are an addiction, there’s actually something in that that makes you addictive.. people play World of warcraft by there own free will.. so please.. stfu

My husband is addicted to gaming. World of Warcraft, specifically. His mind has dulled and he’s become socially boring. He’s only intellectually keen when he’s defending his right to play, and then he’s sharper than he’s ever been.
I earn the bulk of our money, I cook, I do the groceries, do the minor house repairs, coordinate car repairs, pay the bills, make sure the mortgage is covered each month, do the recycning, the garbage, and undertake the major purchases. Laundry. Diswasher. Daycare drop off morn and aft. Holy hot damn I’m supergrrrl. And I’m tired.
We have a two and a half year old girl and maybe another on the way (I’m afraid to do a pregnancy test, and just as afraid to share the results with him. As long as he doesn’t know, the decision to abort will be just mine to make). And if he doesn’t stop gaming, I’m outathere. I just have to figure out the logistics. Dividing the assets. Who moves, who stays. And custody of our daughter of course.
I’ve been fighting this WoW beast for 2 years (yep, since baby #1). Like any addict, he sees that the basics are covered: He cleans up after supper, he plays with our daughter, he goes to work. When I talk about what WoW is doing to us, he says it’s how he relaxes then accuses me of not loving him and not being supportive.
Meanwhile, I’ve gone through a major depression, I’ve gained 20 punds, I’ve lost 20 pound (and he didn’t notice either). My contemplations oscillate between suicide and leaving him. I think leaving would be the healthy alternative. I’m scared of the prospect of being a single parent. And I think staying in this decayed relationship will destroy me.
Which to choose, which to choose….?
There’s great debate on whether online gaming is an addiction or not. All’s I know is that it’s destroying this family. He offers me little to nothing anymore, and he once used to be my best friend. This is so sad it rips my heart apart.

I’m making a few assumptions here, you both work full time (but you make more Gold, I mean cash) and he’s not satisfied with his job, which could be fueling his need to relax. I can relate to this so here’s what I do!
My 2 cents, book time together to do things together (without the kid sometimes if possible). He’s covering his bases so that’s a great start, but make sure you book time to go our for a meal / picnic, watch a movie together, but BOOK the time. Most guys like me (I play a lot) need schedules to run with, if he’s covering the bases he seems to work well with proper guidance then just like me. I do all the grocery shopping, all the cooking, the laundry and still manage to get lots of time to play. But my wife and I have regular bookings, Monday out to dinner (cheap place) Tuesday dance classes, Friday (until 8:00 pm) drinks and meal. But I am guaranteed play time Friday night from 8:00 – 5 am. Sat and Sun I get a few hours in while she is shopping or catching up with her friends. Other nights of the week played by ear but often she has things to do so more time for me to play. But I don’t like surprises, if I’m told I have to do something now it pisses me off. If I am given warning about a job to do that’s fine, but don’t dump stuff at the last minute on me. I already contribute a lot of time and resources to the relationship what more can be expected. Lots of guys don’t give anything, at least this guy is trying but set up boundaries and expectations, and let the guy have his own scheduled time as well (and he needs to stick to it). Make a schedule that’s fair for you both and he will stick to it. Too much of anything or anyone is not healthy.

I am one of the few girls I know who plays WoW, and I have to admit, I’m totally addicted!!
I have 2 lvl 60 chars and some 6 other chars as well as a mule for both armour and mats etc…yes, I am that involved!!
I have, at my worst, played for 36 hours straight over a weekend, slept for 2 hours, then gone on to play for another 8-10 hours or so.
So many times I have promised myself to logout ‘in 5 mins’ to do those dishes, or to cook tea etc….the 5 mins never seems quite 5 mins, and before I know it, hours have passed and nothing has been done.
Sick of all the nagging about the time I spent playing, I encouraged my boyfriend to create a char on my account(His mum, brother, niece and nephew were already playing the game thanks to me). He liked it so much, he got his own account and a new computer so we could play together. This made things both better and worse. Better in that we were finally playing the game I loved so much, together, and sharing the experience….worse, because he got just as involved as me in the game and now truly nothing gets accomplished in our household.
I believe I play for the sense of satisfaction I get from completing quests and lvling etc….you just don’t get that from many things in ‘real’ life.
But I agree, the sense of loss, at the things I haven’t completed during my months of playing is immense.
I have to stop soon I think…but The Burning Crusade is coming out, and all those shiny new instances…I have to try them first don’t I??……One of these days….

Have a look at this picture of what a World Of Warcraft player could look like in a few years
It really is scary and may “wake up” some of these players who are so consumed in the game that they done realise that as soon as the computer is off… their hours/efforts/achievements equate to NOTHING in the real world.
good luck

Well, this is a quite odd situation. World Of Warcraft is a video game, which is ment to be played, but how long is too long? 15 days soild is pretty sick, but it is additcing. As I see it, I could rather be at home playing a harmless game on the computer, or I could be doing things of true harm to myself or society, like doing drugs or something.
Maybe the guys at Blizzard should make it so you need to take a 15 minute break every hour, like a decress in health or an automatic log off.
But like I said, it is a video game, what if somebody isn’t experienced enough to do these ‘great things’ like “I was doing it was the repopulation of the Amazon rainforests, or to help improve – or even perform – cancer screenings”
I honestly doubt somebody who can somehow magicaly repopulate the population of the Amazon rainforest would be playing World Of Warcraft.
It is just a game, an additive game, but still just a game.

Not being rude or anything but i still pay WoW and i like it i was wondering if anybody could give me a lvl 60 account on an EU realm add me on x-fire = mooseyjuicey or email me at if you do i wil love you =)

I love WOW. My son and I play almost every night, although, I am more dedicated than him. I have an entire circle of friends I would not of had, and I love the fantasy of it. Just what I need at the end of the day, to kill some undead!
I play to have fun, we don’t do end game instances or grinds. I keep 9 characters running, all different levels so I can run with new people in the guild, or do an instance with my closest buds. It is my passtime, I don’t do a lot of things that could cost me money, time, or sanity.
I don’t think it is a bad thing, there will come a time when all the quests are finished, and the dragons been killed enough, then, and only then, I will quit.

wtf Wow is a nerds game sheesh u fukwits playing for almost 8 hours a day when ur married ?? wtf is with u guys

I’ve been playing WoW for a bit over a year now. I have 2 lvl 60s – one is retired, I have the other one in a high-end raiding guild. 5 days a week, 5 hours a night is used for raiding. With the expansion coming up and the previous major patch (2.0) things are starting to look ugly, there are no raids for technical reasons (read: Blizzard messed up) so I’ve started to think what I’m really doing playing this game.
It would never even occur to me to leave the guild, start another character or even PvP. I don’t want to log on if there’s no raid, simply because I don’t like playing that much. I haven’t played in a month and don’t miss WoW at all.
However, I miss the people I play with. I’m in for the “social aspect” of the game, I guess – don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of friends and a pretty nice social life. I work like everybody else. It’s just that on WoW I get to talk to the most amazing people, and they are most likely people I would never talk to in my regular life. Being a European player I get to talk to people from other countries, other ages, with other backgrounds. I love it.
It’s kinda like going to the bar every evening for a drink and some company. I don’t like WoW that much anymore, at least nothing other than end-game raiding for the challenge. I still like the people I play with, though, and to be honest I could stay just for them.
But it’s still probably the wrong reason to stay. Especially as end gaming is rather time-consuming after all. My subscription expires in a few days, I haven’t been online for a month as there’s no raiding, yet I’m still considering to keep playing WoW. I must be out of my mind.

Thanks you to everyone here. You have saved my life. I will not upgrade my trial account that has now expired…
Thanx to all.

There seems to be a lot of people here on a guilt trip about WOW. If you play all your waking hours and enjoy it that’s great. Likewise if you don’t and prefer to do other things that’s also great. Who’s to say what people should and shouldn’t be doing with their time ? A small minority seem to think they are the moral guardians for the rest of us.
Speaking for myself. Both my wife and me play WOW most days. We both also work full time and nothing that needs to be done get’s left undone. We also saved ¬£32 a month in Satellite subscription fee’s as we hardly ever watch the TV now. I’d rather be playing an interactive game than passivly slouched on the sofa watching the sort of programs they expect you to pay for these days i.e repeats of repeats and endless “reality” tv saga’s.
It’s often said that we should go and do something more constructive or meaningful. Why….exactly ? What does it matter? When it all comes down to it we are all going to end up as nothing more than dust eventually and then what does it matter what you “achieved” in your life? Great…so you can die with a sense of achievment…..your still dead!
If your feeling guilty about playing WOW or any other computer game then it’s YOU that have the issues. There’s nothing wrong with the games.
My wife and me have met some great people playing WOW. We have a whole new bunch of freinds from around the world that we would not have met under other circumstances. Also because we play on a home network with our machines almost side by side it adds a whole new dimension to the game because we can talk to each other. That makes a big difference when your on a quest as it’s a heck of a lot easier than trying to type and attack at the same time 🙂
I have no doubt the novelty of WOW will wear off in a few months time but for now we are enjoying it and to my mind it’s money well spent 🙂

