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Links for 2006-11-12

  • ‘Brilliant’ Bond seduces critics I’m surprisingly excited about the new Bond film, and am delighted to hear that it’s getting generally good reviews, although after my Borat experience I’m not sure whether to trust them…
  • Check out Flickr’s new maps for London. This is stunningly good stuff… Yahoo and Flickr now have good maps for Britain and the rest of Europe as well, which should help the whole geotagging thing really fly outside the US. I’ve known this was coming for a while, but it doesn’t make its arrival any less welcome…

2 replies on “Links for 2006-11-12”

I think you can trust those reviews. Daniel Craig is an excellent actor, he has proven that already, so why shouldn’t he be able to pull it off? Because he has blond hair? I can’t believe people were judging him on his hair colour. He is going to be great, he looks great too, interesting face. Can’t wait to see the film.

I have to agree, the Bond film is an unexpectedly exciting prospect for me. The fatigue I showed after Die Another Day has all evaporated and I’m unashamedly excited now.
Although, the new Sony Vaio ads have jarred me a little.

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