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Links for 2007-05-03

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The map is nice, but where are the non-English speaking communities? I do realise that many of the sites listed have non-English versions e.g. Yahoo, and Xanga is very popular in Hong Kong. But China has massive online social networks of it’s own, and they can’t be the only ones. Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish? It’s a bit of a gripe I know, and it isn’t really reasonable to expect the makers of the map to be able to access all the non-English sites and make sense of them (and that the map is a bit of fun), but surely they could point out that the map is not necessarily complete.

Do I really sight a small outcrop called ‘Gays of Web 2.0’ on the rocky shoreline of Deviant Art?
I must steer my Skypecopter thataways…

Imagine my surprise that Tom Coates Jr is one town over from me – I’ll have to go see the sculpture in person.

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