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51. some of them I recognized because of watching Borat, made me look at a map of Kasakstan. That and I had a world map shower curtain as a kid.
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That’s so weird. This morning when I woke up I was just thinking about wanting to find a website that I can use to learn the names and locations of countries better. This is a good step! I got 35 and didn’t think I did very well, though.

36 here as well. I’d have thought I’d do better, but they were mostly states that I knew to be somewhere in Africa, but it’s a big continent.

I got 54. But I don’t really know what that’s out of – 100 I guess? Maybe you lose points when you get one wrong. I have a world map shower curtain too; a geography lesson each time you take a dump 🙂

I got a 58 my first time through, but I’m not sure I understand the scoring based on the 20 countries chosen. I’m forwarding this to a middle school teacher who needs to get her kids more involved in world affairs.

I got a 61. The interface screwed me up, though… the zoom and scrolling could be easier. Ah well. Still fun and I wish I could play it all day. (It’d also be helpful if it would identify the ones you missed, so you could actually learn instead of just feeling punished…)

I always loved maps (it’s the only reason I know anything about history, cos old maps changed more and so were much more interesting).
First attempt: 82 (let down by some ickle African countries that I get all mixed up).
Third (or fourth) attempt, when I had fewer small countries to click on (and after discovering the zoom): 92
I’m feeling suitably smug now, so I’ll stop ;o)

The maximum score must be 200, right? 20 countries times the number of dots you’ve left when you find the country (you start with 10, counting down, plus the withdrawal of a punishment everytime you miss). So it’s speed, accuracy and knowledge.
(I got 76 when I tried again, but I got much easier countries this time too.)

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