Unkle vs. Beethoven for BMW…

I’m posting advertising, I know, but given that I’m unlikely to be buying a BMW (and most of you people are equally unlikely) perhaps it’s okay. Who knows. I’m still absolutely run off my feet right now–which is why everything’s been so quiet–but this advert is one of the few things that’s managed to break through my insanity. The video itself is reasonably interesting, but the music! Beethoven’s 9th symphony as reworked by UNKLE. There doesn’t appear to be anywhere to get your hands on it, unfortunately, which is a shame as it’s extraordinary.

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Ah! I’m glad you posted this, I thought the music was just fantastic when the ad was released, but kept forgetting to check out to find out who was behind it. Here’s hoping for a release.

Nope, Beethoven 1, Unkle 0 IMHO
I think they’ve lost some of the energy of the original. Tricky in 30 seconds of course and the sound quality from YouTube via my Macbook’s microspeakers not the best, so maybe I’m not giving them a fair go.

Not sure if you’re still looking for this (It came up in my bookmarks of “Things to look for later”), but it was eventually released as “Trouble in Paradise (Variations on a Theme)” on
“End Titles‚Ķ Stories for Film” last year in full 5 minute extended edition.

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