To live in interesting times…

I just thought I should probably post something to say that I’m not dead, that instead I’ve just managed to hit tax season, tight deadlines, a few small speaking engagements in a row (more on those later) and one pretty terrifying life-changing decision all at the same time. More on all of these later, but at the moment it’s nose back to the grindstone.

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Good luck with the overarchingly life-changing decision dear boy. I find it’s always a good idea to have plenty of Diet Coke and Jaffa Cakes at hand during these moments.

My guess is you’re thinking of moving to the US.
As an expat myself (Italy -> UK), and judging from what I can see makes you tick, I’d say go for it.
Uprooting oneself is not easy stuff (and gets trickier as one gets older), but can be a life-changing and very enriching experience.

You’re not selling yourself as a sexslave, right? Autotrafficking is the next big thing if you ask me. Cutting out on the middleman. Makes sense.
Well, I wish you luck anyways. Let’s hope you are leaving Yahoo to save the world, “getting married” or something happy. (However that could be “pretty terrifying”..)
[Did I say I’d never talk to you again? Compulsive liar. I’m better now thanks anyway, and hopefully I’m keeping away from being an arse. You tell me.]

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