I have played WOW since release, and went from casual to hardcore gamer. I have 5 level 60 characters. 1 of my characters has obtained the highest competetive rank possible to obtain, which took nearly 4 months of 16 hours a day playing. All of my toons have great equipment, 2 of them have the absolute best in the game (Naxx gear).
I am very very glad that blizzard has decided to release the expansion pack (WOW sequal) because it trivialized my time spent in game. The release of new content and higher level caps have made me realize that no matter how hard I try, or how many hours I grind, I cannot stay at the top of the game without continued grinding.
I have over 260 played days on my characters combined, in a mere 2 years that the game has been out.
There is a nothing left in the game that I havent conquered yet, and with the sequal coming out in 10 days, I can leave WOW forever.
These type of games are going to become more and more interactive and harder and harder to break away from as they develope. I think the gaming industry is going to have some sort of restrictions placed upon it eventually because of how devastating this game can be.
A few of my close in-game friends have lost relationships due to this game, some have lost jobs, and other have completely dropped out of school – just to play.
The target audience for WOW is adults, but when young adults get ahold of it, they often times dont know where to draw the line, and it can be very damaging and confusing for them. They dont understand the implications of burrying yourself in online societies that do not exist when you pull the plug from the modem.
Luckily for me, I have seen the light and can put the game down now.
To anyone out there questioning your playtime or teetering on quiting – do yourself, and all your friends/family a favor and just quit. Get a real hobby, that has some sort of pay-off. Do NOT let this mere game, take control of your life or your loved ones lives. Act, pull plugs, take away computers, snap game CDs – do what you have to, this game is nothing but trouble.

ohh please! This is stupid, i want wow and then i read this and i was like LOL. At least you gott money and i beat you had fun playing all that time. You only gott one life so heres a piece of advice:
Enjoy that short time you have living as much as possible cause when you die you will at least die happy and you will have lived happy.
Cause when you die you lose your money, you lose your love, you lose everything you ever had and you can never return to it.
So listen when you only have one life LIVE IT!

Last week:
I sold all of my characters’ items;
Deleted each character from the account;
Gave the resulting gold to an online friend; then,
Deleted the game from my computer.
I quit WoW.
And now, I am moving through withdrawl.
One positive thing that this WoW experience taught me is how much of my life I was wasting via passive entertainment. Movies, television, radio, books – all are passive entertainment contrastingly compared to the kind of active engagement necessary to play WoW. I am no longer interested in any of those activities. I honestly don’t miss them. And I have no plans of ever going back to any of those passive entertainment options ever again.
Instead, I am going to pursue personally creative options – because that was the heart of WoW for me: developing my online character. I plan on doing the same thing – developing my offline character (my personality: the quality of how I relate with others) – away from Azeroth.
Another positive thing that this WoW experience taught me is that I truly can be happy competing against my past accomplishments – without necessarily having to triumph over others to have a sense of self worth. The few times I tried PvP, I got absolutely minimal satisfaction from the “let’s kick the other team’s azz!” mentality. For me, maximal satisfaction came from completing quests to increase the skill of my character, and questing with others to assist them with doing the same. WoW helped me come to perfect peace, at long last, with a bunch of guilt I had been carrying around for years for not being competative enough, that I had instilled in me from old gym teachers, coaches, and numerous social sources that supported competing against others.
I’m sincerely sorry to leave WoW.
However, the time has come for me to do it – because, now, I absolutely understand that my offline life on Earth is every bit as much of a fantasy game as online life in Azeroth. Azeroth simply analogically, and metaphorically, reflected the challenges, the rewards, and the possibilities that are available to me as a human on Earth. And yeah, I know that will sound philosophically fruit loops to anyone who doesn’t really get what I just wrote. It might even sound as if I said that Earth and Azeroth are the same (which I did NOT say, because they’re not the same). But I honestly can’t pander to those who don’t get it, because I cannot clarify that in any other way that will not hideously distort it away from exactly pointing at what I meant.
Maybe I’ll return to WoW one day.
Yet I seriously suspect that, by then, online adventures on Azeroth will seem like passive entertainment to me in contrasting comparison to offline adventures on Earth. Just as movies, television, radio, and books now seem to me to be passive entertainment compared to WoW. And by that point, I will likewise no longer be interested in WoW. I seriously suspect that I honestly won’t miss WoW then. And I most likely will be able to leave it a second time without any longing ever going back to Azeroth (or any other online mmorpg world) ever again.
So, for me, the last 6 months spent playing WoW were anything but wasted. I had to go through them to get where I am now in my understanding, and motivation. I cannot say that I ever would have arrived at this point without the help of WoW.
But I can simply say this:
Even though I am suffering from withdrawl due to the self-motivated leaving – and even though I seem to have harshly “crashed” into this offline world as abruptly as I entered Azeroth – I am truly thankful for what I’ve learned.
I hope that what I’ve written here will motivate someone else who is on the same wavelength, and who has needed a little encouragement to take that step – finally to let go of WoW – and positively move forward at long last.

My college work suffered last year because of WoW. Lack of sleep and lack of concentration (cause whilst at college all me and my classmates did was talk about wow, and want to go home and play it) we were seriously hooked.
I have taken a 2 month break, and now i find i can play the game in moderation, 2 hours a day instead of 6 or 7 o.o;;
I once played 24 hours straight. thats bad >

On December 2005 I left my first year at university because I didn’t like it and other things that now it’s not important to mention.
After I left the degree, I was willing to think about my future and to do those things you like to do in your free time but you normally can’t, such as meeting friends, reading, etc. But what happened? I happened to hear about WoW and I bought it. I spend 6 damn months of my life mainly playing WoW. I didn’t feel like doing anything else and when I realized something was wrong it was too late: I got hooked into the game.
I played around 12 hours a day. I didn’t do anything else but sleeping, eating and playing WoW. It was so sad :(. On May 2006 I went holiday with my family for 12 days. I wasn’t really excited about it, I was just thinking in coming back to play WoW again, even though something inside was telling me I had to quit the damn game. There was a point I didn’t really enjoy playing, it was just an habit. I had many “unreal goals” such as becoming better in the game and all that you all who have played this damn game know.
A miracle happened. I was on holiday and I didn’t think about the game anymore. Then I saw how a waste of time WoW was, what I had been missing all that time. I had a 6 months gap from my real life and now it was difficult to go back to it. Anyway, I decided to do it. When I arrived home I cancelled my account and uninstalled the game. I wondered why I didn’t do it before; it seemed so easy.
My life got much better ever since. I’m at university again and I have hobbies and a healthy life.
This month I don’t have lessons because I have exams. After some days thinking about it, I installed WoW again and I pre-ordered The Burning Crusade. I payed the monthly fee. After it I couldn’t concentrate on my study and I was already thinking on what realm to play, what chars to create… I only needed to days. I sayd: I’m not gonna fall into this again. I cancelled the pre-order, my account and I uninstalled the game. I feel like if I were free again.
I won’t never ever get into that shit again. I don’t recommend it to anybody.
And if I ever want to play again, I just need to read this webpage. Thanks to all. I wish this game didn’t exist, nor for me nor for anybody. WoW has a potential destruction power that most of the times shows in many lives. We have to stop it.
PS. Sorry about my English, I’m Spanish.

ok i got WoW recently…if you get addicted to it ya it is damaging to your social tree…
for me i know if i have an overdose if i find out “hey look they are all talking about something i never even heard of…..”
that ussaly tells me that i have played WAYYYY too long and then i just pull the plug take a break and relax with my friends then i put it back in and use it when i want WANT not need
but ya i agree with this part of the post above mine
“To anyone out there questioning your playtime or teetering on quiting – do yourself, and all your friends/family a favor and just quit. Get a real hobby, that has some sort of pay-off. Do NOT let this mere game, take control of your life or your loved ones lives. Act, pull plugs, take away computers, snap game CDs – do what you have too”

LOL come on people its a game and that is what they do waste time entertaining ya.
TV/Movies,Cards,Video Games.
None of these really do much for you since when did watching TV save the rain forest.
Games are ment for fun if you are spending to much time and you feel its not right them quit.
I read a few post and some say now I quit I have time to play my ps2 or watch some movies or blaa blaa sit on my butt doing the same type of thing but a little different,just makes me laugh people get a grip.You really want to do something with your life get out of the house and help people around you.How mnay of you even know the names of the people living around you?
I do know everyone around me I give my time to a local day care I read the kids books and help out every so often for free.
I also help in my church giving my time when ever they need me.Also am a fosterDad so I take care of kids a lot.Im disabled and yes I play wow when I can to unwind and enjoy myself.
Do I play to much? My wife would say yes as shes relaxing over the weekend on the eazy chair watching chick flics all weekend or out shopping.
Thats her hobbies mine are Video games yes Im a gamming geek.
Im also disabled before my accidnet I was the type of person that would rather be out side doing stuff than sit all day inside watching tv or playing games all day.
But my life changed Wow lets me excape my phsical limitaions and I can enjoy my self.Yes time can fly by but same thing happend when i would be sking or bowling or going for a hike or a run.

