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Links for 2006-10-17

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>> …and will try my hardest not to ask about the URLs on his own site
>> which are … less than beautiful. I know it’s cheap to bring it up,
>> and I apologise in advance. But…
LOL! Thanks for the link. *YES*, many of the urls on my blog SUCK!!! I hate it!!!! It’s dasBlog, dontcha know? ASP.NET running on IIS6. Grrrrr.
That’s one of the (many) reasons why I started because most people developing web applications give lip service at best to quality URLs, *especially* on the MICROSOFT platform. I spent 12 years in that environment, and am just coming out of my shell! Seriously, that is the topic of a long blog post I hope to write soon; why I previously limited to Microsoft and why I am now expanding my horizons beyond Microsoft, but not foresaking them completely.
I’m hoping maybe you’ll spend a little time over at if you think of anything about URLs you want to document…
I’ll be launching the Blog for real soon now, and it will be on WordPress w/much nicer URLs. 🙂

and the result is extremely classy and cool and of significantly higher quality than much of the recent South Park episode…
Funny you should mention that. Both that video and the South Park machinima episode were made by the same folks.

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