Hack Day Technology

Fifty new places to Hack Day…

So we hit our initial limits for people to invite to the Hack Day a little while back but a few people have dropped out and we’re feeling adventurous, so we’ve decided to open up another fifty places. So if you’ve been thinking how much you wished you were coming, but were convinced that you wouldn’t be able to get in, now you’ve got a second chance.

And to tempt you along a little more, Matt McAlister has posted a few of the companies that are coming along as ‘sponsors’ (really they’re organisations who wanted to contribute in some way and be a part of the day). So we’ve got people from Second Life, Arduino, Nabaztag, IBM DeveloperWorks, Make Magazine, Moo and O’Reilly coming along. And just glancing through some of the attendees, it looks like we have people coming along from Nokia, OpenStreetMap and all kinds of other places.

To sign up go to the Eventwax registration page and fill in your details. But do it quickly as spaces are disappearing. Also tell your friends!