Many people I know have become addicted to this “virus”, I should call it. I have not tried it, and I do not wish to try it. I’m still quite young and I do not want to risk getting hooked. Some of my friends stopped, only by snapping the disk in half. Over the top, I know, but they’ve stopped now yipee.
I like gaming, but not in excess. It’s not healthy; I do relax by playing the PC regulary but not straight. WoW is considered a virus especiall y since people have died playing it.
But the company doesn’t care. They make lots, so why should they quit? I’ve got an answer, people get too addicted…and some die.

Haha, its like watching T.V. your not doing anything, just make sure you dont spend too much time or you will become mush, like I play it late at night, outside my current life, and I dont sleep well during night anyways and am always tired so wala, no negative effects, just have willpower n00bs. PS if its enjoyable it IS productive because it makes you happy, what else is there to live for besides happiness… Bitches
-Level 5 Blood Elf Rogue

My PC isn’t even powerful enough to RUN WoW… And I am addicted. I played twice at a friend’s house and at home on my own little crappy PC, I find myself toying with priest’s Talent trees. It’s so sad. I’m only 16 and don’t have a job. I must get one just to play wow. God I wish I knew something about PCs so I could get a good deal.
Please email me if you can help me out finding a PC!

i know the game is good but they make it to good now every one plays forever and what do you get if you get level 70? nathing! if they gave me 10000000 bucks for going that high than i wood for sure play it but nathing happens whan you go to level 70 you dont get free time to play or anything! ps i agree with the guy below me

Wow… I knew this was a problem,but I just did not realise how many people out there are suffering from this game.
My partner is addicted! He has played this game now for more than a year and before that it was city of heros.
Our relationship is about to end. But I don’t think it matters much to him anymore. He used to play non stop for days. Never cared about what he ate or when he ate. If I tried to talk to him he would get angry and verbally abusive. He would also stay away from work to play the damn game.
He has lost all intrest in every thing he used to do. He does not catch up with his friend or family. He has given up everyone and every thing in his life. If he catches up with friends it is only his wow buddies.
A waste of precious life for the last 2 years. You can’t bring that time back.

I would just like to put a comment here, I started playing since october 5th because I just wanted to know what all the fuss was about.. In the beginning I was really hooked, I wanted to reach level 60 and after 20 /played days i reached level 60 althought there was hardly time to raid since TBC was about to come out and my guild was hardly as active as they used to be.. I bought TBC, installed it.. And now I have a 67 night elf rogue sitting there.. I dont play alot anymore. It really had an impact on my psysical condition, I used to work out alot but I really neglected it.. My work and friends havent suffered much. All I do is work/play wow and hang out with friends in the weekends.. I see no need to stop playing this game at the moment, I have it completely under control. If I dont feel like playing I just DONT play.
Nymphomania from The Netherlands..

It’s just a freaking game, people. I like WoW a ton, but I like hanging out with my friends and doing social stuff too. So just make a little time for both and don’t overdo either.
Variety is the spice of life. Mix it up.

There are 2 great impulses driving people.
1. Sexual desire.
2. The need to be useful and/or important.
In real life it is a lot harder to satisfy the latter one.
Wanna know why there is more than 7 million people playing this game?
Blizzard has created an environment where anybody can feel himseful useful and/or important.

Hi everyone,
I started playing WOW when the betas came out, to be more specific around April time 2005. It took a bit of coaxing from a friend to even get me to play at all, I found it boring and tedious, lvl 1-10 (at the time i thought this was such a long haul lol). But slowly, I started to become hooked on the levelling up and gaining new skills and spells, and the ability to wear new items kinda kept me going. All the way to 60…6 months later. And when I got there I created my own guild (big mistake) Not only was I guild leader, I was raid leader, DKP system manager, website designer and maintainer, whinge officer practically everything. And what was slightly ( I say slightly because to be perfectly honest with you, I cant remember the last time i really had fun in this game) fun to begin with turned into a chore, 5-6 nights a week. My real life relationships with my family friends and even my boyfriend (yea im a girl 🙂 ) started to deteriorate slowly, and even though I was perfectly aware that I was doing this to myself, didn’t do anything about it. Eventually stuff got so bad I’d gotten myself into a depression, lost a couple of friends due to lack of contact, engage in constant fights with family and almost got kicked out of my house, my boyfriend almost left me and I almost lost my job and my health also deteriorated.
So I disbanded the guild and resigned as guild leader. Surprisingly enough I was able to take a 2 weeks break after this. And I thought well this is it I’ve done it. Until some close WOW friends convinced me to come back ‘just to keep in touch’.
Well, that turned into levelling 2 more chars to level 60 to try and experience some of the other classes. Then joined another guild blabla bla.
Long story short (maybe too late for that haha). I am a complete addict and was so pathetically low in self esteem and willpower to do anything about it that I just continued to watch everything fall apart around me. And only a few days ago I started to think about why it is that I play World of Warcraft, and although it seems obvious when I type it out now, it wasnt to me at the time.
I hate World of Warcraft, I hate it but I still play it. It is no longer any fun for me, yet I find it hard to toss away. I log on at work to chat, I log on after work to chat, and I idle around aimlessly for hours just to get my ‘fix’.
ALthough not physically a drug, what makes it any different? Symptoms of millions of people worldwide playing WOW reflect the pyschological symptoms of drug abuse, gambling addictions, smoking etc etc. It’s not any less of a problem.
With the expansion out, I am forced to have to level another 10 very very long levels, just to get the chance to possibly have fun in raids at level 70. Well im sick of it.
I have to say though, Blizzard have out done themselves. They have succeeded in creating a game, or virtual reality in which players become hooked, then addicted and then basically become slaves to the alternate universe created for them.
I am now pretty much a hater towards Blizzard simple due to the fact that they depend on people like me with addictive tendencies to succeed. And i ‘fell’ for it.
I’ve recently setup parental control for myself, dont know how long this will last but I hope it does 🙁 And I tell myself god knows how many times a day that I can just give away my characters and be done with it all, and I just cant do it. I used to play sports, and paint and go horseriding, now I just do nothing but play. Its very sad.
I type /played ingame and it tells me I’ve played for 150days. Thats 150 full days of my life, 5 months of my life I’ll never get back and most of which wasn’t even particularly fun. I am so deeply ashamed of this, I really am. I lie to people all the time to cover up the fact that I still play, because it does embarass me. This problem really is more serious than people believe it is.
Hope you guys out there have better luck than me so far. Hopefully soon Ill be doing something more useful with my days than jumping around a virtual city ingame.
Good luck

Well, after 2 years of fairly constant WoWing, I deleted my level 70 character, cancelled my account, deleted the game and gave the software to a friend to keep it away. Dramatic, but necessary. I used to think I played because I had nothing to do; turns out that I had nothing to do because I played. I’m going to see some friends for the first time in a while this weekend, and I’m looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to possibility. It’s time to level up for real.

I bought the game three months ago and became immediately consumed by it. I have an addictive personality by nature, but nothing has ever come close to this. Within a week of playing, I began to think of nothing but the game. At morning before going to work, I would log on just to check mail and Auction House sales. Then at work, I began to constantly research the game. It got to the point where I felt an almost profound sense of glee when I got off work, and actually started speeding in my car to get home. I began to eat at my computer, something I’d never done. My keyboard went from a pristine white to a mottled mess of pasta sauce and etc. Cut ahead a month. I lost my job. Instead of looking for a new job, I spent all my hours logged in playing WOW. A full month passed and I was spending about 15 hours a day playing the game. Cut to current. Three weeks ago, I finally decided that I had to stop. So I deleted the game and all associated files from my computer. For the ensuing three days I was incredibly depressed – all the symptoms of withdrawal were there. But then, on the fourth day, I became incredibly productive. In one day I got more accomplished than I believed possible. I felt that this was a clear “spell breaker” and decided that I would re-install the game with a newfound willpower, and only play a couple of hours a day, if that. I went through the whole process of installing the game, updating all the patches and upgrades, it took hours. I logged in for the first time in five days and it was like every cell in my body was thanking me, and I went right back to 15 hours a day. So much for willpower. I did that for about 4 days and then, in a fit of desperation, I once again deleted all the WOW files from my computer, but this time I actually snapped the 1st install CD into pieces, so there would be no chance to install it again. I then threw all of my WOW packaging and contents into the trash. Well, the next several days, leading up to this very day, I’ve had a level of depression that’s just mind boggling. It’s similar in sensation to the first time I tried to quit WOW, but much greater in scope/magnitude. I’ve never experienced anything like this, not even close, so it’s totally new territory. I know it’s related to WOW, because every time I feel that desire to play, it is followed by that massive wave of depression. It’s so bad that I’ve thought of just repurchasing the game, but I’m trying to be strong. My thought is that eventually the depression will pass and it’ll be like it never happened – I’ll get to the point where I’ll look back and think “was I really that into it?” Has anyone else suffered severe depression upon trying to quit? It just strikes me as too intense a response to be having to a video game.

I know exactly what you mean mate. It really is just amazing what sort of extremes this game can take you too. I guess I also have addictive tendencies as I more or less fit into the description you have written about.
Good luck in the future mate. Its been almost a week now since I’ve logged on and I feel ‘free’ lol.
I’ve also started becoming more productive and I feel like I’m ‘useful’ in society again.
Stick it out 🙂 IM sure you’ll look back and be thankful you did.

