The Veidt Method…

I appear to have just been spammed by a fictional character. I didn’t notice immediately. It took me a couple of seconds to twig what I was just about to junk. The text of the e-mail seemed a little too familiar…

Dear Customer,

You have received this e-mail because you have expressed interest in my course, and if you did that, it’s because you think you need a change in your life.

A better body? Increased confidence and magnetism? Advanced mental techniques that will help you at home or business? Well, yes we can offer you all these things…but in order to have and enjoy them, there’s got to be a new YOU!

More than just a bodybuilding course, the Veidt Method is designed to produce bright and capable young men and women who will be fit to inherit the challenged, promising, and often difficult world that awaits in our future. The course is designed to be easy to read and to understand, and if you follow it through, I can assure you that you and uour friends will quickly notice the results as a whole new realm of ability and experience is opened to you. Stay tuned for more updates on what you can expect to find in later updates online.

Please visit!

Best wishes and encouragement – Adrian Veidt.

Adrian Veidt, of course, being Ozymandias in Alan Moore’s Watchmen comic which is apparently being made into a film as we speak.

Rumours on the web suggest that we might be seeing the beginning of the viral campaign / ARG for the movie although not everyone is convinced. If it is an official property then it appears to be related to the people at in some way. There’s also a Rorschach’s journal out there that I’ve glanced at.

You can login to theveidtmethod with the user-name adrian and the password ramesesii.

Wondering what I think about this stuff. It’s quite a clever idea to sneak out this stuff ambiently as something disguised as a piece of spam. Still, it’s marketing, and normally I wouldn’t play their reindeer games. On the other hand, it’s Watchmen. And that’s … more interesting …

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It does if you use “adrian” rather than “Adrian”.
And if they are doing viral marketing, can I dare hope for a website detailing the history of the pirate comics? Because that was one of the best parts of the series for me, that even though there were superheroes, there still needed to be comics, and pirates took over.
(Which must mean superheroes > pirates > ninjas, right?)

It looks like they’ve taken down the site (unless I’m just retarded). There’s a front page splash screen but no where to login and all of the links say “comming soon”.

I get an error page that shows the following digits. Any idea?
-79.416996 & 34.328156

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