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I just use Apple Mail to be honest. I don’t file anything. Everything’s done with smart mailboxes. It’s a bit odd, and slow at times but it basically works. Maybe it’s just the shitloads of RAM I use.

“I’ve never been totally convinced that GTD stuff works for those territories where you have to mull or let things gestate or circle around them before coming to conclusions.”
I suppose the important thing here is not to lose track of stuff that is gestating in the background. GTD can handle that. Not everything is a two-minute action. This kind of thing is a more long-term project, which is fine.
Name the project “Big Special Creative Thing” and give it a next action of “Mull over creatively special options”. Stick the action in a context called @Gestate and every time you do your GTD review, ask yourself if the mulling is complete yet.
If so, work out your next action and proceed. If not, just leave it there and mull it over for a while longer. I’m not the purest of adherents to GTD, but I reckon this approach is pretty much in line with The Gospel According To St David.

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