Hey there, I have played this game since December 04 and have been free of WoW for 1 month now. Quit when i had exacly 100 days /played. I too have experienced depression after just quitting cold turkey. It’s been a rollercoaster with ups and downs. Some days I felt great, other days just depressed and I didn’t know what to do with myself. Over the 2 years, I lost my identity in the real world and it was hard to readjust. WoW was kind of my comfort zone, a place to go when I felt bored or just wanted to get away. WHen I quit cold turkey, it sounds pathetic but it felt like something in myself just died. It was that bad.
But over time, that feeling of depression is slowly subsiding. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t think much of the game anymore, it’s what to do with that spare time that I think about. I find myself bored sometimes thinking what to do with my free time, time that in the past I would have been playing WoW. So I am slowly getting back into the activities that I used to do and enjoy and are actually constructive for myself.
I too have somewhat of an addictive personality and I’ve realized that it’s not a bad thing. I mean what is an addiction anyway? If you’re hooked on drugs, smoking or games, things that do nothing to benefit you it’s called an addiction. But if you’re addicted to beneficial things that yield positive results in your life, then it’s called a passion. People who are addicted to sports, music, getting more knowledge, getting more money, etc. Those people are some of the most successful people in life.
For me, here are some of the steps i’ve taken to help myself.
1. Get more sleep, this is one big thing that was causing my depression. I didn’t realize how sleep deprived I was from raiding and doing all that stuff over 2 years. Getting regular sleep has made me feel MUCH better. Just by doing this, helps a lot.
2. Set attainable goals. I actually thought about this, sat down and wrote down the things I wanted to accomplish this year. Get into better shape, learn a new instrument, make more money! Stuff I can do and I taped this list on my front door so I can see it when i go to work everyday.
3. Latch on to something else. For me, I didn’t stop gaming completely. In the month that I have stopped playing and went through some depression I went on a binge buying other games. I bought myself Guitar Hero 2, a Wii, and some DS games. In retrospect I shouldn’t have done this but it had to be done in the process for me to get WoW off my mind. Right now I don’t even play much of anything anymore. But the money was well spent since it helped take my mind off of WOW.
4. Surround yourself with friends. This helped a lot.
5. Take a walk. Really anything to get outside, walk, run, just don’t stay home and get bored.
Anyway, yeah i’ve gotten urges to re-install. Something tells me “don’t worry go back it will be better this time since you know not to overdo it”. “I’ll just play casual”. Hell no. It’s just going to suck me back in i know for sure. So I have been sober now for 1 month, and looking forward to resuming my life. Day after day it’s getting better. Heck, just writing this makes me feel better. Being proud that I am free from the game is a great feeling. Good luck, just hang in there. And do not go back to the game, no matter how much it calls.

Do if its that bad then renstal the game its not that bad its actually a community all on its own so dont fell bad about it

Hey, i was just roaming around the net and saw this. ive been playing WOW for like…. a month maybey but i spend alot more time then all you guys do on it, pretty much from the time i wake up till the time i go to sleep. But what differs my situation is Around X-mas time i was diagnosed with hotchkins lymphoma cancer and driven to stay home untill around june (wich is far away) I can say i dont plan on playing wow untill june. Although it has helped ALOT in keeping my mind off of my health problems. And bieng as im well on my way to recovery i might night be playing long. But i guess im saying theres good addiction and bad addiction. And id rather be on a virtual word with my REAL LIFE FRIENDS and some ive met on the game, From the time i get up and go to sleep. Then watch TV. because those are the only 2 things i can do. I also take breaks to play the drums, guitar, and bass so i dont feelike im dulling my creativity. But i cant go into the outside world so im going to the inside one. Does this make sense to any one or am i jsut crazy?

I commend all of you who have stuck with quitting. These games are designed with a very simple formula for disaster.
The formula: The more you play = The better your character is.
So, who does not want a better character? There is no end to the amount of time you can put into this game.
My story:
Started playing exactly two years ago today. Got totally consumed and played all the time. I own my own business and played at work all the time. I played all night. I would be so tired on the weekends I could hardly play with my kids.
It was amazing how much energy the game took from me.
I started looking at some of my guild mates who were always online and I knew they had kids. I continued to see the relentless pursuit of trying to achieve the next best thing, which is something that doesn’t exist. The game has no end or “best” thing. They keep making better things.
It is like holding up a cookie to a kid to jump up and grab. Once he can grab it, you raise it higher. They will always keep raising it to keep you jumping.
I deleted my #$%^&* character to try and quit. Well, I couldn’t resist so I told Blizz I accidently deleted it and they happily restored it with full gear etc…..
I finally woke up last July (2006) and quit cold turkey. I was launching another business and really could not let a game $%&* it up.
I have not played since then. My family life is great. I spend all my free time with my kids.
Be smart and step away when you get too consumed. It is much cooler to tell people what I have accomplished in business than what new staff my mage has.

The reason it’s so difficult to resolve the issues around addiction to computer games in general, and massively multi-player games in particular, such as WOW, is that these games themselves are not “addictive,” in the sense that a drug like heroin is addictive. The player’s body doesn’t develop a tolerance to a game, and begin to crave more and more of it to remain “normal.”
But having played WOW, I can see the allure of it to someone who is unhappy with his or her life, for whatever reason: It’s colorful, seductively insistent, the quests end, more often than not, with more offerings of more quests, and with each passing moment, the player becomes more and more powerful. The player’s life may be in the pits – dead-end job, conflicts at home, loneliness, unhappiness, unrealized dreams and unfulfilled passions – but in Stormwind, he’s a mighty warrior before which the forces of darkness tremble.
WOW also has some built-in incentives – demands, really – to keep going and going and going. For one thing, you can’t simply decide not to advance – the game requires advancement in levels, or the player gains no “honor” in fighting weaker creatures and other players. Without advancing, the player can’t get valuable “drops” of important items, and can’t increase in skills and talents. At the same time, players are encouraged to join other players in forming guilds (peer groups), in which players pressure other players to continue to advance in strength and power, or let the team down. That aspect of the game is perhaps the most insidious, because team play centers around quests that require the entire team to accomplish. If the player decides to, say, give into his wife to take the garbage out or put the kids in bed, his teammates may all get killed. That’s a powerful disincentive to walk away from the computer.
Bottom line: Although the game is not a drug, and can’t force someone to play it against his or her will, people who tend to be obsessive-compulsive, who are prone to escape through substance abuse, over-eating or other forms of consumptive behavior, or who have a problem with rationalizing away any criticism, no matter how lovingly delivered, may fall headlong into WOW and find it extremely difficult to keep from drowning in it.
Rob Wood

Just a couple of other things about this. WOW is not a game, in the strictest sense of the word – it’s a virtual world that the participant lives in. The aspects of WOW that would normally be considered a typical computer game, i.e., engaging AI creatures or human opponents in battle, represent only a small part of the total investment the participant must commit in order to succeed as a denizen of this world. Even if a participant were to remain online in WOW, 24 X 7, there would never be enough time to do all of the quests, tasks, training, runs, raids, gathering, making, trading, selling, buying, walking or flying required to fully engage the experience.
A person doesn’t so much play WOW as live in WOW. That is the crux of the problem for people who become addicted to it: You can’t live fully in two worlds at once. One of them has to give, and for people who tend to obsessive-compulsive behavior, are depressed or discouraged about real life, WOW is a more powerful draw than this other, mundane world all of us actually live in.
I asked my 29 year-old son, who is addicted to living in WOW (but won’t admit it), to type /played, just to see how much time he has invested in his main character. He wouldn’t do it until I pushed him to, and the total time invested was mind-boggling (to me, anyway): 93 days and change. That’s 93 X 24 hrs = 2,232 hours in 2 years. That’s an average of over 3 hrs per day, 7 days a week, for 24 months – and that’s just that one character. He has 10 characters. He actually logs into WOW when he gets up, plays until he has to get ready for work, works for 4-6 hours (as a food server), and then hurries home to play all night long. On his days off, he plays for 16 – 18 hours straight. By my calculations, he puts in, on avwerage, a minimum of 10 hours per day in WOW.
Now imagine if he used that time to learn a useful trade, or even to work a part-time job at $10 per hour. If you look only at his main character, that 93 days in two years would amount to $22,320. Add the rest of the characters, and you’re looking at a minimum of 7,300 hours over the past two yeas X $10 = $73,000 he could have made, even at a crappy job. Instead, he drives a car that barely runs, has no money saved, owns no real estate, has no health insurance, can’t afford a dentist, doesn’t have a steady woman – well, you get the picture. And as long as he continues to live in WOW, he never will have any of those things.
But maybe it doesn’t matter, because in the magical kingdom of WOW, he’s a level 70 Druid – master of the Earth and all things in it.
I’d really like to hear some advice on how to help someone kick the WOW habit, when he doesn’t see it as a problem.

