Do you like crisps?

It’s been getting such a lot of entertaining responses on Flickr that I thought maybe I should post this little creation of Paul Hammond and Simon Willison more publically:

I mean, who’s going to say no to that?

More seriously, it’s probably indicative of my just-returned-from-holiday state that I can’t cohere enough of a thoughtstream together to actually write proper posts. Hopefully this image is enough to tide over a weblog temporarily gone to the dogs. Right? Right? I’m sure I’ll be back on sparkling literary form shortly – I’ve got a bunch of things I want to talk about in more depth when I get a bloody moment. In the meantime, the comments on the Flickr thread are almost funnier than the thing itself. Much recommended…

One reply on “Do you like crisps?”

i like to know where i can print plastic bag for crisps.
do you know where i can print plastic bag for crisps, if so, could you please let me know. please you can mail me back.

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