A week in the US nears its end…

Given that I’ve been running around like a lunatic for the last month or so – and I never have more than ten minutes to sit still in any one place – I guess I should stop trying to write long posts for a bit and just report on location. I am in Sebastopol at FOOCamp, I spent the previous week between Berkeley and San Francisco presenting things and brainstorming and working generally ridiculously hard (but making it look easy) while hanging out with Simon and Biddulph and Paul and Cal and a whole bunch of other neat people. It’s been a really really challenging and fascinating week but it’s shortly about to end just as I’m starting to get into my flow. Tonight I drop off Simon and Paul at the airport and then tomorrow I fly back to the UK. I’m there precisely two weeks and then I’m back in the Valley for the next Future of Web Apps conference. Travel, travel, travel. Fun, fun, fun. Tired, tired, tired.

I’m not even going to try to digest my thoughts about all the things I’ve seen or heard or been talking about yet – it’s hardly practical given that I’ve also got a post in front of me that I started writing a month ago which was just trying to detail where I’d been travelling recently that I didn’t manage to finish. I’m going to try and take some time next week to flush my brain onto paper, but I’m afraid if you want to know any more you’ll have to wait a little. In the meantime, here’s something to whet your appetite about some of the less formal things we’ve been doing with our time:

I’ll explain that one in a little more detail soon. Promise! In the meantime you can see the picture in context over on Paul Hammond’s photostream!

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