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Should that be ‘The UK alert level has been lowered and hand-luggage can *now* be taken on planes again?’

i was talking about circumcision a few weeks ago and during the conversation realized that because of the way i was raised, i had never even considered *not* circumcising my boys. that is just the way you did things. someone asked me why and without even thinking, i said something about how it was cleaner and that boys wanted to look like their fathers. my friends explained over the next hour just how dumb that was. : ) funny how even when i’m trying to be consciously aware, i miss so much early programming in my self. but the health risks in africa are a whole other thing.

The whole circumcision conclusion is a bit shocking.
An article in the International Journal of STD and AIDS published this in 1999, stating that after reviewing 29 of the 35 articles or abstracts available they found the idea of using circumcision to prevent AIDS scientifically unfounded.
Tom, I think the news story your referenced is based on this study. Which is a mathematical model using the data gathered from the Orange Farm trial.
It is hard to know how to react to conflicting information like this.

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