I am a 27 year old graduate student living in Istanbul, Turkey working at the university as an assistant. I studied math as minor and economics as major in undergraduate and am planing to pursue a PhD in economics.
I started playing wow one week after its release in the US. I have two lvl 60 chars in my US account, one lvl 70 char in my european account and some alts at lvl 35-45. I can say that i am in love with wow, cause i dont know any other way to put it. 2 days ago, 15 February 2007, while I was grinding marks of sargeras in shadow moon valley for aldor reputation, i had a break-down. I suddenly realised that i spent 2,5 years of my life infront of a computer, hitting 15 keys on my board for nothing. The sad thing was that %25 of my time in wow i really had fun, but the other %75 was spent in a race to become the best in a digital environment. I log off and deleted all my chars. I cried like a baby. I really cried for hours and then went to bed in the middle of the day. All my guild mates asked why do i delete the char instead of just taking some time off from the game, which i did before. But that was not a solution as i knew that i would come back (I tried to stop two times before that without deleting my char and came back each time). For the past two days i felt like shit. I tried to start reading again but i couldnt. I have this pain in my stomach that you have when your boy/girl friend leaves you and you are still in love with them. But from previous experience i know that pain wears off in time and i will wait untill i forget about wow.
The post above mine, by Rob, explains the situation pretty well i think. I play wow bcs i had to escape from certain things in life. Whenever I confront with some difficulty in life for all that time, be it with my girlfriend or at job or with my parents, i always had the thinking going in my mind: “fuck it, i have wow and i will have it for the rest of my life”.
Like the topic starter, I never let my job down for wow. I get straight A’s, i do all my responsibilities as an assistant and i even have a nice relatinship for the past 4 years and my girlfriend isn’t much affected from wow. But all the time i got left from these is spent on wow (which is something around 120 days, excluding the time spent on thott researching which items to get or reading forums) instead of me improving my math, start working on some economic model that could be published, doing some work out or just reading and learning about different aspects of life. wow has made me ignorant (partially at least).
Then why didnt i quit earlier as i have always been aware of this? Because i always succeeded in lying to myself and to others around me. I convinced myself and the people around me that (as some other posts above suggest) wow is my hoby! They enjoy shoppin and watching Tv and going out to dinner and i enjoy wow! whats the big deal about it? There were two fallicies in that argument: first no1 did those things for nearly 5-6hours a day, every single day, and as passionatly as i played wow. second why am i comparing my bad habit with other people’s bad habits? The fact that ppl in general spent their time on stupid activities like shopping and watching TV does not justify my bad habit of spending hours infront of a stupid machine. 2 days ago i stopped lying to myself. how did that happen? i just realised that the game wasnt fun anymore but it was only a competition for nothing. I was playing bcs i didnt want to be left behind my guildies and friends so i had to keep playing. That competition aspect is, in my oppinion, the key to understanding a hardcore gamer’s feelings.
How to convince your relatives, sons, husbands and wives that too much wow time is no good? i dont know. All i know is that they should do it themselves and that you should not force them. The only thing i can think of is that the game company should make the servers online for 4 hours a day and not more! But i assume most of you wont like this dictatorial regime.
I have always played computer games and always will. It is ok to play hot-seat heroes of might and magic for a few hours occasionally with a friend once a week. But no more wow for me.
And before i finish let me tell you that there are some really smart ppl playing that game. Think of all that brain power that could be used to make the world a better place to live in. Whatever you do, try to convince them that living here in real life and confronting problems is the noble/virtious thing to do.
Sorry for occasional english mistakes and loooong post 🙂

Hi there.
My brother plays WoW almost all the time, and at first I didn’t really like the game, but about a year ago I got a trial account from him and actually started enjoying it. My brother was never really a social person, and I saw this as a great way for us to spend some time together.
I created a new character and so did he (so that we could play together). The problem is that WoW really comes last in my life (not that this is a problem, but I have a point), and so he couldn’t wait for me to find time to play WoW. He leveled his character all the way to lvl 70, and now I mostly play by myself. I am still only on lvl 43, which is amazing seeing as I play only about five to six times a month, but must admit that if all my work is up to date, my friends and family are all busy and I have nothing better to do, I could easily spend the whole day playing WoW.
I really do enjoy the game and personally do not have a problem with the game itself other than I feel I am wasting money playing just a few times a month.
I do realize that there is a great problem with addiction when it comes to WoW and I do not mean to be insensitive when I say that you shouldn’t blame the game. Personally I feel where children are addicted, to the extent that they wont go to school anymore, the parents are to blame!
I use the game to relax and enjoy myself. I have even made a new friend in WoW and we actually hang out in the real world! It is a persons own responsibility to keep it under control, and it is up to them to decide how much time is appropriate to spend in the WoW world. It is the easiest to blame the game (which is a dead thing), when it is a conscious person with FREEWILL, who cannot control their own habits.

OMG. I quit “WOW” ages ago. My social skills plumeted so low that i would find it hard to take the rubbish out incase a person i knew saw me and found it even harder to relate to my own family members.
A complete drain on life and utter waste of time. my /played was about 50 days, i had a lvl 60 hunter and many other’s.
While playing the game i improved NO skill’s at all and my vocabulary and spelling hit rock bottom due to the other participants ingame.
i agree with you totally Rob that this game is a complete waste of time and even more of money.
although i cant help you with the how to make your 29 year old son quit because quitting WOW waas my new year resolution.
i have not played this new ‘TBC’ and am intrigued by these new characters and items in the game.
the things stopping me from re-playing WOW is the fact that i gave my account away. But i know it was a great trade because i couldnt be more happy with a real social life than living one through a fictional character.

i’ve playe dwow for a year now.;got 2 chars lvl 70
we raid karazhan & some lower instances..almoost rdy for gruuls lair..
anyhow this game is rly addictive…but i wont quite.. 2 much fun..
my played time in this year is 111days
so if u wanna know how addictive it is…
dunno much else to say

yep totaly agree
doing fun things
interacting with others online
complete waste of time……………
right, its a game.
YOU and only YOU control how much time you put into it. so you decide when its too much time.
and unless your aiding organisations like greenpeace or warchild etc, you should just delete your last part

I’ve been into this game for almost 2 years. In that course of time, I’ve put off all the things I usually love to do like mountain biking, gym activites, and my work has suffered unrepairable damage (being self-employed).
I’m not making any excuses, or blaming WoW in particular. I finally had a major breakdown last night, busted all my discs and deleted my accounts, deleted off my harddrive.
Life was seriously passing me by… I hope I can repair the damage that my excessive gaming has caused…
At this point, I can’t see anything positive that came about my WoW experience. Yes, very cool to play, but what has it got me? A friends list in WoW which I will most likely never meet?

I struggled with WoW for over a year and a half with 184 days /played before those around me intervened. Since then, I’ve been WoW-free. Life is so much better without WoW. Is it more comfortable? No, but the emotional satisfaction out of real life accomplishment is much greater.
If anyone else out there has struggled, check out my website. Feel free to get a forum account and post. Just trying to help out.

i just got world of warcraft recently ive been playing hours on end my parents hav said stop playing and limitte but you try and then hours can turn into more hours i need a way of controlling it email me plz
my name on warcraft is paulio (server:killrog

From my extensive experience, you really can’t break someone of the WOW habit unless they themselves can recognize the problem. Even then, just being aware that you have a problem is often not enough either.
The WOW environment allows you to translate real world time into amazing results no matter your intelligence level or ability. Every facet of the game really revolves around eating more of your time, because if it doesn’t, then people stop playing and move on, no longer giving 15 dollars a month to blizzard.
For instance, I can wash my 98 Honda Civic for 100 hours, but guess what… after all that time, its still a 98 Honda Civic. If I spend 100 hours in WOW, iI can turn my slow flying mount, into an ultra fast, ultra prestigious, EPIC flying mount. People will love me and praise me for being so awsome.
But right there is the problem. I found I played WOW so that I felt more important. I have a good job, a wonderful wife, and a nice apartment, but to me, all that was trivial compared to being a well respected and feared Hunter. Why be middle class working man when I can be renound on my server.
Then it hit me, after 2.5 years of 4-5 hours of WOW a night and my first born due in July, I realized my “hobby” had convinced me that I was a different person. I didn’t like going out to eat with my wife and her sister because it meant i wouldn’t be able to play. I wouldn’t go drink with my real buddies because my guild wouldn’t be able to kill the boss without me. I had tailored my entire life around this game, without even noticing it.
I stopped watching TV, I stopped answering my phone during raid time, I forgot that if my computer happen to die, my life would end. I stopped sleeping when it meant I had to miss a raid.
I sold my account yesterday, which will go towards getting my wife something nice, since she has had to pay dearly for the past 2.5 years. Even coming home from work my mind tried to convince me not to sell, to just quit and save the account. My addiction was strong, but i went ahead and sold it anyhow, changed the passwords, uninstalled the game. I was sad most of yesterday, but woke up feeling better about it this morning. It will take some time to acclimate to actually living my life again.
WOW is the ultimate game tailored to giving the average joe exactly what he wants. Not just an awsome character that makes him feel great, but a whole host of people willing to worship you if you only put in and give up your life like they have.
If you happen to not have something in your life worth leaving WOW for, I will be near impossible. I had 100 good reasons to leave and it took me 2.5 years… The worst part about being addicted is never really accepting it.

Actually, that information is available. And a mod could be made.
If you sent me an email. I’d be happy to make it for you. And of course, it has to be around my raid schedule. Gotta have my epics!

It’s just a game people. Sometimes people spend too much time on hobbies, which is what your doing.
A few lessons about responsibility would solve it.
Like wow says on thier loading screen “Take all things in moderation, including World of Warcraft”
Using a time to stop will put reality in check.

