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“For this reason it has recommended that the BBC’s on-demand service reduces from 13 weeks the planned amount of time that users could keep downloaded programmes.”
How do they plan to that then? More evil DRM?

@Julian: The BBC’s on-demand video services via the iPlayer have always intended to be DRM-based. Both the executive summary and the 100+ page report note that it will initially be Microsoft Windows-only: I think they should have gone much further than they did in recommending that the BBC pursue a system which doesn’t lock in so closely with one provider.
While i think Ofcom have gone too far in some of their recommendations, it’s important to remember that everything they say only applies to services coming directly from the licence fee (i.e., at no additional cost). Anything that gets ruled out by the Public Value Test can still be implemented by BBC Worldwide, the Corporation’s commercial arm.

I have some common concerns about the medium but think he’s wrong because it is about its potential not its current use. Its like saying books are shite becasue of Maeve Binchy and Jeffrey Archer and everyone will end up being isolated. Modularity can be catalysed.
I’m more interested in your notion of ‘Being British’. In terms of the media its interesting that the notionally ‘national’ media has reported the new teaching Britishness classes ignoring the fact that this is true in England but not Scotland.
Education = Devolved
Broadcasting = Reserved
There is complete ignorance of this fact in the ‘British’ media. Blogs are useful.
Happy Burns Night from

BBC is just a joke.. Their licensing system – How applying for buying their shows to broadcast in other countries needs you to use Internet Explorer – and how they don’t answer to serious request.
BBC = a joke.

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