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I think the atheism analogy works quite well, actually.
“How about you? Have you got a hobby?”
“Oh, I do this and that. But let me make one thing absolutely clear, I don’t collect stamps. I never have collected stamps, I hope I never do collect stamps and, before you ask, I don’t feel my life has a stamp-shaped hole in it.”
This is why people who don’t care much about their ungodliness ungodly like the word ‘agnostic’ (and also why people who do care don’t).

Wow, I just brought up Jenny Everywhere at the Northern Voice conference, during a session nominally about collaborative creativity, but which was really an ad-talk for a closed-source, copyright-enforced, for-profit (but user contributed) comic book.
They had never heard of Jenny Everywhere, and seemed slightly disturbed that I would bring up an open-source comic during their pitch.

As for the Plato quote, you got your answer in the MF thread. Maybe to add that this is in Benjamin Jowett’s 19th century translation (and reformulated into a conciser version of Socrates’ metaphor). Other translators might have used different terms.

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