At this time reading this thread, I too am addicted to WoW. I have a lvl 70 rogue and have used gold farming/leveling services. That is probably why it is very hard for me to quit right now because of the time and money I’ve invested into the game. Until recently when i realized what I’ve missed as far a social life goes. Thankfully, Blizzard has implemented a parental controls system. Its not just for parents. It can be also used to moderate your playing time. I’ve set it to where i can only play 3 hours a day on weekdays and about 8 hours on weekends. Hopefully, this can also help people with the same problem.

While my adult son (almost 20) is still living at home, he placates me when I insist he either get a job or enroll in community college and plays WOW relentlessly. I work and sometimes I don’t see him for a couple of days because he stays in his room on the computer playing it. I can’t take much more.
There is a history of problems at home that play into this scenario – too lengthy to go in to. But short of actually evicting him, does anyone have any experience from a single mom’s point of view to assist me? Can I limit the time he plays? He says that doing that woul treat him as a child, but in the real world, not taking on any responsibility to contribute to the family is acting like a child.

What a realization. I am so fascinated with this string of stories, triumphs, failures and struggles. Thank you to all that shared their stories, as a new ex-WOW player these comments have had a profound impact on me.
It was embarrassing quitting this game to be honest. I had to admit to a close friend that I was too weak of an individual to simply turn off the computer and walk away. I had to have this person intervene on my behalf. Then I had to explain to my devoted ageing parents why their only son never answered their phone calls, came to help them when they needed it, and made plans with them only to break them. I am embarrassed to look in the mirror and see what stares back. An individual that wasted some of the precious limited time he has in this life to well….live.
I don’t know how long I played for. It was not long so I will not pretend to know what it is like to be a full-blown addict. I ask for no special consideration or praise. I only write this tonight because I feel that if I happen to stumble into another poor choice like this computer game I will hopefully remember the embarrassment and shame I feel now. If I happen to forget a copy of this post will always be available to me, I assure you.
Again thank you to all that shared your stories and I wish you well.

I am addicted to World of Warcraft. My marks at University have taken small hit, my job has not been affected. I can tell all of you now why this game is so addictive. It gives you a sense of community, somewhere you belong. I would quit but I would miss my friends that I have made too much. I have had the game for over 6 months and my played is likely to be over 60 Days. Thats 60x24Hours. I have bags under my eyes, and don’t go out unless I have to. Still I don’t want to quit…
Take my advice and don’t start playing.

i have a friend who has been playing WoW nonstop for several years at least, before that he was addicted to other games such as diablo 2 and generally has an unhealthy lifestyle (he’s fat and he’s only 20), i rarely ever see him anyways as i have my own life that involves mostly outdoor activity, and on the rare occasion that i see him he’s endlessly playing WoW… in fact the reason i’m even looking at this website is because i’m sitting at his house bored out of my mind because he invited me over and then he started playing WoW with headphones and talk set for hours, it pisses me off that he just doesn’t seem to care, i don’t think he has any other friends outside of WoW, i’m thinking the force him out of his bedroom and taking away all his power cords is the best approach… any suggestions to help out my loser friend?

This is very sad, I’m 13, and I play wow. My uncles got me addicted to the game, they are both lvl 70. At this point my main is a lvl 34 draenei, mage.I started wow on Valentines Day. Sad to say I want my parents to put parents control on, but the game is to addictive. It’s starting to take over my life. I don’t think I can live w/o wow! Not really that surprising, you think? Time passes so fast while playing wow, my total time played so far is about 15 days, to this point, which is to April, 2 2007. I need to get a life. Lucky I have a girlfriend. My school grades are going down, to me it’s like the end of the world! Wow is very addictive for those of you who do not know. For those of you who do not own the product, DO NOT purchase this product! For those of you who do, I suggest to uninstall the product and burn it!!

I play WoW. A lot. I like it. I don’t see anything wrong with it. What’s “more useful”? Well, I exercise regularly, so I’m not out of shape. I don’t hiss at the sun, I don’t pee in bottles, and I certainly haven’t lost my real life friends. However, because it brings so much joy to my life, and little destruction, I find nothing wrong with playing WoW. I’ve met plenty of people who I enjoy spending time with, even if it’s not physical. It’s a very social activity, in my opinion. Say what you will, but this life is meant to be enjoyed. And if there is so much joy in WoW that you’d rather do it than something else, like watch television, go for it! But that’s just my opinion.
~LvL 70 Tauren Druid, Uldum.

Play, don’t play. No biggie. I’m assuming that if anyone plays for a while it means they had fun. Cool, thats what the game is for. Eventually everything gets old, so stop playing – its not fun anymore. No biggie, now there are things that are more fun to do. Yeah, its tough to change your routine in the beginning, because you are used to it, but then you’ve got all new stuff to get bored with.
I really don’t see any issue. Live life, enjoy life. Whatever that means at the moment. Just because your priorities in life have changed, and what you enjoy has changed, doesn’t mean that that applies to everyone else.
I guess I’ve gone through many obsessions and addictions in life, I’ve played many, many video games, I’ve been sober 13 years. It is what it is, if your eye offends you pluck it out, but keep living and doing your best to enjoy your life, whatever that is.
“Real life” has plenty of pitfalls, obsessions, and addictions that can be far more dangerous than playing a video game. Even baseball can become an obsession, women, drinking, drugs, work, etc.
Balance is nice, but balance can also be boring. So, if you are having fun and your life gets a little unbalanced, so what? Enjoy the fun, and then set things right again. Thats life.

I used to play WoW…….After having realized that it was taking too much time to advance after level 60 i decided it was best to stop. I started playing during the summer of 06′ and stopped in December that same year. During that summer I had done nothing but go to work, come home play wow, rinse and repeat.. every day. When i finished school in december my grades suffered tremendously..One day i just logged on my computer and deleted the game and all the mods i used. Sometimes i get this urge to log back in and start playing, but I always ask myself, “What do i really want out of this game, what will happen after i get it?” “How will I and the others around
me(in real life) benefit?” Simple questions like these have kept me off WoW for 4 months.

I started playing Wow about 7 months ago, and a few days ago I was in a situation where either I go cold turkey on Wow on just resign myself to the fact that I was gonna waste my life due to a virtual world. Thankfully, something just clicked in my brain and I stopped playing and cancelled my payments. I didn’t delete my account etc cos I will of course start playing again but at a future date when I am in a position to play it casually. As many people have said, things start off nice and slow during lvling to 70, but once u get into a progessive raiding guild and start getting epic, it quickly becomes a totally different addiction. I was lucky (or unlucky) enough to join a raiding guild and quickly became the MT for the guild, so that basically meant I HAD to attend to ALL the raids or I felt like I was letting a lot of people down as the guild was gearing me up as the MT as I was getting all the tanking loot from all the end lvl raids such as Kara etc, anyway, during my time playing wow, a lot of things in my life suffered, my friendships, my uni work, my job etc, all suffered in one way or another. But since leaving wow, I feel really happy and fresh, I honestly feel like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders.
Of course, if you can play the game in moderation then please do so, as it is a pretty cool game and I was lucky enough to meet some really nice cool people through it, but if like me, you have problem in keeping it to a limit, then I strongly recommend u cancel ur subscription so that even if u are tempted to log in, u simply can’y.
Anyway, just my 2 cents 🙂

Well to begin i agree with both sides, WOW is a cool game and a colosial waist of time. I’ve been playing about 6 mo nad have a lvl 66 mage, I simply have other intrests, and wow dosen’t cover them, I now play casually(much to my friend’s dismay) and just desided to quit recently. I do know some of my friends who will keep from going out because they have to “help a guildy” and can be antisocial because of a stupid game. I do use it as a social out but that all it is now so whats the use of paying 15 bucks a month to be social? Play if you want, but don’t forget it is just a game and it really dosen’t matter in the REAL world.

I play world of warcraft, been doing so for over a year. It really isnt a bad thing, its social, fun, and overall, a huge waste of time. i could be doing better things, but i lost all my friends. 99% of my social buddies are online, playing, even at this moment. I think WoW is cool, but not 24/7 cool. I am starting to stop playing, and moveing on, but that doesnt mean i wont come back..dont start, wont need to stop. enjoy a real life, before you lose it to WoW. i learned the hard way, you dont have to.

Hey guys i play Wow, i got hooked form my friends at school and then i got my bro hooked and our game card ran out like 1 month ago and we didn’t bother re-newing it because we are taking a break and now i feel great leaving my 7 lvl 70s behind even though they are kick butt but it just isnt worth your time.

My husband and I have grown far apart due to this game. it is a time and realtionship stealer. I hope our marriage can be repaired. I can’t even get him to watch his favorite show, “The Daily Show.” with me- we made a contract. I would give up something dear to me, if he cut down on Warcraft- Just one group adventure and 2 hours per day on own. He couldn’t do it. Out marriage may be nearning its end. The game is not harmful in itself-but is more rewarding than everyday life is.

