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I saw that Mac rant yesterday and thought it was awesome.
I’m not a Mac fan, and though I wouldn’t go to quite the degree Charlie did, I do generally go along wiht the points he was making.
I hated the original I’m a Mac/PC ads when I saw them on the internet, they are misleading, and bias to the point of lying.
My PC VERY rarely crashes and I don’t get issues with viruses. I may not be the average computer user, but I can show an average computer user how to protect their machine in about 30 minutes using a couple of free apps and some explaining.
But even if I get away from the misleading idea that Windows is always crap and crashes for everyone, all the time, I’m left being the grey suited, pasty looking social inept. Er, really? I’m boring because I use a PC? And if I go buy a Mac I’ll turn into a trendy guy?
I scoff at other companies who do that (like razor brands), and when Apple do it, my reaction is the same.
Some of the Mac fan responses to that rant are quality as well ๐Ÿ™‚
“And the reason there are far more games available for PCs than for Macs is because Mac users have better things to do with their time that fannying around getting some unfeasibly-breasted posh totty to another level, while making her flash her arse at the same time, then stropping when their Mum comes in to ask if they want an eggy and some soldiers.”
So not generalising at all then, obviously that’s a clear and valid arguement….. ahem…
Those better things seem to invlove editing home video and images, and er, using the internet…..
Still, I hadn’t meant to rant away in your comments, just say how much I enjoyed the article, and that I can identify where he’s coming from, and the perception of Mac fans when they go over the top (which lets face it, is fairly often).

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