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Other news outlets are saying that it won’t be blocked to UK and Canada-based users – supported by the fact that it still works here.

That is a real shame and also another pointless licensing attempt. It’s pretty easy to use a proxy service to pretend you’re running on a machine in the USA.
Doesn’t it make more sense for record labels to let it help me find artists I like and whose music I can then easily click on and buy?

I follow you on Twitter.
Enjoying your tweets.
My Followers include David Weinberger, Zawodny, Scoble, Calacanis, Duncan Riley, etc.
Love to have you on board the unpredictable Vaspers ship.

I agree, you would think the labels would want to make it easier for consumers to search artists and view their music in order to purchase, however, there are always people who will illegally download. It will just be a matter of time before a similar website pops up in Europe.

I have my homepage set to Pandora at home and despite the new settings it still logs in and plays music. I’m not sure if I registered as an American or if they simply like me because I’ve been there since the start or if my wireless is acting weird but it still plays music. How strange.

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