Ok everybody who play’s world of warcraft needs to seriously listen to me. You guys are just sad. Letting a stupid game take over your entire live’s like if your eight years old. Grow up and do something a little bit more productive with your time. Im telling you because my 26 year old brother has completely changed for the worse and pretty much wakes up goes to work comes home and its nothing but world of warcraft until like 3 in the morning.He can’t go an entire day without playing. It’s all he thinks about. That’s his life. What a waste. We only get one life and to waste pretty much all of your time on something so lame.Well lets just say I pity you guys who can’t stop from PLAYING A GAME. Seriously my brother is losing his girlfriend as we speak and soon he will lose his family for his ridiculous excuse of it’s just a game.It was just a game until he became addicted.He’s 26 and lives at home and does absolutely nothing but play world of warcraft.Wow what a life. Seriously please realize how pathetic this is. If it was just a game then there wouldn’t be all these websites talking about how its an addiction and how a 13 year old boy committed suicide after 36 hours of playing.Pathetic and sad to end a life that way don’t you think. Can you see how lame, pathetic,sad,ridiculous,and if i had more words to express this trust me i would list them all.

i love wow and am trying to give it up and itz hard really hard i would prefer to give up smoking then give wow up itz too good and giving up smoking is easier help me

Okay, i used to be addicted to World Of Warcraft, The way i quit is i deleted my 3 lvl 70’s (Yes, i know i was terribly addicted.) and made about 10 Human Paladin’s. I still had my addiction while i did all this and a tear fell from my eye when i deleted my 70’s. Anyways, i worked on all the paladins all humans, Once i was at my 5th i was soo bored of doing the same old quest’s and same spells. So, i quit. I Recently Got Bored Uninstalled it, and now i am addiction FREE! i still can’t believe it sucked my life out thorugh my eyes…
I recomend this to all you addicts out there!!! It’s really affective.
Draniwarrior (used to be)

I just want account name and password for lvl 70 account… i have never played on a lvl 70 before and i wont change password i just want to play in 24 hours and so i want to play more on lvl 70… but if i can buy your lvl 70 account i will buy it. 🙂

I think that an addict IS an addict, i mean if its not wow it would be drugs cigarrettes alcohol cards or whatever, the impulsive feeling of playing wow its just a consecuense of the addictive personality, im 26 and I´ve played videogames since I was 8, that didn´t stop me bein one of the best at school, practice martial arts or finishing my university career and working, I think all you have to do is organize your time and life, I been playin wow for two months now and before wow I´ve played many other games, that didint stop me having a girlfriend, partying with my friends and being responsable at work.
Just schedule your actvities and enjoy!

honestly its kind of sad what i hear here. if you can seperate your time and be responsible about it then thats your fault not anyone elses. honest to god i play i even rerolled a new character for the expansion but i dont lose my girlfriend, i still go to college everyday and attend classes, i still go out at night and club and party. honestly you need to be i guess a very aware person to play this game. i play maybe for an hour or 2 on the weekdays and raid on the weekend after ive gone out or done whatever it is i need to do. i dont really find myself wasting my life away or gettin confronted by my girlfriend saying things arent looking good for us. theres a phrase in game that says L2P well here one for real life. L2Manage your life better. its no different from playing kingdom hearts II or final fantasyX or Xman legends. its a video game that you want to beat the only thing is WoW is substantially bigger. if your life is falling apart cause you want to play a game then my sympathies to you.

Wow.. well, i haven’t been playing that long. Initially I feel as though I got very sucked in and recently I’m pulling away a little bit. I hate that people are blaming Blizzard, although I guess I can see why…. yes, it’s a very fun, very addictive game. What is saving me is that I’m not into dungeons so much and I”m really just into playing the game to do quests one at a time. Yeah..boring! Make sure to make time for your life.. real life. And keep it fun!

I am somewhat addicted to World of Warcraft. I go through stages. I have a level 70, 69, and a 48. I have played this game since it came out. I originally bought the game to humor a friend, who started to play too. I thought this would be good to spend time with him. I played very lightly at the time (about 10 to 12 hours a week total). I started to see that what I liked about the game was player vs. player, and I loved engaging in battle with other players. I got my brother involved, and we played side by side for hours. Then I went through a tragedy in my life, that left me totally empty. To fill my life, I began to seriously play WOW, at least 30 if not 40 hours per week. After a period of time went by, the pain from my tragedy was delt with, but I continued to play. I will try to sum up why I am addicted with the workings in my brain.
I am very competitive. I used to love playing sports. At work, I loved being the best and fastest programmer. If there is something I enjoy doing, I like being the best. Now take that into World of Warcraft. Reaching the maximum level is nothing. A new level 70 is a weak character compared to someone who has gotten good gear. Every where around me, characters are more powerful, by massive amounts. Often while playing on my account, these powerful players will come and kill you on sight for no reason. (They call this ganking). This is really just part of the game, but makes you feel helpless. But how long does it take you to get this good gear? Literally hours and hours if not days per piece of equipment. One way to get decent (but not awesome) piece of gear is by participating in pvp in battle grounds. Each game takes about 20 to 30 minutes, and you can usually have between 150 to 400 spending points after each battle. It also takes time to wait for the battle to begin, so you can tack on an additional 5 minutes per game. How much does one piece of gear take? Between 11000 and 30000 points. Now each character has at least 15 places for various types of gear, so take 15 * 16000(avg) / 300 avg points, and you have about 800 games, or 400 hours. Keep in mind that everyone who is dedicated to becoming powerfule is in a race to get this gear. So, if I don’t even want to play WOW, and want to head out to go swimming, or play with my daughters, my competitive drive is telling me that I am falling behind other players. This drives me to play more than I actually want to. This dedicated “grind” is necessary to stay competitive and enjoy the end game for me. Each time Blizzard releases a new patch, higher more powerful gear is out there, being obtained by other players, making me weaker relatively speaking, and thus renewing my need to work hard again to get back up into the competitive bracket.
Blizzard really designs this game to take people’s time, and they really need an overhaul of some of the game mechanics. They should alternatively let people start characters that are already leveled so that people can enjoy raiding if that is what they want. They should let people choose geared characters if they want to pvp. This would eliminate the “need” to grind to “play” when you want. There are creative ways I think that Blizzard could use to keep people interested and continue to play without making them slaves to the game from a time perspective.

How would you go about stopping somebody who doesn’t realise they have an addiction? My brother plays from when he;s home from work till sleep and it’s affecting his relashonship with his girlfriend because he treats her like shit. You ask him to do something and he can’t he’s “busy” playing fucking warcraft. She’s sick and asked him to get her something but he can’t he’s “busy” playing warcraft. I’ll be doing something important on the computer and I’m basically eatan alive. How do you stop people with addictions + short fuses?

well you guys iv ben playing game since i was 9 years old i am now 15 years old i played this game called counterstrike from 9 to 13 then i started WOW from 13 to 15 and i still play wow i think its a very good game and i dont think u should quit because u have some problem na because if u have a problem deal with it just play if u like it quit if u dont u lik me i quit Countstrike cuz i got board like my dad says when ru gonna get on that game and become a working man i work night shifts from 12 midnight to 8am and i play WOW from 1 to 11 thats my life i tryed to stop i just couldnt iv quit for a month or 2 and went back idk whats wrong if u can help me my aim is gokuryukama i need it sometimes and sometimes i think that no1 is waiting for me to quit and no1 rly cares about it if i quit but i hope som1 can help me 1 day i hope i can quit to i live a normal life and all but i cant get on this game idk why and idk when but 1 day it will happen thank god

i also have another addiction i also dont listen i zone out and i cant stop i dont pick the phone up i dont listen to people and some times it pisses every1 the hell off because they hate it and it only happens when im playing wow and again hlep me please

this is my only advice, play city of hereos instead! ive never played warcraft personally, i actually tried to make sure of that and reading this stuff makes me glad of my characters on coh. ive actually heard my older brother tell me that its better than wow, who plays it for himself. so yeah >.>

i have been playin this game sence it came out, i still play it i hate it but its so hard to stop playin it. dont start this game. i have 3 70s geared out. so its even harder for me. i have spend about 200days on all my chars. this is retarded. im workin my way to quiting. parents dont let ur kids even start to play this game. if i knew it would do this i would have never played it. im almost 20. and im goin no where in life with this game. writing this makes me feel better about quiting, i limit myself to playing this game now, and my longest time playing it was for 20 hrs i used to play this game min 8hrs a days. its a stupid game that sucks u in so far its hard to get out. here are some pointers cut off the internet at times limit the play time. kids will fight i used to give my mom a hard time when i lived with her but u tell them go outside play for a bit or do ur hw and i will let u play for 2-3hrs or whatever time. get them outta the house for a bit. if you want them to stop playing, be involved with them, do things with them watch a movie. like i said i have been through it all i have played this game from the day it came out. get ur kids to play other games if they like to play v-games such as like battle field 2 counter strike things like that. in WOW its hard to just get up and do something cuz example u spend 30 min getting somewhere u need to leave for 20 min u come back u have to spend another 30min getting back to where u ended from. the other games i talked about, u can come back just where u started off from. its a sick game get off it im stopping very soon just takes time.

