Superman vs. Wikis…

It’s not really versus as such. I went for the sensationalist title. Apologies. Anyway, a depowered Clark Kent in the latest issue of >52 has an assistant use a wiki to look up a weird alien creature that has appeared in the middle of Metropolis holding a submarine in its maw. Reminds me of the time a few months ago I discovered that Ms Marvel was writing a weblog in-comic. Like, “Today I got totally into this fight with this guy and I used my super punching but he just wouldn’t stay down and then… etc.” Awesome. Next month, Wonder Woman spends all day on You Tube…

For those of you who can’t get through the very bad picture, it reads, Wow, that was a good guess… Here we go! Ballostro, a mythic protocrustacean beast rumored to attach itself to seacraft in search of land prey. S’pose we can wiki out the word ‘rumored’ right, Mr Kent?

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Last episode of The Venture Brothers (on the Cartoon Network), the Monarch says something like: “I met her on my LiveJournal! Yes, I’ve been BLOGGING.” I nearly did a spit-take.

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