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Links for 2007-03-09

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The Nokia site works on my Mac with Safari. If you check out the activity monitor (Window→Activity, or ⌘⌥A), it's loading two quite large Flash movies while it's doing the 'Loading the Internet' thing. If you wait, it'll finish and you'll get access to a moderately-diverting site.

The Nokia thing works, but it’s rubbish. Annoying American voice saying ‘innernet’ a lot. But props for putting in there – is this thing an iphone? Because that’s what it looks like. Did Nokia just scoop Apple?

p.s. Tom – you don’t have to apporve this one, but I’ve commented plenty of times before, but the site never remembers me… ?

I’m totally weirded out by gaybuntu… Which is to say that I love the idea of gay geek spaces online, but I’m also completely weirded out by why gay people would have any particular love or desire to use Ubuntu. Maybe I’m missing something?
I’m still trying to get my head round what packages/applications would be suitable for gay people but not straight… and vice versa…

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