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re: pixelotto. It is really creepy and it’ll definitely work.
We through around a similar idea in the very early days on BBC Online. our only target was ‘reach’ at that point (reach, reach, reach, nothing else) so one notion was to abandon creating any content at all, and just getting UK internet users to visit a simple page where they would have to enter their email address and answer a simple (or not so simple question). At the end of the year we’d give away the ¬£20m budget as a prize.
No-one bought the idea but it did serve to illustrate the we weren’t just about ‘reach’ but also in some sense about some kind of audience/customer engagement.

RE: Octogenarians sing ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay
Did you see the documentary about these guys on channel 4 last week? It was slightly too long but generally excellent, the performance you link to had added poignancy when you know the back story.

Re: Chiho Aoshima – go. It’s wonderful in person – love going through Gloucester Road on the District line, although you have to get out onto the platform to really look at it all. Wonderful to have it online too – thanks for the link!

Aren’t Alexa stats kinda obsolete in the “sensible websphere”, anyway? I mean, I’m quite sure most Firefox users don’t send user data to Alexa (is there even an extension that sends back user data from Firefox?), and I’m also quite sure that most sensible people who for some reason use Internet Explorer don’t use the rather intrusive and ugly Alexa Toolbar application.
At least that’s what I like to think when I look at the rankings and the bullshit sites that rank high especially here in Sweden. Yes, most Swede’s are idiots, but it can’t be that bad.. please?

Chiho Aoshima. Definitely worth seeing in person.
No longer commuting through Gloucester Road twice a day is one of the few things I miss about having changed jobs earlier this year. I just managed to catch the beginning of that exhibition before the change and I’ve been failing to get round to getting my girlfriend (and, more importantly, her substantially superior prowess with a digicam) to Gloucester Road ever since.
We’ve only got til late January‚Ķ :o)

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