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Re: Lost moving to Sky One.
Yes it will annoy some but for the rest of the non-US fans, we’ve already seen 3 episodes of series 3, haven’t we. Until the TV networks get over this non-sensical delay between broadcasting in the US and over here then is it any wonder the torrent sites are FULL of US shows?

Indeed – nice HDTV versions, too.
Actually, we’ve decided that to stay sane it’s best to watch LOST episodes two at a time, at fortnightly intervals. Then you don’t have quick such a continuous stream of cliffhangers…

Yes Moo cards. Break one big image down into a 100 fragments each with a URL on the back – post out to users with instructions (on back) to come together to reassemble image either in person or online. Variation: Image could be a hi def map with geocaching instructions for treasure …

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