Yahoo! Messenger vs. Safari 3.0 Beta

I use Yahoo! Messenger for the Mac a lot at work and I have to say that there’s really very little wrong with it at all. I don’t like using Adium or those combined clients. They seem clumsy and tacky. Plus, running Messenger separately means that when I go home in the evenings I can turn off all my co-workers. Instant peace and quiet! Very nice!

Except since I installed the Safari 3.0 Public Beta I’ve had really significant problems with scrolling. The application appears to use a lot of webkit stuff, and so changes to webkit and the way it operates can have a negative effect on it. One particular change meant that every time someone posted a message the window would scroll right back to the top of the conversation. Very annoying.

Anyway, I posted about it on my site and someone posted a solution which has worked very well for me. I have no doubt that the next update of Messenger will fix it more systematically, but in the meantime, right click on your Yahoo! Messenger application, show packet contents and then navigate down to Once you’re there look for the function called scrollbarUpdate and replace the line that starts body.scrollTop with:

document.body.scrollTop = document.body.scrollHeight – window.innerHeight;

Now restart your app! All fixed! Thanks to rolocroz, whoever you are!

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While I’m pleased you managed to get Y!M fixed, I’m wondering what it is about Adium you find “clumsy or tacky”, as I’ve generally found it works pretty well.

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