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That Motorola phone is awesome. I’ve never liked their software interface, but their hardware design has always been to a good standard.
It doesn’t mention anywhere if the phone does SMS. It would seem like a good idea given that SMS can be cheaper than actually making a call over long distances and it would open new revenue streams for the providers.
If the phone did SMS then I would be very tempted to pick one of those up to replace the Sony Ericsson I have.
Mobile phones went wrong a few years ago, they finally got small, usable and with good battery life… and then came video, cameras, mp3 players, radios.
A durable mobile phone that just does calls and texts, sounds like a dream come true. Perfect for an emergency phone to be kept in the car or to take out drinking.
Good find.

I enjoyed The Departed but I think its impact was diminished for me by having previously watched Infernal Affairs which it’s a sort-of remake of, and which I felt told the story better (more concise, though the action take place over a longer time scale of 7 years rather than 1, and a less overbearing soundtrack).
I’d be intersted to know how the films compare with one another if you watch them in the other way ’round though.

I’m not convinced Motorola have got it quite right with that phone–and I say that as someone who bought the cheapest, most basic phone available last time (happened to be a Motorola and—having reached a point in my mobile phone life where all I want are the basics—I’m very happy with it).
I live in a household of six people. That’s six phones. Six phones for things to go wrong with. In the past year three of us have had to replace our phones and a fourth is currently looking for a replacement. We all—along with friends who have bought phones recently—have bought bottom end. It just doesn’t make financial sense to spend a lot of money on a phone that, odds on, you won’t get more than a year’s use out of.
Motorola may have the cheap bit right, but a super-slim phone with an energy-saving display doesn’t hold much appeal (apart from the obvious initial hey-that’s-cool moment). Give us a solid, robust phone that can survive an emergency running home from the bus station in the rain call and we’d be lined up down at the local phone shop (for some appalling customer service from an 18 year-old who can’t even spell Motorola let alone tell you what features it has).

Thought you’d like the Departed … Meant to talk to you about it actually …. best thing I’ve seen this year… (although Slither was good… mmm Nathan) ….

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