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Some links that missed…

I normally manage all my links through but for some reason the other day my normal publishing routine failed to work just as I’d linked to a hundred thousand things. So here is what that post would have looked like, carefully recreated by hand:

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The flickr map update is a big improvment. shame they havent bothered to get better satellite photos though – this would make it even better! – rules for there uk satellite photos.
As for the soldiers launching fireworks from rectal regions – funny!- reminded me of that scene from the first jackass movie!

Tom, FYI, the Japanese Mac ads feature a famous comedy duo, the “Ramens” who also were in the “sushi” video that was popular earlier this year (the parody on how to eat sushi.)

Wow, that fstdt link is just plain horrifying. I realize that it is probably a carefully crafted list representing the worst of the worst, but it still shocks me how ignorant and violently opinionated these people are. They also seem as a group incapable of anything approaching correct grammar or spelling.

Totally agree with the need for a free UK geocoder service. Im trying to implement mapping onto a website, and im screwed because you cant seem to be able to do UK address-geocode lookups without having to pay for expensive licences! – This is free pretty much everywhere else in the world!

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