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How to attract Jeff Bezos' attention…

So Jeff Bezos has invested in 37signals, which follows on nicely from his previous investment in Biddulph and I have been thinking about this, and following the pattern we have determined that the next three companies that Bezos is likely to invest in will start with 31, 25 and 19. According to Google Sets they are also likely to end, respectively with ‘functions’, ‘description’ and ‘options’. Since there doesn’t appear to be anything at the end of, or I can only recommend that aspiring entrepreneurs should consider buying them immediately. I’m going to cut for the chase and go for as having the lowest possible number and longest string of letters that I can find. How can I fail!

4 replies on “How to attract Jeff Bezos' attention…”

I think he’s going after prime numbers only, and the next companies more likely start with 29,19 and 13.

Just go with the LOST numbers … 4 8 15 16 23 42… then maybe ABC and Jeff Bezos could work out some kinda cross marketing deal. 😉

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