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Links for 2007-05-14

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I set Growl to just two visual styles, default Smoke for every alert (most used: Safari’s download complete message), and Music Video for Quicksilver’s iTunes plugin, or new’s mail info (latter with the Growl Notifications extension).
And it just works. Hype around Growl (just like Quicksilver) is large, but with a reason.

Field Music: a bit bland and not that good.
Fields: awesome, possibly my favourite band right now, and quite something live.
The Field: also fucking awesome. But in a totally different way…

Technically (and a point of discussion for Mark Kermode every week at the moment) 28 Weeks Later doesn’t feature Zombies. Zombies are the living dead – people who have died and come back to life. 28 Weeks Later features the Infected. Sigh

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