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Hi Tom,
Thanks and I’m hoping it does get some attention. It should also be clear to anyone who finds the post via a search engine too.
On a completely separate issue, this is the first time I’ve used my OpenID account since signing up to it around five months ago. Cool.

Hey, I’ve been reading Stephen’s blog and found yours as a result. I run The Blog/Zine Network on meetup and thought what you had to say was so great I had to email all my members.
I do PR and blog which sometimes confuses people, but I feel I have an opinion and have the right to comment on other PR people’s events and such since I know it from both sides.
I’ve not been spammed (which I’m happy about), but do find pr people invite me to stuff knowing I’ll write about it if I like it. My personal policy is if I don’t like something I just won’t comment because silence is more effective than slamming it.
On a funny side note, I had a reality guy get a lot of buzz off my blog because I name dropped him a few times and now he checks my blog to see if I’ve written about his bday party (which I have deliberately chosen to keep silent on because he’s not paying me to promote him!)
Learned my lesson the hard way. Now it’s time for him to learn his.
In any case, just wanted to say hi. I like the way you think and am glad you’re a blogger with integrity. Keep on blogging!

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