You have made some excellent points about WOW.I have some major issues with it too. Firstly, I never would have dreamed of playing this game had it not been for my ex obessed husband. I eventually got the attitude if I can’t beat ’em ..join ’em. Then I actually started to like the game!!! GASP
The plan started to turn and twist into a nightmare beyond description… But I will do my best..
Night after night, I would find a special time to play the game ….meeting new people along the way. Some were cool and some were not-so-cool… Anyway, I even became GM of a guild with over 500 ppl at one time. GASP
YES!!! This whole thing had completely had me in its grasp… Not to mention the 8000 PVP and 15000 HP I had on my lv 44 hunter… I was the BG queen…always taking my frustration out on some gnome or dwarf…wishing for sometime it was my husband and how angry I had become because I was now becoming addicted myself.
Of course he had like 5 or 6 lv 70’s and always was on too… Then one day I said IVE HAD IT… And I went in after I found that he was talking to some chick that I can’t stand that really had no business psting my hubby in the 1st place.. ARGGG
Okay ::::::::::BREATHING:::::::::::
Alright, I’m cool. Besides I told myself….It’s just a freaking video game!?!? I went in and deleted his 70 and then of course he restored it. I even deleted mine…
Now heres the kicker….we are getting a divorce and I’m still playing…
Is it safe to say…WTF!?!?!?
Thanks for the article and I’m competely there… but I totally regret it =)
~Frustrated D

Having read all of the comments above, I’m still in shock as to how a freakin game can take over perfectly good lives.
I just got married about 5 months ago and my husband’s addicted to WoW. he’s only started playing less than 2 months now but he’s already showing the signs all of you mentioned.
I was talking to him when he said ‘hold on..’
more than an hour later, i’m still waiting while he continues playing like there’s no tomorrow.
I’m honestly concerned.
I was hoping that this is just a phase. but realising that WoW is a neverending game, i’m pretty much screwed aren’t I?
Help please?
I read a comment from someone about how his/her friend was ‘saved’ and that person mentioned a link. I couldnt find the link though.
Can somebody please help me?
I’m seriously worried.

Five days ago I stopped the WOW account for my son who is 16 years old . When I got him WOW for his birthday 18 months ago I had no idea that it would take up so much time. He did nothing else but played WOW. He couldn’t come to dinner because he was always in the middle of an instance. He never goes to parties, he’s given up his band, he never does homework (and he is in his final year of school) and he has never had a girlfriend and he never goes out.
He is now devastated and depressed and feels angry with me. He just sits in his room looking gloomy and empty. He said his life is now empty with no meaning. He said he now has to listen to stupid people all the time instead of his guild members and people he felt close to. It’s like I ruined his life. I got him to read some of these posts – but he argued with every point of view expressed here. How long do you think he will feel like this? When will we get him back to the family? He sees nothing wrong with playing 10 hours (or more) a day and never joining in on family functions. He even missed his favorite cousins 20th birthday recently because he didn’t want to leave his computer. The worst occasion, and when I started realising how bad it is, is when a good friend of his (and the family) had a serious car accident and after weeks in a coma and brain damage that has affected her speech (we all thought she was going to die) and when she finally came out of the coma and after months of rehabilitation she came to visit and he ignored her because he was playing WOW. She was understandably very upset by this.
When can I expect some recovery? Howlong will this desolation last? How can I help him?

I am 15 years old, I’ve been playing like 2 years. it started with about 4 hours per day, but now i play all the time, i play whenever i can. and if i’m not home i’m thinking of how much honor or what level i could have got of i were home playing. atm i have four level 70, a night elf priest, a draenei shaman, a dwarf warrior, a draenei hunter and a bunch of around level 40 chars. All on the same realm.
Actually i feel kinda bored when i play, but i totally lost my fantasy to do something else.
i know if i delete all my characters i am going to start after a 1 month time again at level 1.
my grades a school are bad. but the was good before i got addicted.
If my mum and dad wont let me play or cut hte power or something i use violence.
It’s terrible cause we never stop fighting.
I know i should do some homework for my feauture but i never do it cause i just drawn into the game.
and without wow i loose alot of ingame friends and people i know at school playing wow, without wow i feel like nothing.
Please help me!! btw, i’m from Norway

I just told my daughter, 20, she is done with WOW. A friend told me about the problems of other parents, so I came home and googled WoW. After reading, I calmly explained to her she was done with WoW, I would not pay for it and if she continued to play she would have to leave the house. After working a year, she said she was ready to go to college. So we forked out the money. Just before Thanksgiving, she called from college to say she was losing it was too far behind. I had to withdraw her from college before she flunked everything and got her a counselor as soon as she got home. The therapist said she basically had a breakdown. So, after researching WoW and talking to parents, I asked her if she got behind because of playing WoW instead of going to class and studying and she admitted it. So, goodbye online playing for her and I may have to remove the computer from her room if I get every slightly suspicious. I printed out other addict’s stories and showed her the symptoms of gaming addiction by a Harvard psych who started a clinic to treat gammer addicts. PARENTS watch your kids and do not let them play. When I asked her what her playing time was using the /player from above, it was over 80 DAYS! She will be attending community college in the fall. What a waste, a bright math/science student, put out her own fire with a GAME!!

Dude WoW is not an addiction… If you feel your wasting time playing the solution is simple “log out from WoW, turn off the PC.” As for the kids well of course kids play video games to excess its normal because usually kids have curfues, or their friends from school live far away so WoW is a great way for them to have fun with their friends. Myself I’m 19, most of my friends have gone off to various universities around the UK and so we all keep in touch and some of them happen to play WoW. The fact is, is yes sometimes you can spend too much time on WoW but its not the games fault its YOUR fault for allowing yourself to spend that much time on a game. If you’re a parent of a child “addicted” to WoW then simply cancel to the account or put parental filters on the account that only allow a set amount of time gameplay or on a certain time frame. Its about taking control of your own lives rather than having someone tell you what to do. Wake up take responsibility and most of all have fun. WoW is fine so long as you take it for what it is, a game, nothing more. I think the problem is alot of people get wrapped up and stressed out over the game but thats their problem not the games problem I mean I’ve seen this happen on a ton of games from the Xbox to Monopoly, the fact is though that these games are escapism and without that we’d lead pretty depressing lives what with all the war, hate, backstabbing, and heartache that goes on this world. Peace out guys.
Simon – UK

If you seriously want to quit, do what I did…as I was playing the game for at least 2 years. I created my own server and it totally sucked the fun right out of that game. I was a GM equiv and I could pretty much do what I wanted. It was hard to go back to a live server and “play by the rules”. I had no desire to play again after that. Because they hook you by creating items, quests and levels that are not that easy to obtain. i.e. do this….and get this…for x hours. Grinding, Raiding, whatever.
I saw a good co-worker of mine get sucked into this game. He ended up getting fired because he couldn’t make it to work on time… on the days that he actually showed up.
The game is fine in moderation, but let’s face it. These games are not created to have you play an hour or two a day.
That’s my opinion on the matter.

thanks for the help man. ive been on and off wow for about 1 year now after been playin it for about 2 years. today i typed /played and realized that my main 70 rogue had 62 days worth of playtime. i calculated all my other characters play time and it added roughly up to 90 days. after seeing that many hours i realized that its time for me to grow up and move on away from wow. thanks man.

I’ve been playing this game on and off for the last three years, never over-the-top and it never became a ‘problem.’ Eventually I thought it would be fun for me wife to join me, so we set up her account and now she plays this game anywhere from 4-6 hours a day, longer on the weekends. She does not help around the house, which in all fairness is her usual MO, but this is simply another excuse for her lack of participation. After work, it’s basically all she does. Understand that this is not the fault of the game – it is the fault of the person who cannot control their time, and has no desire to change their behavior. In the case of my wife, if she wasn’t doing this she’d be doing something equally useless, and she’d have a dozen bad excuses why that’s OK, too.
I enjoy the game. I enjoy it when friends come over with their laptops and we run an instance or just quest. I enjoy spending the occasional 2-3 hour evenings working over a character I haven’t played in a long time. I guess I am just one of those people who don’t let it take over my life. Wish I could say the same for my wife. WoW may be the beginning of the end of my marriage. But it is not the fault of the game – it is the fault of the gamer who, in this case, would be as out-of-touch with the needs of her family if she had never heard of Teldrassil. So thanks, Blizzard, for speeding up the inevitable demise of my marriage. When the smoke clears, I’ll still be young enough to move on.

My son is in his mid 30s. He makes all types of excuses to no longer look for a real job, and only takes some day labor when it’s absolutely necessary. He prefers to stay up all night to play WoW and sleep until late afternoon. There are times I have to shout at him to bathe. He doesn’t know I know but he often urinates in plastic bottles so he doesn’t have to leave his WoW game. I know this because his older brother showed me where he piled the bottles up, without even bothering to empty them. He lives off of the sympathy of family members mostly, or he just wouldn’t eat. He has no friends, male or female left. At his age I have no legal rights to get him help, and I have confirmed this, so what do I do? How can I help him, because he has already lost over a year to this insidious “game”, and life is leaving him in the dust.
Thank you,
A worried mom

The one considering an abortion has a much bigger problem than her wow addicted husband. Killing your own baby makes you a murderer. Not telling your husband will make it your decision only? Well it will be in the dark for a short while til you face God’s judgment. Sure the husband has a problem but you don’t kill your baby over it. That’s selfish and evil.

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