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this annoys me – I only just brought a new shuffle! – im not too bothered about the fancy colours – but more pee’d of with the fact they now come with new super improved ear phones with a slimmer profile, better sound quality and even a lemon fresh scent! – Darn you Mr Jobs!!!

I’ve always been of the belief that the iPod Shuffle was designed primarily for people who want to listen to listen to music, but want very little control over the songs they hear.
Me, my music is exceedingly varied. If I put my iPod on shuffle, I think my head would probably explode eventually. Some fine Bach organ piece followed immediately by Kate Bush and then Disturbed and perhaps a clip from America: The Book. All excellent by themselves, but the shuffle makes my brain sore.

If they’d do one with pink and orange stripes I’d have to seriously consider picking it up. I’ve lost mine six or seven times since I got it a month ago … the little clip isn’t strong enough, and it falls off and it’s just too hard to see against the visual clutter that fills my environment.

I have a shuffle, bought after my work PC was locked down so no more iTunes. Each morning, I load it up with a couple of long trance mixes and whatever couple of albums, podcasts, etc., I feel like listening to that day. It’s enough music for a day at work and not too hard to navigate.

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