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I’ve talked at length with both Apple sales and some Apple server guys about the possibility of doing just that and their responses were in the affirmative. That was pre-release, but word was that you could hook up a USB2 hub and daisy-chain drives.

as long as you’re making sure that there’s enough airflow in that cupboard (as even usb drives can, on occasion, get quite hot) i wouldn’t think there’s any problem with it.
another issue could be: if the extreme doesn’t let the drives spin down when not in use (and i don’t know whether it does or not, so worth checking), you’re looking at a constantly spinning set of drives which may increase your chance of wear and tear (read failure), apparently.

You might want to look into getting a dedicated networked disk.
Of course you might be wanting to wi-fi that comes with the Airport Express but if that’s incidental then a networked disk should work out cheaper. have a 500gb one for under ¬£200

It sounds great if you don’t plan to transfer lots of big files (ie video), and if you do use a network cable not wireless.
As far as sharing files over wireless is concerned, you really need to be happy with the encryption, otherwise don’t bother!

I looked into doing this too (attaching a disk, chained by firewire to a bunch of others.) I came across a couple of issues: 1) No Raid support, so it would only be good as a backup. 2) Loads of power supplies. 3) No gigabit ethernet on the Airport Extreme, so there’s no alternative to the sluggish performance – by comparison – to a disk directly connected to your mac.
I ended up going for a Buffalo Terastation Home Server that’s running an AFP share connected to a gigabit ethernet router. I might add 802.11n, but having the choice of 54g or 1000T is much more useful for me at the moment.

I had thought about this myself! – they seem pretty nice! – My old router (an ugly draytek blue lump) allows for shared printers to be connected via usb, but not hard disks, and this seems a great idea! – I was personally thinking of sticking it in some fire proof cupboard and using it as a safe backup! – but these cupboard tend to be made of thick metal making the wireless reception almost useless!

You need a little app to auto add your airport disks , you don’t just ‘see’ them in you network, which to me makes it quite a bit less instantly useful than it could be. Furthermore there is just the one usb port. Not sure if daisy chaining a whole bunch of disks would actually work. I’d like to see you try though… 🙂

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