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Could you actually get the upgrading to work? Only 6 of my previously purchased songs came up as upgradable, and for a total cost of ¬£1.20 for the lot to be upgraded, I thought why not! – However when I went though with it, I just timed out… I tried 4 times then gave up!

That’s no rumour. Here’s the press release:
“ is one of the most well established, fastest growing online community networks out there,” said Moonves. “They have a great management team that understands how to build an engaged and passionate community where users learn, discover and share music globally. Their demographics also play perfectly to CBS‚Äôs goal to attract younger viewers and listeners across our businesses. adds a terrific interactive extension to all of our properties and also is a huge step in CBS Corporation‚Äôs overall strategy of expanding our reach online to transition from a content company into an audience company.”
I wouldn’t say I’m glad you’re depressed, but I’m relieved that you’re not celebrating. Call me Eeyore, but it doesn’t look like good news to me.

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